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Monday, 20 April 2009

Thank you K-Rock

I don't really listen to K-Pop mostly because I think it's just one genre (ignorant of me, yes). Like I mean K-Pop to me has mostly been R'n'B oriented sounds fused with a kinda pop sound. R'n'B itself has become kinda pop thing now. Anyways, with groups like DBSK, Big Bang and Wonder Girls it's sorta easy to lump everyone into this K-Pop thing and assume that because the large amount of people listen to this kinda stuff, it's most likely the only kind of music listened in Korea. That is of course the negligent way to think about Korean music (I pretty much thought there was no such thing as Korean music outside of Pop and R'n'B).

Just had about a 2 hour session of YouTubing K-Pop acts when the thought occurred to me that I should try giving K-Rock a try. Now the thought of Korean music outside of K-Pop has come into my mind numerous times but I've never actually done the research (nor could I be bothered to). I did, however, have one song given to me by Eddie that wasn't full of beats and such and that song raised my awareness that there may be something outside of choreographed dancing. So, as I said before, I typed in "k rock" and I first got a video of an artist named Seo Taiji. His stuff is pretty good; very similar to Korn (looks similiar too). Then I came across another band, Jaurim. Their song You and Me is just lovely.

I checked Soompi to see if perhaps there was a thread for Korean music outside of Big Bang and such and I actually found it. It's always been there, I just never look hard enough. Anyways, from there I found the band that probably has made me fall back in love with metal: Vassline.

Awesome band, not too sure if they're screaming Korean but doesn't matter...they sound amazing! I had a huge smile on my face just watching them perform. Reminded me of Parkway Drive.

I'm making a big deal out of this because it's always fun to find out something new and exciting. :D

Guess I'll be listening to more Korean music now...just not the popular kind. Not for everyone of course and I probably wouldn't wanna recommend this stuff to anyone (especially Vassline). Thank you K-Rock for giving me something to love again. T_______T

Now off I go to find more Korean underground acts. :D

EDIT: Why hasn't anyone actually informed me of this? Like some of the bands I've just seen gone and YouTubed even more are kinda on the emo sound (really hated to use that word there to describe but yeah...)

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