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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Mr Amsterdam

Woke up at the usual time but had breakfast in the city instead with Dunstan, Jemmy and Hendrick. We grabbed brekky at Hungry Jack's on Bourke. Haha.

Today was also my last walkathon EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR! The proceeds from this year's walkathon go to the orphans in India and also help to rebuild some of the slums. After watching Slumdog Millionaire last night (which by the way was a very good film), I felt a little guilty because I wasn't going to actually fork up money. I gave 30 dollars in the end. I walked the first lap, ran the second lap and then walked and jogged every now and then for the final lap. I've got horrible blisters now. Never gonna do laps like that ever again. :@

Got back from the city about an hour ago. Didn't do much in the city...just ate food and played a game of Street Fighter IV. We (myself, Jemmy, Hendrick, Dunstan, Michael and Fish) ate at Red Silks. I hadn't eaten there for a while. Had myself some Sliced Beef with Spicy Eggplant. Sounded nice but looked horrible. Looked like someone threw up on my plate. The food was nice though, don't get me wrong.

Oh and on the way to the city, I had a rant about ticket inspectors. Next time if a ticket inspector asks me for a ticket, I'll gladly show them but slowly give it to them and just before handing it over, I'll ask them something along the lines of, "Are you really happy with your life?". Probably the worst job to have; even worse than a janitor.

Tonight, I don't plan on doing any homework...again. Oh well, maybe some Vis Comm. :S

Hieuyy signing off.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Rose of Sharyn

Wow, I didn't do any work today. My Vis Comm folio is looking pretty good at the moment. I'm not too confident with the annotations though but as far as presentation goes, it looks good (done enough pages so that's good too). I pretty much sketched random pictures during Studio Art and Literature today. I sketch and do random doodles....a lot.

After school I went to the city. Played a bit of Tekken 6 and had lunch. I had this pretty nice cooked meat from this Japanese themed restaurant next to Dumplings Plus. I forgot what it was called though. Today was also the first day that I tried Sake. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, it was just kinda bitter. Didn't expect it to be warm either. I had sake because Trung Lam (?) was over 18 so he got myself, Peter and this other guy (forgot his name, I think it was also Peter...maybe Bryan, LOL) some of it.

After that they went to shopping and I decided to go home. Before I went home though, I went to Rebel Sports on Bourke to find a backpack that I might wanna buy. After browsing through Rebel, I went next door to that Asian photo booth place with all the toys. I kinda compelled to just walk in there and try win something but I didn't. Waste of 4 dollars. :@

Hieuyy signing off.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Horrible evening...

1. I play CS via Hamachi with Kevin and he's doesn't receive hardcore lag...and he's the one that's capped! NOT ME! :@

2. My mum keeps calling people, thus disconnecting me from the net and giving me the shits even more. I'm already lagging...then I disconnect and find my mum is at fault! :@

3. I let my mum talk on the phone so I go downstairs to Kevin's place but after knocking TWICE no one opens the door. I feel embarrassed and scared if I knock a third time so I retreat to Tommy's house.

4. I get back home and try to play building/melee of Warcraft through Hamachi again with Kevin but it doesn't effing work due to a whole heap of reasons. We try to reconfigure stuff but it still doesn't work. :@

5. In an attempt to make the thing work (after maybe 45 mins of trying to make it work), I download the latest patches for Warcraft. They don't work and all I get are errors. :@

6. I'm feeling terribly bitter and utterly frustrated because I've wasted an evening trying to effing play games. Technology really loves to screw with me. First printers/photocopiers, then touchscreen the internet. :@

The Social Riot Machines

Where do we...begin?

Before our Period 5 (after school class) today, we were treated to a fight between Chippa and Stephen Xu. Sorta got all of us pumped and talking, haha.

I was on a major high after school. While waiting at the tram stop with Jemmy and Dunstan, I danced and was just being straight up embarrassing. It was even worse on the tram because once Dunstan brought up Chuck Norris, I wouldn't stop saying lame Chuck Norris jokes. Couldn't stop laughing. Jemmy and I, however, flipped the tables on Dunstan and started making fun of him about Chuck Norris. It's an inside joke kinda thing of course. :D

And that's all. Lame day...probably more to talk about tomorrow cause it's a Wednesday and I get to go home early! :D

Hieuyy signing off.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Watch out for: Children of Invention

Children of Invention follows two Chinese children who are unfortunately left alone after their mother is arrested for taking part in an illegal get rich quick scheme.


I think you guys should check this little indie movie out. I don't think it's actually screened in Australia yet but reading about the positive responses to this moving film, I can't help but feel attached to it. If it's part of this years Melbourne International Film Festival, I'll gladly watch it. I'm supporting this film, not only because it actually seems good but because Asians are involved in this project, and I'm pretty sure it's hard for Asians to get their foot in the door for Hollywood.

Just from watching that trailer, I have to say that the two kids seem incredibly gifted at such a young age. It seems that audiences came out of this movie feeling really moved. (Y)

Anyways, try to check out Children of Invention whenever it comes out here.

Two Seperate Blogs?

Does anyone else here think I should keep one personal blog and another blog entirely for anything movie related (reviews, news, updates...etc)? Seems like I have wayyyy too much for a first month of blogging. :S

I also feel like a Twitter right now...mostly because I just like to add small things every now and then. Small things such as the pile of text below.

My room is so effing bright right now. My light bulb went it's replaced and shining even brighter. So bright... D:


I laughed quite a lot today. Making fun of Dunstan's constant "bargains" and feeling the nostalgia of the old days made me happy and put me in a positive spin. UNTIL MR LIMA HAD TO RUIN THAT FOR ME!

He walked passed me at the train station and pulled me back. He told me that my deputy principal, Mr Mallia, wanted to see me about the Batman drawings I did on a table. Below is, said drawing.

batman1.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Teachers figured out it was me cause:

1. I like Batman
2. This is my drawing style I suppose
3. I've done this kind of thing before

Yeah it was stupid of me to draw massive stuff like this but I was really bored (yes, that's my lame excuse for doing what I did). I could've done it on some paper and I really don't know what told me to leave it on the table. It was funny though, I had to admit. Hell, teachers who saw it liked it. :S

Anyways, my dilemma is should I see my DP about it tomorrow or just wait until he asks for my presence? :D

After school, I went to the city to get discounted Maccas...again. Shameful, I know. After Maccas I went to QV to get myself a new arts folio and contemplated whether I should buy action figures for art. I also tried looking for gas masks but that didn't work.

My back is really sore right now. My legs are kinda tired too. I'm not feeling hungry but my mum's gonna force me to eat something soon. I'll take my time eating it (like an hour and a half, :D).

Hieuyy signing off.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad

I really didn't do anything truly productive today. I tried to do some Vis Comm and was doing a good job of it until my pen ran out of ink. I couldn't be bothered getting a replacement so I just put my work off. I'll do it tomorrow during my free period, that's a guarantee.

Was planning to watch Slumdog Millionare today as well but Kevin and I were tryna configure our Hamachi accounts so that we could play Counter Strike online but that failed. Took us maybe 3 hours and still had nothing.

Oh wait, I did do something productive! I wrote the prologue to my next fan fiction. Now I just need to wait for my darling chi, Thy, to get online so that I can give it to her and let her check. :D

Listening to the always lovely Shiina Ringo at the moment.

