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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Umbrella Academy - First Impressions

Well, I'm not a comic book aficionado but I can definitely say that this story is very compelling and the characters are very diverse and interesting.
Right now, I'm loving The Seance. He's only said a few lines but I'm already loving the attitude and personality brought about by that small appearance.
I've read about two chapters/issues of first series so far and I couldn't help but also think that this is very close to Watchmen.
The artwork is really great with each cover being carefully drawn and illustrated. I've been reading it whilst listening to My Chemical Romance, haha. The comic series was written by Gerard Way, lead singer of the aformentioned band, so I thought it was only fitting I read it while listening to MCR. :D
The titles for each chapter/issue are cool too; they sound like song titles that MCR could use, haha.

I could finish this tonight actually, it's not long at all. Just taking a break at the moment. :)

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