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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Our Lady of Sorrows

Started off like any other day today. Woke up at the usual time and did my usual morning rituals. Had Breadtop for breakfast, except by the time I actually had it, it was lunch time so I dunno what you would call it. Anyways, it was nice to start the morning off listening to the Memoirs of a Geisha score soundtrack composed by John Williams, legendary composer of such themes like Star Wars, Jaws and Indiana Jones.

By 1:30, I had called Tommy to see if Jenie was at his place, to which he said she was. I got changed and headed to his place to give Jenie a movie, The Unborn, and in return I recieved my brand new awesome custom printed shirt that I've wanted for quite some time now! I don't care what anyone says, this print just oozes awesomeness! I'm in love with it. :D

torashirt.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Ahhh it's so awesome! Thank you Jenie a million times for this awesome shirt you awesome girl. I LOVE IT! :@

Jenie painted three of my nails black as well. She was bored; I dunno why I even let her do it but now the blasted things won't come off. I've managed to get most of it off but some of it's still there. Maybe she's not so awesome now. ==

Anyways, while I was at Tommy's place, things got a bit out of hand with Jenie and Tommy. It got incredibly awkward for me cause they were sorta fighting and stuff and ran into some room. I didn't really care though cause I probably had changed into my new shirt like 3 times during their fight. But yeah, I was sorta in the room on my own thinking, "What the hell do I do?" I turned around and Jenie was suddenly in the room and she scared the crap out of me and then as I was packing my stuff up, she was gone and had resumed fighting with Tommy. I left and then went upstairs to my home. The two came up afterwards (assuming that they worked things out) and the three of us went to North Richmond station.

From Flinders Street Station, I took the Sandringham to Windsor to fix Thien's guitar. I love walking around with the guitar cause it makes me look like a rockstar or that I'm going to perform at a gig or something. I remember Nam and I did this once, it was fun. Anyways, fixed Thien's guitar (only one string was snapped so it was only 5 bucks!) and wandered around Chapel, browsing through stores.

After Chapel, I decided to head back into the city to compare prices of comics so I get an idea of where I should go to buy them next time. I didn't plan on buying a comic today but because the restringing was only 5 dollars and I had 40 on me at the time, I figured I might as well. I bought The Umbrella Academy - Apocalypse Suite. I can't wait to get into it. (Y)

Quite happy how things have been sorta going my way these holidays. Like everything's been put in a positive spin I suppose. But, unfortunately, once school comes back, everything negatives gonna settle in. I should start at least a page or two of Vis Comm in a minute.

Hieuyy signing off.

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  1. LOL at you,made me laugh when i was so pissed off but yeah sorry i scared you D: your reaction was pretty funny :D
    glad you like the top b1,and next time im gonna paint ur finger nails pink (H) and thanks for letting me play on ur psp (A) even though i only won once :(
    - B2