Hieuyy signing off.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

The End of Heartache

So I didn't blog yesterday but I'll give you the short and quick of it...

Yesterday I got my hair trimmed down. It's a lot shorter but nothing too different at all. Also bumped into "the guys" yesterday. Haven't really hung out with them in a while, and it was kinda fun just kicking back again in the the ol' days.

Kevin came over at about 11 pm and we downloaded and played some Counter-Strike and Mabinogi (some MMORPG that Kevin wanted to try out).

Now the short and quick of today. I'm quite tired right now so I just wanna rush through this. I'm also playing Final Fantasy on PSP at the moment. MUST GET THAT EARTH CRYSTAL FROM LICH! :@

Met up with Thy and Minny in the city to hang out (and for Minny to return my USB). I like hanging out with those two...always very chilled with them. They'd just finished tutor in the city when I came. They were looking for a birthday present for their friend Jenny and I sorta helped. I say sorta cause I didn't really contribute too much (although I did waste 10 dollars in a vain effort to win a big toy so that the two of them can pass it off as their own).

After city, we went home. I went to Kevin's house to chill for a bit then at about 7, I came back up here. I was planning to game a bit earlier but I got carried away with YouTube. Fish came up and chilled for a bit...also asked me to come down to Cindy's birthday. I couldn't really be bothered, nothing against Cindy, it's just I'm feeling really tired and lethargic. It's terribly cold outside too...not good conditions for a birthday.

And that's the short and quick of today and yesterday.

Hieuyy signing off.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Why Do I Love Movies?

I was once asked by someone (forgot who, sorry):"Why do you like movies so much?" I couldn't really explain it and ended up confusing the person that asked me and myself as well. I think now I've come to a somewhat plausible answer to that question.

Some of you may know that I used to be in possession of one of the greatest inventions...cable television. I had Foxtel from Year 3 or 4 to about late Year 10. Now during most of these years, I would be left at home alone because my parents were working and couldn't look after me. My dad used to take me to his soccer games but I didn't like it because I disliked his friends. I never really understood why he'd wanna bring me along. Maybe he wanted me to take up soccer? In any case my dad took notice of this and just left me at home instead...which is sort of what I wanted anyway. Growing up an only child, I didn't really have anyone to talk with. So because my parents didn't like me going out and cause I didn't really have friends, I just stayed home and filled this void with movies that I'd watch on Foxtel.

There was a channel called Showtime, which was basically a 24 hour movie channel with all the latest movies and I remember watching it a lot. Of course, I had my fair share of gaming in between but movies were more dominant.

I fell in love with characters, stories and movie making. Hell, I remember coming up with a fake script for a potential Saw movie. Television really helped me, in some ways, get through some of my later childhood and early teenage years. Kinda depressing to say all this but, I think that the reason why I like movies, is because it's a great form of escapism for me.

I remember Thy asking me why I always watch movies alone. Well that's because I'm used to watching movies on my own and sometimes I'd much rather be alone to watch a movie because no one interrupts me. Company is nice...just as long as they don't bother me. You come to appreciate the idea of company when you grow up as the only child.

Also during these years, I really do think that my English has become a lot better because of television. Movies are practically novels brought to life, but more practical because you can remember visual information much more better than words. Don't let anyone ever tell you that television screws up your head because it doesn't! I picked up quite a bit of vocabulary and properly structured my sentences in accordance with great dialogue provided by movies.

So to properly answer the question one more time...I love movies because I feel they've been an essential part of my life and that these stories are just great fun to lose yourself in and to escape.

I'm A Cyborg, But That's Ok

Before I watched Park Chan Wook's Vengeance/Revenge Trilogy, I watched a completely different Korean movie starring, Im Soo Jung called, A Tale of Two Sisters. If you've followed my MySpace blog before I moved here, you'll know I generally liked that movie.

As with most movies that people like, one tends to research a bit more into it. I looked a bit more into Im Soo Jung's filmography and found a peculiar sounding movie called, I'm A Cyborg, But That's Ok.

Attached to the aformentioned project was one of Korea's most influential popstars, Rain. Needless to say, with starpower like that, my curiosity wanted to find out a little more. Unfortunately for me, I forgot about it and let the thing slide past me.

All of a sudden now, I feel like watching this movie. Park Chan Wook directed it and because I loved the Vengeance/Revenge Trilogy, I was sorta confused and didn't understand why he would want to do a romantic comedy. Nonetheless, I do feel like seeing this movie and am gonna watch it probably over the weekend (since my net get's reloaded by then).

Below is the trailer to the movie, for anyone interested.

The Air That I Breathe

Nothing much to report on today. Average day of school again except today I finished early because my Maths class got cancelled due to our absent teacher.

Went to get the same thing I had yesterday at McDonald's with Jason. Then we went to Dick Smith and JB Hi-Fi looking at some laptops and monitors.

That's pretty much the jist of my day (is it jist or gist? I like jist...)

Hieuyy signing off.

P.S. Got James Dassios to book me a haircut appointment at the place he usually gets it done for tomorrow. :D

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Stuck In The Middle With You

I didn't have school today. That is to say I didn't actually go to school but had a Vis Comm excursion for Top Design, a gallery of the best folios from 2008. I met up with Dunstan downstairs my flat at about 8:30 in the morning and we arrived at Melbourne Museum at about 9.

Between 9 - 10, I think we just waited for a while for the people at the Museum to set up and waited for other people from other schools to arrive. We were then led to a room for an hour long presentation on what it takes to have a great folio as well as had an inside look at how the industry of graphics design works in the real world. The latter part of the talk was really long-winded and incredibly boring. I couldn't help but fall asleep (I almost did a couple of times cause the speech was that boring). At one point, the man talked about a project he's doing for paintball and showed a clip of extreme paintball and everyone was up and lively again, haha.

From 11, we were led to the actual gallery itself and browsed for maybe a good 40 minutes. The works were great of course but (and this is for anyone that is going to Top Design), I think the best three works there, were probably one of the dresses (I think it was a black dress); the series of photographs depicting several fear/phobias (although this was for Media, I was kinda mad at this person because they'd done a fear-based folio...I'm doing the same thing right now for Studio Art!); and a magazine projection of high heels (I like this mostly because I'm doing the same thing, except for spring racing hats...and she did a much better job than what I'm doing now).

I'm disappointed that our school hasn't thoroughly gone through what we should be doing. I plan on going back to the exhibit some time in the near future. Anyone else wanna join?

At about 12, we were dismissed from the Museum and headed to the city. Myself, Dunstan, Nagoogen, Fish, Michael and Wen Jin had lunch at Dumplings Plus. Starting next week, we will go to a different restaurant every week. I think so far we've come up with Steak at Lygon Street next week, Mexican food the week after and maybe something Asian (most likely Korean) the week after that. Sounds like fun. We ordered the usual at Dumplings Plus. :D

dumpling2.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
I love when the Pan-fried ones are burnt like this. :D

After Dumpling Plus we went to Yellowhouse for maybe 10 minutes and then went home. Got to Bridge Road and bought a few groceries from Coles (had Dunstan and Nagoogen helping me, haha). At about 4, I had a nap. That lasted for an hour. Now, here I am blogging. D:

Hieuyy signing off.


Blog View Counter

Starting from now, I have a counter that checks how many views/hits my blog has. It's kinda unreliable though cause every time I go to check my own profile that's one view but whatever, I'll know it's me anyway.

