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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Sharpest Lives

I have great reason to be happy today! My Mix-Style headphones came to me today and I've just been so happy and really loving it! It's about time it came too! Like 3 - 4 weeks I had to wait for it, but it's all been worth it. Love, love, LOVE it. :D

msheadset.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Okay, so now that I've got that out of the way I'll just try and quickly get through my day.

Woke up at 11 and did usual morning rituals and at about 12, I recieved a call from Thy. She told me to meet up with her at about 1 or so. During that time, I finished the last issue/chapter of The Umbrella Academy - Apocalypse Suite. Overall the comic was pretty good and somewhat original, which was nice.

Met up with Thy and Minny at Hungry Jack's across of Melbourne Central at about 1. I was hungry so I persuaded them to come eat at Dumplings Plus with me. The dumplings today were a little poorly prepared but they still taste the same, so still good I suppose. After that we walked towards Melbourne Central but along the way, encountered Thy and Minny's friends that they were hanging out with previously before meeting up with me. They sorta ditched those guys. Sat around Starbucks with them and practically spent most of my day with them.

I didn't mind those guys, they were pretty nice I suppose. Nice in the sense that they didn't bother me at all. We spent most of the day at Melbourne Central which I didn't like. It was boring too cause we didn't do anything. The group decided to move to State Library afterwards casue some of the guys had to meet up with their girlfriends or something and we sat outside at the lawn. That wasn't until Wen Jin told me he had arrived at Melbourne Central with my new headphones. Needless to say, I was over the moon and super happy. I picked them up from him and proudly wore them around with me. I even kept the box. :P

So me, proudly wearing my new headphones and also wearing my new custom printed shirt, you can imagine I was super happy.

Throughout the day, Minny kept calling me Charlie. Reason being is because she hadn't seen Charlie the Unicorn before and called me Charlie because I was the reason she watched it. Got mega annoying.

Afterwards, I left that group, and went to go see Peter Dao at Dumplings Plus. Talked for a while and discussed our new headphones and then I had to go back to MC to regroup with Minny and Thy who were leaving to come back to my place. I was waiting at the train station and was pleasantly greeted by Carmen, Carrie, Andy and Duy. Hadn't seem them in a while so it was nice catching up for like 5 minutes. Thy and Minny came afterwards and the two of them came back to my place.

I downloaded the three Charloie clips for Minny and also gave her Edison Chen's new movie, Sniper. She can actually understand it without having subs...lucky bitch. Walked the two girls back to North Richmond station and then went back home when their train arrived. Now I am here, still wearing my shirt and listening to music through my awesome new headphones.

Today would've been the best day ever if I hadn't hung out with those guys for 3 hours or whatever (nothing against them, it was just boring) and if my spiral lip ring arrived. Oh well..

Hieuyy signing off.

1 comment:

  1. even though it wasnt the best day ever
    i was just glad charlie was there to make it all a little bit more bearable! =]
    cause im pretty sure it wouldve been a lot worse if it wasnt for charlie -.-
    anyway keep up the blogging SCARY CHARLIE!