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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

For the War Within

First day back for Term 2 today. It was a pretty standard day of school I have to say. What I don't get is why they hold an assembly for the first period on the first day back. We're tired's like they want us to sleep some more. If that was so, I would've gladly came late...but I didn't.

Didn't really do much at school...I mean what can I say? It's school. Guess some of my blogs won't be as lively or filled up now cause of school. D:

Vis Comm was quite different today actually because we had a man named Ricardo come in to show us some Photoshopping techniques. He studied graphics design in Columbia and came to Australia to improve his English in the hopes of getting a better job. At the moment though...he's just some janitor at our school. Anyways, he was really talented and his works with Photoshop were quite good. He comes in every Tuesday I think from now. Might be good of me to listen to some of his advice and tips on Photoshop.(Y)

Went to city after school with Michael Xie and Jason Vo for some half priced McDonalds. Got myself a Medium Double Beef and Bacon meal with an extra Double Beef and Bacon Burger (I was super hungry). Then I went with Masanori to Yellowhouse cause he wanted to play some Maximum Tune. I was just watching him and reading the MX. (Y)

Oh and today is my first and probably last day bringing my new MixStyle Headphones to school. I'm scared that overusing them is gonna make them die quickly and seeing as how fragile the cord already is...I don't wanna run the risk of damaging them on a daily basis.

One video I wanna share right now is Jaurim's lovely song, You and Me. This particular rendition is probably my favourite cause of the saxaphone. :D

I really like this band now...they're sorta like Korea's Tokyo Jihen except I honestly think Jaurim's much better. This band is more chilled (except I think some of their earlier stuff might be really differnet to what they play now)This is automically my favourite song but I have a few others from their Ashes to Ashes album that I like.

Anyways, that's my day.

Hieuy signing off.


  1. Hieu, how convenient that you blog daily or else I wouldn't know where to comment you back.

    The band's name is Bahashishi... I suppose it's easy if you divide it into "Baha" like you're laughing and "shi shi"... Because that's easy. Anyway, yeah that's the band, good pair of ears you have there (Y).

    Naww at tha janitor, I want to study graphic design in Uni too... But what if?!


    You're lucky to have him help though, I don't think my teacher knows much about PhotoShop