If anyone has a Blogger/Blogspot page and wants one (I know you'd probably want this Ellen since you asked me about it), go to:

From there just register (it's free) follow the prompts and you should be able to have your thing up and running. (Y)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

For the War Within

First day back for Term 2 today. It was a pretty standard day of school I have to say. What I don't get is why they hold an assembly for the first period on the first day back. We're tired's like they want us to sleep some more. If that was so, I would've gladly came late...but I didn't.

Didn't really do much at school...I mean what can I say? It's school. Guess some of my blogs won't be as lively or filled up now cause of school. D:

Vis Comm was quite different today actually because we had a man named Ricardo come in to show us some Photoshopping techniques. He studied graphics design in Columbia and came to Australia to improve his English in the hopes of getting a better job. At the moment though...he's just some janitor at our school. Anyways, he was really talented and his works with Photoshop were quite good. He comes in every Tuesday I think from now. Might be good of me to listen to some of his advice and tips on Photoshop.(Y)

Went to city after school with Michael Xie and Jason Vo for some half priced McDonalds. Got myself a Medium Double Beef and Bacon meal with an extra Double Beef and Bacon Burger (I was super hungry). Then I went with Masanori to Yellowhouse cause he wanted to play some Maximum Tune. I was just watching him and reading the MX. (Y)

Oh and today is my first and probably last day bringing my new MixStyle Headphones to school. I'm scared that overusing them is gonna make them die quickly and seeing as how fragile the cord already is...I don't wanna run the risk of damaging them on a daily basis.

One video I wanna share right now is Jaurim's lovely song, You and Me. This particular rendition is probably my favourite cause of the saxaphone. :D

I really like this band now...they're sorta like Korea's Tokyo Jihen except I honestly think Jaurim's much better. This band is more chilled (except I think some of their earlier stuff might be really differnet to what they play now)This is automically my favourite song but I have a few others from their Ashes to Ashes album that I like.

Anyways, that's my day.

Hieuy signing off.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Seoul Blues

Good evening!

This blog is a little late...I planned to do it earlier but something had arisen. Now I'm here so I'll get to discussing.

Woke up and got ready to go meet up with Hendrick, Jemmy and Dunstan in the city to hang out. Didn't really know what to do so we went to State Library and played chess. I realised halfway through chess however that I had lost my cap/lid thing for my plastic stud. Dunno how it came off but I was kinda panicking.

Dragged Dunstan with me to buy a new one at Hairhouse Warehouse but that didn't work because the plastic thing had a ball on the end of it and really hurt when I pushed it through. It didn't actually push through so instead I went to Off Ya Tree and bought a plastic stud there. The stud was 10 dollars (at both stores). Now you're probably thinking, "Why didn't he just go Off Ya Tree in the first place?" Well the first time I bought my plastic stud at Off Ya Tree it was 5 bucks, but the cap had broke off so when I went back...suddenly it was 20 dollars. I payed regardless cause I really needed it. I was afraid of going back because the price may have been effed around a little but I'm happy with what I got..still wasted 20 bucks on a plastic stud at the end of the day though. ==

bowling.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
That would be Dunstan bowling.

After that horrible ordeal, I went to Strike with the others and we played Bowling. I haven't actually gone bowling in a long time and it was really fun playing it. After that we went to Dumpling Plus and had a round of awesome dumplings. Then...we went back to Strike and played anotehr game of bowling. FUN FUN FUN!

food.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
A plate of Dumpling Plus' finest.

Went home after that and did my usual share of YouTube and foruming and that was about it really. I have to say though that it was a really enjoyable day. Right now I'm listening to one of the Korean bands I found yesterday, Jaurim. Really relaxing and chilled music. It's nice to hear something different from Korea. :D

Hieuyy signing off.

Why do Visual Kei people dress flamboyantly?

I really don't get it. I mean for visual kei girl bands I understand but it's different when it's guys...I really don't understand the meaning of wearing gender bending clothing. Is it to reflect their music or some kinda crap like that? Thank god Dir en grey got out of that scene.

I found an interesting comment left by a hater on YouTube which I sorta had to agree with. Went something like this:

"How about they use the money they waste on make up and spend it on some music lessons?"

Kinda true...I mean have you really heard the indie VK bands? Kinda bad. D:

So back to my original question...does anyone know why VK folk dress the way the do? :S

Thank you K-Rock

I don't really listen to K-Pop mostly because I think it's just one genre (ignorant of me, yes). Like I mean K-Pop to me has mostly been R'n'B oriented sounds fused with a kinda pop sound. R'n'B itself has become kinda pop thing now. Anyways, with groups like DBSK, Big Bang and Wonder Girls it's sorta easy to lump everyone into this K-Pop thing and assume that because the large amount of people listen to this kinda stuff, it's most likely the only kind of music listened in Korea. That is of course the negligent way to think about Korean music (I pretty much thought there was no such thing as Korean music outside of Pop and R'n'B).

Just had about a 2 hour session of YouTubing K-Pop acts when the thought occurred to me that I should try giving K-Rock a try. Now the thought of Korean music outside of K-Pop has come into my mind numerous times but I've never actually done the research (nor could I be bothered to). I did, however, have one song given to me by Eddie that wasn't full of beats and such and that song raised my awareness that there may be something outside of choreographed dancing. So, as I said before, I typed in "k rock" and I first got a video of an artist named Seo Taiji. His stuff is pretty good; very similar to Korn (looks similiar too). Then I came across another band, Jaurim. Their song You and Me is just lovely.

I checked Soompi to see if perhaps there was a thread for Korean music outside of Big Bang and such and I actually found it. It's always been there, I just never look hard enough. Anyways, from there I found the band that probably has made me fall back in love with metal: Vassline.

Awesome band, not too sure if they're screaming Korean but doesn't matter...they sound amazing! I had a huge smile on my face just watching them perform. Reminded me of Parkway Drive.

I'm making a big deal out of this because it's always fun to find out something new and exciting. :D

Guess I'll be listening to more Korean music now...just not the popular kind. Not for everyone of course and I probably wouldn't wanna recommend this stuff to anyone (especially Vassline). Thank you K-Rock for giving me something to love again. T_______T

Now off I go to find more Korean underground acts. :D

EDIT: Why hasn't anyone actually informed me of this? Like some of the bands I've just seen gone and YouTubed even more are kinda on the emo sound (really hated to use that word there to describe but yeah...)

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Knowing Review

A teacher opens a time capsule that has been dug up at his son's elementary school; in it are some chilling predictions -- some that have already occurred and others that are about to -- that lead him to believe his family plays a role in the events that are about to unfold. (IMDB)


Knowing was the kind of movie that kinda sounds cool on paper but you're unsure of on film. I wasn't really sure what to expect and I kinda thought the premise of the film was a little too farfetched, even if it was a sci-fi/thriller/horror(?) movie. That was the one main drawback of this film; it didn't know what genre it wanted to be. Certainly at times it felt like a mystery thriller intertwined with some sci-fi while at the same time having a few elements of scare in there (the latter of which wasn't really scary at all). I wasn't too sure what I was watching cause Knowing seemed to be kinda all over the place.

I do admit though, it was a pretty enjoyable watch...for about the first hour or so. Watching Nicholas Cage's character, John, accidentally finding out the predictions and running around trying to stop future predictions from happening was quite fun to watch. Seeing him run off to New York to try and stop a disaster from occuring was kinda entertaining. But most of this, unfortunately, is only in the first half.

