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Sunday, 12 April 2009

New Tekken Live Action Photos

A few new photos from the upcoming Tekken live action movie.

Luke Goss as Steve Fox

Anton Kasabov as Sergei Dragunov

John Foo as Jin Kazama

Gary Daniels as Bryan Fury

You can find a few more pictures (though terribly blurry) here:

Well I've got incredibly low (you have no idea how low) expectations for this film, as with everyone. I guess I can expect the martial arts in this film to be pretty damn good cause most of the cast aren't even real actors but martial artists (like Cung Le who's portraying Marshall Law). So this pretty much can turn out to be like any Tony Jaa film: narratively one of the worst films ever but packs one hell of a punch (just like Punisher: Warzone). Action wise, I'm hoping it's pretty good.

Bryan looks pretty good I must admit...minus the facial hair. What the hell did they do to Dragunov? He looks like a vampire. Probably just blood from a fight but still. :S

I'm still waiting to see Chiaki Kuriyama as Xiaoyu. :P

EDIT: Since posting that, I've found out that the Anna picture is actaully a fake. Someone photoshopped Marian Zappico's face into a picture of a girl who cosplayed Anna and also enhanced the boobs.


  1. John Foo looks like quite the handsome man, but I bet Chiaki Kuriyama will be the hottest out of them all ♥

  2. Enhanced boobs LOOL
    That Steve Fox picture looks unconvincing really.