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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Horrible evening...

1. I play CS via Hamachi with Kevin and he's doesn't receive hardcore lag...and he's the one that's capped! NOT ME! :@

2. My mum keeps calling people, thus disconnecting me from the net and giving me the shits even more. I'm already lagging...then I disconnect and find my mum is at fault! :@

3. I let my mum talk on the phone so I go downstairs to Kevin's place but after knocking TWICE no one opens the door. I feel embarrassed and scared if I knock a third time so I retreat to Tommy's house.

4. I get back home and try to play building/melee of Warcraft through Hamachi again with Kevin but it doesn't effing work due to a whole heap of reasons. We try to reconfigure stuff but it still doesn't work. :@

5. In an attempt to make the thing work (after maybe 45 mins of trying to make it work), I download the latest patches for Warcraft. They don't work and all I get are errors. :@

6. I'm feeling terribly bitter and utterly frustrated because I've wasted an evening trying to effing play games. Technology really loves to screw with me. First printers/photocopiers, then touchscreen the internet. :@

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