As the movie slowly goes along, it starts to get a little more ridiculous and kinda unbearable to watch. I almost fell asleep during a few scenes...yeah that bad. It also didn't help that the subplots dragged the movie down...a lot. I felt that the relationship between John and his father wasn't really necessary, nor was Diana's (Rose Byrne) mother's backstory. The subplots really bogged the movie down, in my opinion, and could've been replaced with more scenery of horrific events.

The movie itself went on for a while too. I hadn't expected it to be 2 hours long but it was. So the first hour was great but the second hour really fell short. This could've been a pretty good disastar-type movie but the subplots and pacing sorta stopped this from happening. Coming from Alex Proyas (directed It,Robo and The Crow), I didn't think pacing would be such a problem.

At first, I really didn't like John. I mean, to me, it was kinda hard to like the guy even if he was projected as a good father. It was probably just me but within the first half hour, I really didn't like his character. As the movie progressed though, I came to accept him. Cage did a pretty good job in this movie...wish I could say the same for the rest of the cast (save John's son, Caleb, played by 11 Chandler Canterbury). Rose Byrne was kinda medicore in this movie...I didn't believe her when she was yelling for her daughter and wanting her back.

It's not all bad though. One thing I give Alex Proyas credit for is the fact that he disguised Melbourne to look like Boston. I didn't realise this movie was shot entirely in Melbourne.

While this wasn't the most entertaining movie, it's stil kinda watchable. I liked watching John and Caleb's interaction together and the first somewhat intense hour of the film but due to somewhat slow (not too slow, but slow enough for me to criticise) pacing and pointless subplots, and genre identification issues, the movie gets a score that it shouldn't have gotten if these things were rectified.

Knowing recieves a 2/5.

Audience Killer Loop

Good evening reader!

Just finished drawing one more page for Studio Art. Pretty cool looking page too, in my opinion. Also just finished watching Nicholas Cage's new movie, Knowing. Review it after this.

art.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

So what did I do today? Well, I started off the day really at 9. Reason being is because I wanted to finish off some of my homework. Finally finished my Vis Comm and am quite happy with that. So when I was done with the VCD work, I just watched a few wrestling clips on YouTube as well as listening to Brian Aubert, lead singer of Silversun Pickups perform an acoustic solo cover of Joy Division's Shadowplay. Great cover. Video is below.(Y)

Went to Kevin's house to print off my Copenhagen literature passages and just bummed at his place for a while before heading back up. I took a few Big Bang songs from him that I didn't have and also took Slumdog Millionaire from him. Probably watch that tomorrow. :)

I said last week I developed a bit of a man-crush on Hugh Jackman but now I think I've also developed one for Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance. Reason being is cause the guy's an effing rockstar, is a great artist and wrote his own effing comic! Inspiration much? I recently just found out that he collaborated with Japanese music artist, Kyosuke Himuro, for the end credit song to Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children Complete. It's quite new actually, and the song, Safe and Sound (possibly a reference to Way's Umbrella Academy comic), is quite catchy. Hear it for yourself below.

There should be a proper music video for it because I've seen the preview for it but I dunno when it's being released.

Nothing much else to report on. I'll get to the Knowing review in a moment.

Hieuyy signing off.

Visual Communication and Design is a Killer

Yep...all killer and no filler.

I've finally completed annotations of all my concept pages.
Ms Higgs only asked for 20 concept pages so I'm not doing anymore, no matter how "good" it may make my folio look. Speaking of annotations, anyone notice how just a few annotations on a page of drawings can really make your page look professional and awesome? Haha.

I haven't even done any research pages yet...and none of my drawings (except maybe one but it's barely noticeable) have been instrumental drawings. I've done one isometric view maybe but like I said, barely noticeable.

I regret choosing this subject now.

Oh well, off to English oral homework now. :D

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Brand New Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen Footage

The title speaks for itself. Basically the first minute or so of this video is Sam having a heart to heart conversation to Bumblebee about moving away to college while Mikaela (had to search that up because I totally forgot who Megan Fox played) changes into a dress. Straight after that, the it shows a cool video montage of brand new footage. Get a load of Devastator and how huge this guy is. The footage is in super amazing quality too.

Video footage courtesy of

Yesterday is Different From Today

The day started off like any other holiday break type day for me. I had plans to go see the new Fast and Furious movie today seeing as how it was Michael's birthday but I declined because I had forgotten to mention it to my mum last night and she didn't give me enough money for the movie.

Had to decline going to Michael's birthday party and instead stayed home and did homework. Got quite a bit done actually. I was able to get through my Literature passages and did a few more annotations and coloured in my latest pictures for Vis Comm. Now I need to backtrack and actually do research pages and actually have some real instrumental drawings (I'm totally leaving out all the necessary components that make up Vis Comm). I'm really disliking this subject now. I'm imagining that I may end up with probably a D or C for my folio...yeah that's how pessimistic I am about this. Really look at the work's shit-tastic. :D

Oh and last night, as well as this morning, I was delighted to find that people have actually read my fan fic, Jailbait! I posted it on MySpace ages ago and it was nice that some of my friends would read it but I wanted anonymous people to read it to. It's got about 100 views on Soompi but no one commented on it until last night. Sorta made my night. Then this morning, someone else commented it again. So yeah, that was something nice. :D

During the time in between the drawings and dinner, I downloaded the new Silversun Pickups album, Swoon. It's a nice listen, but I like their previous album just a little more. I also checked out Telegraphs new single, I Don't Navigate By You. I first read about them in an issue of Kerrang and they seemed pretty promising. Can't wait for their first studio album to be released in May. Below is their music video for their latest single from the soon to be released album, We Were Ghosts. Funny how the guy singer keeps chucking a spaz whenever he sings.

For dinner I had pizza from Pizza Hut. Everyone else was busy or had already ate so I went on my own (poor me). BBQ Meat Lovers are the best, I won't accept anything else.

When I got home, I decided to leave my homework for a while because I had done enough for today and watched quite possibly, the worst film ever made: Undefeatable. It's so bad though, that it's just so funny. You might remember that ridiculous fight scene I posted a few days ago. Well I watched the movie that it was taken from and lemme tell'll have the greatest time making fun of this movie; IT'S THAT AWESOME! I love the comments left behind by the YouTube community. Stingray is awesome. :D

shoes.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Oh and as promised last night, here is a picture of my brad new shoes. As you can see they're nothing fancy, just a pair of regular and generic Adidas shoes. :D

Hieuyy signing off.

Day By Day

Tonight I can't be bothered naming every small detail of my day so I'll keep it relatively short.

Went to city and bought new shoes. Eddie bought himself new shoes as well as a black vest. I'd show you a picture of the shoes but right now I honestly cannot be bothered. In the morning I'll add a picture. :D

Most of the day was spent strolling city finding the right shoes but ended up with a generic pair of Adidas ones.

Got home, listened to music on iTunes and browsed through some blogs/forums and then Kevin came. At the time, I was also downloading what I thought was the original Cantonese version of Sniper but turned out to be false and was Mandarin. Kevin was disappointed, as was I (I mean that's another 700MB gone). We watched YouTube clips of comedians and movie trailers. Awesome.

