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Monday, 27 April 2009


I laughed quite a lot today. Making fun of Dunstan's constant "bargains" and feeling the nostalgia of the old days made me happy and put me in a positive spin. UNTIL MR LIMA HAD TO RUIN THAT FOR ME!

He walked passed me at the train station and pulled me back. He told me that my deputy principal, Mr Mallia, wanted to see me about the Batman drawings I did on a table. Below is, said drawing.

batman1.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Teachers figured out it was me cause:

1. I like Batman
2. This is my drawing style I suppose
3. I've done this kind of thing before

Yeah it was stupid of me to draw massive stuff like this but I was really bored (yes, that's my lame excuse for doing what I did). I could've done it on some paper and I really don't know what told me to leave it on the table. It was funny though, I had to admit. Hell, teachers who saw it liked it. :S

Anyways, my dilemma is should I see my DP about it tomorrow or just wait until he asks for my presence? :D

After school, I went to the city to get discounted Maccas...again. Shameful, I know. After Maccas I went to QV to get myself a new arts folio and contemplated whether I should buy action figures for art. I also tried looking for gas masks but that didn't work.

My back is really sore right now. My legs are kinda tired too. I'm not feeling hungry but my mum's gonna force me to eat something soon. I'll take my time eating it (like an hour and a half, :D).

Hieuyy signing off.


  1. I say wait until he says something... You might as well.