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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Rose of Sharyn

Wow, I didn't do any work today. My Vis Comm folio is looking pretty good at the moment. I'm not too confident with the annotations though but as far as presentation goes, it looks good (done enough pages so that's good too). I pretty much sketched random pictures during Studio Art and Literature today. I sketch and do random doodles....a lot.

After school I went to the city. Played a bit of Tekken 6 and had lunch. I had this pretty nice cooked meat from this Japanese themed restaurant next to Dumplings Plus. I forgot what it was called though. Today was also the first day that I tried Sake. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, it was just kinda bitter. Didn't expect it to be warm either. I had sake because Trung Lam (?) was over 18 so he got myself, Peter and this other guy (forgot his name, I think it was also Peter...maybe Bryan, LOL) some of it.

After that they went to shopping and I decided to go home. Before I went home though, I went to Rebel Sports on Bourke to find a backpack that I might wanna buy. After browsing through Rebel, I went next door to that Asian photo booth place with all the toys. I kinda compelled to just walk in there and try win something but I didn't. Waste of 4 dollars. :@

Hieuyy signing off.


  1. Walkathon sounds fun, and you probably get let out early... Tomorrow is going to be lousy.

    I went to Dumplings Plus+ with Shen and Bianca today and we ate so so sooo much. Those chilli pork dumplings were spicy... AND THE SPRING ONION PANCAKES WERE MASSIVE.

    I wanna see your folio~

  2. Nah totally contemplated it though... But we figured that we had enough fried food already, next time :D