Kevin left, and here I am YouTubing a girl who rips off peoples songs and passes them off as her own, Bao Thy, and giving a much smaller summary of my day.

Hieuyy signing off.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Best week ever?

- New DVD added to collection (Monday)
- Custom print shirt from Jenie/new comic (Tuesday)
- Mix-style headphones arrive (Wedensday)
- Spiral lip ring with spikes arrive (Thursday)

If my string of good luck and fortune keeps up, it might very well be the best week ever for me. ^^

Buying shit makes me happy. =D

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough for the Two of Us

This morning, I was rudely awoken by the effing governement. They woke me at 8 or something and informed me that they're returning my electoral application or something so that my parents can sign it. I went back to sleep but had the worst dream. I dreamt that I was in a small cinema with the commercials just went on and on and lasted about half an hour; it was horrible. After the commercials, the screen just went blank and then some sort of YouTube page came up and we were watching these two German kids yelling at each other. All of us were thinking this is a waste of our time and then another video from YouTube played. Then MS word came up and on it was something like, "Please don't leave this cinema". We left, all of us were really mad. I remember one guy punched the guy responsible for screening the movie. Yep, that's my idea of a nightmare.

After the dream, I was rudely awoken yet again but this time by Off Ya Tree at 10:50. They called to inform me that my spiral lip ring was in. I was drowsy while answering the phone but I was immensely excited. So I decided to just get the hell up from that call and turned my laptop on and showered. Posted some stuff on Soompi and read a few movie blogs/sites and then made my way to Off Ya Tree at about 12.

When I received the spiral lip ring, I was surprised at how small it was and didn't think it would fit me. I was thinking, "Gee, this would be a waste of 45 dollars if it didn't fit..." (I thought it was 35 dollars, I must've misheard. Luckilly, I had an extra ten dollars on me.) Went home after I got the lip ring and couldn't wait to put it on.

Got home and put it on and when I compared myself to Miyavi, I was a little depressed that it didn't look like his but then I realised my piercing is on the opposite side to his so then I felt a lot better. LOL

My lips are very dry there. Anyways went to Kevin's house to hide out until my mum left the house (at the time she was at English school and she doesn't know I've bought the ring. She says she's okay witht he stud but hate rings.) Brought my Vis Com work down to Kevin's but my drawings were hastily done and really half assed. I'm sorta getting lazy with it now and can't be bothered with the subject. It's really effing demanding. Stayed at Kevin's till about 6:00 and then headed to Maccas for dinner.

Came back at about 6:30 - 7:00. I went to Tommy's house to request for a Maths textbook but he didn't have one cause he does Methods only so I called up Eddie who I knew did Further but he when I got to his place, he gave me the wrong Further maths book so I had nothing to do. Stayed at Eddie's till about 9:40. I'd like to show everyone probably the greatest fight scene ever made. The ending is just the icing on the cake. Seriously watch it, it's just so goddamn perfect. T____T

Now I'm waiting for Thy to come online. I have much to discuss with her about our fan fic. I'm sorta hesitant on writing it but because it's sorta in grounds that I'm comfortable with, I'll probably give it a crack. Passion's gone to dirt now.

Hieuyy signing off.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Sharpest Lives

I have great reason to be happy today! My Mix-Style headphones came to me today and I've just been so happy and really loving it! It's about time it came too! Like 3 - 4 weeks I had to wait for it, but it's all been worth it. Love, love, LOVE it. :D

msheadset.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Okay, so now that I've got that out of the way I'll just try and quickly get through my day.

Woke up at 11 and did usual morning rituals and at about 12, I recieved a call from Thy. She told me to meet up with her at about 1 or so. During that time, I finished the last issue/chapter of The Umbrella Academy - Apocalypse Suite. Overall the comic was pretty good and somewhat original, which was nice.

Met up with Thy and Minny at Hungry Jack's across of Melbourne Central at about 1. I was hungry so I persuaded them to come eat at Dumplings Plus with me. The dumplings today were a little poorly prepared but they still taste the same, so still good I suppose. After that we walked towards Melbourne Central but along the way, encountered Thy and Minny's friends that they were hanging out with previously before meeting up with me. They sorta ditched those guys. Sat around Starbucks with them and practically spent most of my day with them.

I didn't mind those guys, they were pretty nice I suppose. Nice in the sense that they didn't bother me at all. We spent most of the day at Melbourne Central which I didn't like. It was boring too cause we didn't do anything. The group decided to move to State Library afterwards casue some of the guys had to meet up with their girlfriends or something and we sat outside at the lawn. That wasn't until Wen Jin told me he had arrived at Melbourne Central with my new headphones. Needless to say, I was over the moon and super happy. I picked them up from him and proudly wore them around with me. I even kept the box. :P

So me, proudly wearing my new headphones and also wearing my new custom printed shirt, you can imagine I was super happy.

Throughout the day, Minny kept calling me Charlie. Reason being is because she hadn't seen Charlie the Unicorn before and called me Charlie because I was the reason she watched it. Got mega annoying.

Afterwards, I left that group, and went to go see Peter Dao at Dumplings Plus. Talked for a while and discussed our new headphones and then I had to go back to MC to regroup with Minny and Thy who were leaving to come back to my place. I was waiting at the train station and was pleasantly greeted by Carmen, Carrie, Andy and Duy. Hadn't seem them in a while so it was nice catching up for like 5 minutes. Thy and Minny came afterwards and the two of them came back to my place.

I downloaded the three Charloie clips for Minny and also gave her Edison Chen's new movie, Sniper. She can actually understand it without having subs...lucky bitch. Walked the two girls back to North Richmond station and then went back home when their train arrived. Now I am here, still wearing my shirt and listening to music through my awesome new headphones.

Today would've been the best day ever if I hadn't hung out with those guys for 3 hours or whatever (nothing against them, it was just boring) and if my spiral lip ring arrived. Oh well..

Hieuyy signing off.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Umbrella Academy - First Impressions

Well, I'm not a comic book aficionado but I can definitely say that this story is very compelling and the characters are very diverse and interesting.
Right now, I'm loving The Seance. He's only said a few lines but I'm already loving the attitude and personality brought about by that small appearance.
I've read about two chapters/issues of first series so far and I couldn't help but also think that this is very close to Watchmen.
The artwork is really great with each cover being carefully drawn and illustrated. I've been reading it whilst listening to My Chemical Romance, haha. The comic series was written by Gerard Way, lead singer of the aformentioned band, so I thought it was only fitting I read it while listening to MCR. :D
The titles for each chapter/issue are cool too; they sound like song titles that MCR could use, haha.

I could finish this tonight actually, it's not long at all. Just taking a break at the moment. :)

Our Lady of Sorrows

Started off like any other day today. Woke up at the usual time and did my usual morning rituals. Had Breadtop for breakfast, except by the time I actually had it, it was lunch time so I dunno what you would call it. Anyways, it was nice to start the morning off listening to the Memoirs of a Geisha score soundtrack composed by John Williams, legendary composer of such themes like Star Wars, Jaws and Indiana Jones.

