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Saturday, 25 April 2009

The End of Heartache

So I didn't blog yesterday but I'll give you the short and quick of it...

Yesterday I got my hair trimmed down. It's a lot shorter but nothing too different at all. Also bumped into "the guys" yesterday. Haven't really hung out with them in a while, and it was kinda fun just kicking back again in the the ol' days.

Kevin came over at about 11 pm and we downloaded and played some Counter-Strike and Mabinogi (some MMORPG that Kevin wanted to try out).

Now the short and quick of today. I'm quite tired right now so I just wanna rush through this. I'm also playing Final Fantasy on PSP at the moment. MUST GET THAT EARTH CRYSTAL FROM LICH! :@

Met up with Thy and Minny in the city to hang out (and for Minny to return my USB). I like hanging out with those two...always very chilled with them. They'd just finished tutor in the city when I came. They were looking for a birthday present for their friend Jenny and I sorta helped. I say sorta cause I didn't really contribute too much (although I did waste 10 dollars in a vain effort to win a big toy so that the two of them can pass it off as their own).

After city, we went home. I went to Kevin's house to chill for a bit then at about 7, I came back up here. I was planning to game a bit earlier but I got carried away with YouTube. Fish came up and chilled for a bit...also asked me to come down to Cindy's birthday. I couldn't really be bothered, nothing against Cindy, it's just I'm feeling really tired and lethargic. It's terribly cold outside too...not good conditions for a birthday.

And that's the short and quick of today and yesterday.

Hieuyy signing off.

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