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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Why Do I Love Movies?

I was once asked by someone (forgot who, sorry):"Why do you like movies so much?" I couldn't really explain it and ended up confusing the person that asked me and myself as well. I think now I've come to a somewhat plausible answer to that question.

Some of you may know that I used to be in possession of one of the greatest inventions...cable television. I had Foxtel from Year 3 or 4 to about late Year 10. Now during most of these years, I would be left at home alone because my parents were working and couldn't look after me. My dad used to take me to his soccer games but I didn't like it because I disliked his friends. I never really understood why he'd wanna bring me along. Maybe he wanted me to take up soccer? In any case my dad took notice of this and just left me at home instead...which is sort of what I wanted anyway. Growing up an only child, I didn't really have anyone to talk with. So because my parents didn't like me going out and cause I didn't really have friends, I just stayed home and filled this void with movies that I'd watch on Foxtel.

There was a channel called Showtime, which was basically a 24 hour movie channel with all the latest movies and I remember watching it a lot. Of course, I had my fair share of gaming in between but movies were more dominant.

I fell in love with characters, stories and movie making. Hell, I remember coming up with a fake script for a potential Saw movie. Television really helped me, in some ways, get through some of my later childhood and early teenage years. Kinda depressing to say all this but, I think that the reason why I like movies, is because it's a great form of escapism for me.

I remember Thy asking me why I always watch movies alone. Well that's because I'm used to watching movies on my own and sometimes I'd much rather be alone to watch a movie because no one interrupts me. Company is nice...just as long as they don't bother me. You come to appreciate the idea of company when you grow up as the only child.

Also during these years, I really do think that my English has become a lot better because of television. Movies are practically novels brought to life, but more practical because you can remember visual information much more better than words. Don't let anyone ever tell you that television screws up your head because it doesn't! I picked up quite a bit of vocabulary and properly structured my sentences in accordance with great dialogue provided by movies.

So to properly answer the question one more time...I love movies because I feel they've been an essential part of my life and that these stories are just great fun to lose yourself in and to escape.


  1. When the Apocalypse happens, you'll be in your room watching Star Wars alone.

  2. dumbasss, it was me who asked "why do you like movies so much?" ==' and if i remember correctly you said something about learning from it and making it who you are and something something it was too long ago but i remember vagule it was something like that, how can you not remember.. but im sure many people have asked you that before too

  3. charliee!! (LOL)26 April 2009 at 01:01

    i demand a movie review on fast and furious!
    lol because hieu knows he loves fast cars and car races
    it might help with the description for your 'car chase' scenes as well
    hopefully it wont take u too long to figure out what im on about lol