By 1:30, I had called Tommy to see if Jenie was at his place, to which he said she was. I got changed and headed to his place to give Jenie a movie, The Unborn, and in return I recieved my brand new awesome custom printed shirt that I've wanted for quite some time now! I don't care what anyone says, this print just oozes awesomeness! I'm in love with it. :D

torashirt.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Ahhh it's so awesome! Thank you Jenie a million times for this awesome shirt you awesome girl. I LOVE IT! :@

Jenie painted three of my nails black as well. She was bored; I dunno why I even let her do it but now the blasted things won't come off. I've managed to get most of it off but some of it's still there. Maybe she's not so awesome now. ==

Anyways, while I was at Tommy's place, things got a bit out of hand with Jenie and Tommy. It got incredibly awkward for me cause they were sorta fighting and stuff and ran into some room. I didn't really care though cause I probably had changed into my new shirt like 3 times during their fight. But yeah, I was sorta in the room on my own thinking, "What the hell do I do?" I turned around and Jenie was suddenly in the room and she scared the crap out of me and then as I was packing my stuff up, she was gone and had resumed fighting with Tommy. I left and then went upstairs to my home. The two came up afterwards (assuming that they worked things out) and the three of us went to North Richmond station.

From Flinders Street Station, I took the Sandringham to Windsor to fix Thien's guitar. I love walking around with the guitar cause it makes me look like a rockstar or that I'm going to perform at a gig or something. I remember Nam and I did this once, it was fun. Anyways, fixed Thien's guitar (only one string was snapped so it was only 5 bucks!) and wandered around Chapel, browsing through stores.

After Chapel, I decided to head back into the city to compare prices of comics so I get an idea of where I should go to buy them next time. I didn't plan on buying a comic today but because the restringing was only 5 dollars and I had 40 on me at the time, I figured I might as well. I bought The Umbrella Academy - Apocalypse Suite. I can't wait to get into it. (Y)

Quite happy how things have been sorta going my way these holidays. Like everything's been put in a positive spin I suppose. But, unfortunately, once school comes back, everything negatives gonna settle in. I should start at least a page or two of Vis Comm in a minute.

Hieuyy signing off.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Monsters vs Aliens Review

PLOT: When a meteorite from outer space hits a young California girl named Susan Murphy and turns her into a giant monster, she is taken to a secret government compound where she meets a ragtag group of monsters also rounded up over the years. As a last resort, under the guidance of General W.R. Monger, on a desperate order from The President, the motley crew of Monsters is called into action to combat the aliens and save the world from imminent destruction! (IMDB)


When I heard about this movie, I thought it sounded cool. With a straightforward and somewhat cool sounding title, it had caught my attention. Then I found out it had a pretty nice line up of voices with Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Hugh Laurie and Kiefer Sutherland lending their voice talent to the animated feature. So did Dreamwork's new animated feature, Monsters vs Aliens, make me think it was cool? Yes, yes it did.

From what I understand, this movie was basically an homage to a lot of B-grade sci fi/horror movies made back in the 50s (such as War of the Worlds, Invasion of the Body Snatchers etc). I could sorta tell that they paid homage to these films but because I had no real exposure to these movies, I didn't really understand it. However, as this is an animated feature and kids are sure to watch it (with a name like Monsters vs Aliens, what kid wouldn't wanna watch it?) it still worked in that sense.

What I really enjoyed in this movie were the wonderful voice talent, most notably Seth Rogen as Benzoate-Ostylezene-Bicarbonate (or B.O.B for short) and Kiefer Sutherland as General W.R Monger. Rogen's voice and personality practically was perfect for an animated character and I couldn't help but chuckle whenever I heard Rogen's all too familiar stoner-like laugh. Kiefer Sutherland on the other hand was almost unrecognisable; I had to look up the movie to find out it was freaken Jack Bauer! I normally like Paul Rudd but in this movie his character, Derek, was a bit of a prick. How could Susan/Ginormica (Reese Witherspoon's character) want to go back to that jerk? I understand she wanted to have her normal life back but it was pretty apparent to her and to the audience that Derek was a prick. I also found it funny that they cast Stephen Colbert as the President of the United States (given Colbert's right wing nature).

The action scenes were pretty exciting to watch and the movie was funny as well. It wasn't terribly hilarious or anything but it was very humourous and entertaining. The reason why it's funny is mostly due to the comedic talent (Witherspoon having worked on Legally Blonde; Rogen and Rudd having worked together on Knocked Up as well as various other Apatow productions; Will Arnett for having worked on Arrested Development; Hugh Laurie for previously being a comedian before his work in the United States).

The dialogue wasn't too witty to make kids confused but witty enough to deliver laughs for everyone. It was very straight-forward and being that it's a kids film, there's always some sort of message left behind by the end of the film.

Overall I thought it was a pretty entertaining and funny film. I wouldn't be surprised to see a sequel from this because the characters are lovable and lively and also because they can always add new monsters or aliens to the mix. According to, Monsters vs Aliens has made approximately $187,909,510 worldwide and with numbers like that, I'm sure Dreamworks are already trying to find a writer for a sequel.

Monsters vs Aliens recieves a 3.5/5

This One (Crying Like A Child)

Woke up at about 11.30 today. Did my usual morning rituals then got changed to go to Chapel Street to re-string Thien's guitar. Unfortunately, my mum reminded me that the store was probably closed due to Easter. Weird, cause I thought it would've finished already. So instead, I was at home for about half an hour, YouTubing Korean popstars then I thought, "I wanna go out." I asked Kevin via MSN if he was was able to come out to city with me, to which he said he could.

So we went to the city and the first place we went to check out was Chinatown Cinema. Now the reason behind this was because Kevin had made me download Edison Chen's latest movie, Sniper, the night before but unfortunately for us, the movie didn't come with English subtitles. So me, being the brilliant genius that I am, thought since it's a new release, chances are it's gonna show at Chinatown Cinema. After having seen Shinjuku Incident on the big screen, I really felt like watching another Hong Kong film in actual theatres (without having to read the text from neckbreaker seats). Seems that Chinatown Cinema was either renovating or had closed down, we couldn't tell. Had it not been for Chen's sex scandal last year, this movie should've came out much earlier but they had to push it back because of what Chen had done.

We left from Chinatown Cinema and made our way to JB Hi-Fi where I bought a new DVD for my collection, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It's a pretty good film, very funny and Russell Brand owns every minute that he's on screen as rockstar Aldous Snow. A few weeks ago, I was on a Russell Brand high and watched his stand up routines on YouTube. He's a very funny man and has a bloody amazing rockstar look. What's not to love about the guy? In the last week of school, I put on a bit of a British accent after having watched so many Russel Brand clips. It was a horrid accent though.

After JB-Hi Fi, we went to Comics 'R Us (gee I am the biggest geek and by the way, all these places were on conviniently found on Bourke Street) and I was pretty much there to check out the prices for Marvel's Civil War, The Umbrella Academy - Apocalypse Suite and Daredevil: Born Again. I've already got three DC comics so might as well diversify by having two Marvel comics and a Dark Horse comic (god I sound like the biggest loser fanboy).

So after all this, Kevin and I went back to his place and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I went home after that and was treated to some dinner. I'm not a big fan of duck but that's what I got with rice and some green stuff (I honestly don't know what they're called).

Had another little YouTubing of Korean popstars while I was eating and decided to download TaeYang's MV for Only Look At Me (that song has so many bloody names). I also came across a pretty touching video of a blind 5 year old girl, Ye Eun, who's pretty much a piano playing prodigy. I'll let the video speak for itself though. In one video, she even made Heechul of Super Junior cry.

And that's my day today.

