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Monday, 20 April 2009

Why do Visual Kei people dress flamboyantly?

I really don't get it. I mean for visual kei girl bands I understand but it's different when it's guys...I really don't understand the meaning of wearing gender bending clothing. Is it to reflect their music or some kinda crap like that? Thank god Dir en grey got out of that scene.

I found an interesting comment left by a hater on YouTube which I sorta had to agree with. Went something like this:

"How about they use the money they waste on make up and spend it on some music lessons?"

Kinda true...I mean have you really heard the indie VK bands? Kinda bad. D:

So back to my original question...does anyone know why VK folk dress the way the do? :S


  1. They are Visual Kei BECAUSE of their style. that's what they're categorized by in the first place....
    answer ,


  2. I heard VK bands are generally thought of to be a type of band who don't really care about making music and care more about their (generic) look. If anything it's what Ellen said, it's all about the style really.