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Friday, 10 April 2009

Farewell, My Lovely

Well this has been one of the biggest wastes of a day. I pretty much just sat here at the laptop doing hardly anything productive and watching YouTube videos and browsing through forums. I was planning to watch a movie but even THAT was a task that I couldn't be bothered doing. ==

If you haven't seen Charlie the Unicorn 3, watch it here NOW! I came across it yesterday when I was sampling a few soundtracks on YouTube with Kevin. Awesome stuff.

I don't feel that I've eaten much today either, two hot cross buns, some skittles and fried chicken with rice. Oh god. ==

Well not ALL of the day went to waste. I worked on my Studio Art folio for a little while just drawing in a few things and going back a few pages to annotate stuff. I was also planning to do my Vis Comm work but I just felt so depressed looking at my horrible work and comparing it to the top design folios of other students. I'm gonna need a colour printer to print a few images off for my folio. Perhaps a trip to the state library tomorrow to use it's printers would be a good idea.

Other things I need to do within the week is (hopefully) recieve and pick up my brand new lip ring (same one as Miyavi and Aoi of the GazettE), pick up my sexy green MixStyle headphones and to also restring Thien's guitar that I broke. ==

Alright, 'm done with this blog enty. I'm gonna be watching Appleseed: Ex-Machina. And after I'm done with that, I'll probably put an X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review up.

Hieuyy signing off.

1 comment:

  1. I think I'm the only person in the world under 20 who hasn't seen that unicorn clip (._.).

    Good on ya for getting a blogspot (Y)

    love from Ellen