I'm quite excited about the idea of getting new comics soon. Oh and by the way, does anyone know the name of the main girl that's in TaeYang's MV? I can't find her. :(

Hieuyy signing off.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Beautiful World

Well, looks like another slow day today.

Woke up at about 10 but laid it off and got an extra hour sleeping in. Woke up at about 11 later and the first thing I did was turn on the laptop, logged onto the internet and played me some Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force on PSP. Yep, that silly card game that had tweens addicted during the later part of 2002(?) and 2003. I spent most of that morning playing the game and eating breakfast which my dad kindly brought in. It was sorta like pasta but it had an Asian thing to it. Looked like it was pre-made. Didn't matter cause it was pretty nice.

After that I practically spent a large bulk of my day watching this year's Academy Awards on YouTube. Yes, I've developed a small man-crush for Hugh Jackman after watching those awards. I also rewatched Martin Scorsese's Oscar win for The Departed, Adrien Brody's Oscar Win for Best Actor in The Pianist and watched the producers of Rocky as well as Sylvester Stallone pick up the Oscar for Best Picture.

Went to Kevin's house after all the YouTubing I did to print off some Vis Comm pictures that I needed. Kicked back at Kevin's house for a while just talking and playing me some Marvel Vs Capcom. Good stuff.

After Kevin's, I headed back upstairs to my home and had dinner. I had a nice talk with my dad about the elgance of shaving as well. I'm gonna start shaving my upper neck and chin (big mistake?)


While I was at Kevin's house, I picked up Monsters vs Aliens from him. I'll review it tomorrow but I'll tell you now it was pretty entertaining. I watched that while I was downloading Edison Chen's new movie, Sniper. Sadly when the download finished, the movie came without any English or Chinese subtitles. That's 700 megabytes gone down the drain.

So that pretty much clears up the day.

Right now, I'm getting ready to play Final Fantasy (the first one) on PSP and am enjoying reading Thy talk about Taeyang of Big Bang and Yunho of DBSK.

Hieuyy signing off.

New Tekken Live Action Photos

A few new photos from the upcoming Tekken live action movie.

Luke Goss as Steve Fox

Anton Kasabov as Sergei Dragunov

John Foo as Jin Kazama

Gary Daniels as Bryan Fury

You can find a few more pictures (though terribly blurry) here:

Well I've got incredibly low (you have no idea how low) expectations for this film, as with everyone. I guess I can expect the martial arts in this film to be pretty damn good cause most of the cast aren't even real actors but martial artists (like Cung Le who's portraying Marshall Law). So this pretty much can turn out to be like any Tony Jaa film: narratively one of the worst films ever but packs one hell of a punch (just like Punisher: Warzone). Action wise, I'm hoping it's pretty good.

Bryan looks pretty good I must admit...minus the facial hair. What the hell did they do to Dragunov? He looks like a vampire. Probably just blood from a fight but still. :S

I'm still waiting to see Chiaki Kuriyama as Xiaoyu. :P

EDIT: Since posting that, I've found out that the Anna picture is actaully a fake. Someone photoshopped Marian Zappico's face into a picture of a girl who cosplayed Anna and also enhanced the boobs.

Jackman-Crush...geddit? :D

I'm developing a bit of a man-crush on Hugh Jackman lately. I just watched the musical numbers that Jackman performed at this year's Academy Awards and I have to say it was very entertaining and amazing. The guy's a pretty good actor, has a great set of pipes and he's pretty damn good looking. That's something I can try to live up to; he's a pretty good role model. :D

Oh and I never knew that Anne Hathaway could sing too! She's amazing in the opening number. Check it out for yourself.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Wolverine Fail

Oh just real quickly, I thought I'd put this here too. Some poor product design for the people who did this to Wolverine.


Also who is dark_hunter257? I'd very much like to know who my followers are! :D

Wrong Number

Not to sound like Sarah Connor from the Terminator series but...I really hate machines.

So I went to state library early this morning to print off a few pictures for Vis Comm but wouldn't ya know it, the library has a complex system of how they run the printing. They didn't have any Microsoft Word on there computers so I had to make due by printing only one picture. Oh and by the way, they did;t even allow access to Windows Explorer so I had to access my USB from the coputer and that gave a directory instead. So I only printed one picture (cause it wouldn't let me fit a few onto one page) and colour printing was 2 bucks. Pschhh.

So after clicking print, I proceeded to the copy room. Who woulda thought the photocopier also printed colour (I'm horrible at these things)? I was wondering how the hell I was supposed to print and had this confused look on my confused enough that someone from the library staff offered to help me. The guy looked pretty cool; had these cool glasses...big with wide black frames. Anyways, he told me to scan my library card into this machine that actually allowed me to print the thing. And then after he left and it printed, I coudn't find the sheet of paper. I was looking around the photocopier but I couldn't find it. After I paced back a bit, I saw the paper on the hidden side of the photocopier. ==

At least now, I'm more prepared the next time I decide to print something. I had a similar experience the last time I was there to photocopy. I'm terrible.

So after that horrible ordeal (and only getting ONE picture out of it for 2 dollars) I checked in at Off Ya Tree to see if my lip piercing had arrived. Unfortunately, due to the Easter holidays, work's been slow so it should come next week. The guy gave me a reciept to hold onto (cause they ran out of reciepts when I actually did order) so that I can give it in once it's arrived.

The guy who wrote this has pretty good handwriting I must say. Too bad he made my name look like Hiev. I also like how they put "w/spikes". Just looks awesome on paper. :D

After that, I browsed around JB Hi-Fi and SunStar, like I always do whenever I'm in the city and proceeded home to eat lunch with Tommy. I had Combination Broken Rice at Vinh Ky. :D

Made my way home after lunch and pretty much just did my usual foruming and YouTubing. Found a neat clip about Batman from College Humor that I'd like to share. I thought it was pretty funny. The animation and voices are pretty cool too.

There's a second video but I like the first one better. The second video makes me feel sorry for Batman and his lack of powers. It's still funny but I reckon the first one was a bit better. :S

Watched Pan's Labyrinth after all that. It was the last movie I had to watch before returning them. I liked it, I didn't love it (I wanted to cause of the praise it got) but it was a nice enough watch while it lasted.

I couldn't help but think of A Tale of Two Sisters while watching that cause some of it mirrored that movie (minus the Spanish civil war, freaky child eating monster and tree people). After finishing Pan's Labyrinth I went to return it along with my other 6 movies that I rented.

On the way back from Video Ezy, I passed Nandos and thought...I want some of that. So I bought a bag of large Peri-Peri chips. Lovely stuff. :D Bumped into to Tommy at the bottom of the flats and decided to stay at his place for a while. Surprised to see that he still talks with Jenie even though...yeah. But no one needs to know about that. :D He and I did a survey on MySpace and then I went home.

Now here I am and I've spent the last hour or so watching random wrestling clips. I used to have a love for it but now it's all but dead. I just like to watch a few things here and there cause some of the matches are exciting (and yes I know it's fake but it's still entertaining). Currently downloading Tommy's One Piece and listening to Silversun Pickups.

And with that, I take my leave.

Hieuyy signing off.

Friday, 10 April 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review

Before I start writing I'd just like to say that right now I'm feeling terribly lethargic. I kinda slept through the last few minutes of Appleseed (not that it was a bad movie, just I was too comfortable in bed and hadn't had enough sleep). So if my writing seems sloppy or dreary, you know why. :D

PLOT: Set roughly twenty years before X-Men, the film focuses on Wolverine's violent past, and his early encounters with William Stryker. The Weapon X program and his interactions with other mutants are explored, including his relationship with his half-brother, Victor Creed. (Wikipedia)


Well, I'm sure most of us have already heard about the Wolverine movie being leaked across the internet. The leaked workprint wasn't actually finished however. A few scenes here and there weren't manipulated with CGI and wirework hadn't been erased but as ridiculous as it was, it really didn't get in the way of my viewing experience. I got this movie not from the internet but rather from my mother who was in Vietnam for two weeks and had come back last week. She had a pirated copy of it. Really makes me think that perhaps the workprint was leaked a while ago but only started picking up last week.

In any case, I watched the movie and here is what I thought.

I always like to assess the dialogue of a film because, in my opinion, it's the dialogue that really makes up the film.
Without a script, directors won't have anything to work on and actor's are practically out of the job. So how does the script fare? Well as far as comic book movies go, the narrative is pretty straightforward and linear (like most action blockbusters). I didn't expect it to be the "be all and end all" of all comic book movies (that right is reserved for either The Dark Knight or Watchmen) but like most comic book movies, it's made purely for entertainment and box office revenue.

The story flows pretty nicely and as the title of the movie suggests, the spotlight is on Wolverine. I would've liked to have seen more character development from the other mutants in Wolverine's team because they're really outstanding characters in my opinion. I think they mishandled the mutants in the movie and practically put them in there for fan service. The only real characters that had development in the story were Logan/Wolverine, Creed/Sabertooth, and Stryker. I guess with big name mutants like Gambit and Deadpool, they draw in more of the comic book fans.

Hugh Jackman is practically the full embodiment of Wolverine in my opinion. I can't imagine anyone else playing him as well as Jackman has. Liev Schreiber was pretty average as Sabertooth but then again, Sabertooth is pretty average himself. Ryan Reynolds, for whatver amount of screen time and dialogue he had, was great as Deadpool. The rest of the supporting cast (Daniel Henney, Will.I.Am, Danny Huston, Lynn Collins) served their purpose for the film and it's understandable as to why their roles are short. I love Gambit but I didn't like Taylor Kitsch as the Cajun. However, as much as I would've liked to have seen a little more character development from other mutants, the movie is called X-Men Origins: Wolverine so yes, it achieves it's point by explaining Wolverine's story (then again, all the X-Men movies were about Wolverine).

I really can't comment on the special effects since some of them weren't finished but I'd imagine for a film like this, I need not worry about the effects and can expect them to be in great form. Speaking of great form, Hugh Jackman really put on the pounds for this role. I think he's more buff in this film than any other previous X-Men film (or any other Hugh Jackman related film). All of a sudden I feel envious and depressed.

'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'
It's no secret I have a love-hate relationship with Ryan Reynolds. :@

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is basically your standard blockbuster comic book action movie. The story is simple and straightforward enough for any movie-goer to understand, action is pretty spot on and entertaining and while it's probably not the best X-Men movie (I say X-2 was the best out of the 4) it's still entertaining enough to watch. I'm not a die-hard X-men fan so I didn't see many flaws in the mutants (other than Gambit) so I can't compare this to the original source. I didn't like the handling of other mutants and wished more development was made for certain characters but despite this, the movie came off looking..alright.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine recieves a 3/5.

Farewell, My Lovely

Well this has been one of the biggest wastes of a day. I pretty much just sat here at the laptop doing hardly anything productive and watching YouTube videos and browsing through forums. I was planning to watch a movie but even THAT was a task that I couldn't be bothered doing. ==

If you haven't seen Charlie the Unicorn 3, watch it here NOW! I came across it yesterday when I was sampling a few soundtracks on YouTube with Kevin. Awesome stuff.

I don't feel that I've eaten much today either, two hot cross buns, some skittles and fried chicken with rice. Oh god. ==

Well not ALL of the day went to waste. I worked on my Studio Art folio for a little while just drawing in a few things and going back a few pages to annotate stuff. I was also planning to do my Vis Comm work but I just felt so depressed looking at my horrible work and comparing it to the top design folios of other students. I'm gonna need a colour printer to print a few images off for my folio. Perhaps a trip to the state library tomorrow to use it's printers would be a good idea.

Other things I need to do within the week is (hopefully) recieve and pick up my brand new lip ring (same one as Miyavi and Aoi of the GazettE), pick up my sexy green MixStyle headphones and to also restring Thien's guitar that I broke. ==

Alright, 'm done with this blog enty. I'm gonna be watching Appleseed: Ex-Machina. And after I'm done with that, I'll probably put an X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review up.

Hieuyy signing off.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Dragonball Evolution Review

PLOT: The young warrior Son Goku sets out on a quest, racing against time and the vengeful King Piccolo, to collect a set of seven magical orbs that will grant their wielder unlimited power. (Credit to IMDB)


When news broke out about the Dragonball live action movie, I'm sure many dedicated fans to the beloved manga and anime series were in a raging fit and they had great reason to. So ignoring the fact that Goku was white (not that anything's wrong with this) and the high school backdrop, I walked into the cinema trying to hold an unbiased standing point over this film.

Within the first 20 minutes of the film, I already felt it was going to be a major letdown. The only good things I can really say about the movie are probably some of the camera techniques and that some of the movie was somewhat faithful to the source material (such as clever allusions to Roshi's perversion). Also, a few scenes were rather entertaining and offered cheap laughs (not that this is bad). Everything else was pretty poor.

Firstly the dialogue was very poor. I know that most of this film's advertising has been aimed towards children but really, using a line like, "Prepare to eat dirt" is pretty tasteless even for kids. However, despite the poor script, the dialogue for the movie also makes it sort of faithful to the manga/anime. If you really think about it, the cheesy and lame lines delivered by the characters pretty much mirror that of the manga/anime. So to those who are complaining about how Dragonball Evolution has ruined their childhood memories, it really hasn't.

The development of the story and characters was also very poor. I felt that it was too rushed and that characters like Bulma and Yamcha were too reluctant and too quick to join Goku on his quest. The only character that really had major development throughout the story was Goku. It seemed like the film makers just wanted to get the film over and done with and it's quite obvious. Perhaps if just a few more minutes were spent on developing the characters, then maybe I would reconsider saying what I've just said.

The special effects were pretty bad as well. The ki effects were fine but just the transformation of Goku into Oozaru and seeing Oozaru himself (who by the way served no real purpose in the movie and was pointless). Shenron (or Shenlong?) was also pretty poorly animated. I would've thought the special effects would've been a lot better seeing as how the movie relies heavily on it.

The acting in the movie was also pretty mediocre, especially with Jaime Chung (who plays Chi-Chi).
I usually like Emmy Rossum's work (she plays Bulma) but she disappointed me in this. Then again, she couldn't really do much with her role, as pointed out by Eddie.

Let's just say much of the movie, I didn't like. Even as a kids' film I didn't really get suckered into it. The film lacked character and story development, gave in rather mediocre performances from all involved and suffered from rather cheesy dialogue.

Unfortunately for Dragonball Evolution, I give it 2/5.

UPDATED: Re-evaluation has now caused me to rate this 1/5. Sorry but it didn't convince me. Hopefully the Z attempt will be much better as it has more creative depth to it.