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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Wrong Number

Not to sound like Sarah Connor from the Terminator series but...I really hate machines.

So I went to state library early this morning to print off a few pictures for Vis Comm but wouldn't ya know it, the library has a complex system of how they run the printing. They didn't have any Microsoft Word on there computers so I had to make due by printing only one picture. Oh and by the way, they did;t even allow access to Windows Explorer so I had to access my USB from the coputer and that gave a directory instead. So I only printed one picture (cause it wouldn't let me fit a few onto one page) and colour printing was 2 bucks. Pschhh.

So after clicking print, I proceeded to the copy room. Who woulda thought the photocopier also printed colour (I'm horrible at these things)? I was wondering how the hell I was supposed to print and had this confused look on my confused enough that someone from the library staff offered to help me. The guy looked pretty cool; had these cool glasses...big with wide black frames. Anyways, he told me to scan my library card into this machine that actually allowed me to print the thing. And then after he left and it printed, I coudn't find the sheet of paper. I was looking around the photocopier but I couldn't find it. After I paced back a bit, I saw the paper on the hidden side of the photocopier. ==

At least now, I'm more prepared the next time I decide to print something. I had a similar experience the last time I was there to photocopy. I'm terrible.

So after that horrible ordeal (and only getting ONE picture out of it for 2 dollars) I checked in at Off Ya Tree to see if my lip piercing had arrived. Unfortunately, due to the Easter holidays, work's been slow so it should come next week. The guy gave me a reciept to hold onto (cause they ran out of reciepts when I actually did order) so that I can give it in once it's arrived.

The guy who wrote this has pretty good handwriting I must say. Too bad he made my name look like Hiev. I also like how they put "w/spikes". Just looks awesome on paper. :D

After that, I browsed around JB Hi-Fi and SunStar, like I always do whenever I'm in the city and proceeded home to eat lunch with Tommy. I had Combination Broken Rice at Vinh Ky. :D

Made my way home after lunch and pretty much just did my usual foruming and YouTubing. Found a neat clip about Batman from College Humor that I'd like to share. I thought it was pretty funny. The animation and voices are pretty cool too.

There's a second video but I like the first one better. The second video makes me feel sorry for Batman and his lack of powers. It's still funny but I reckon the first one was a bit better. :S

Watched Pan's Labyrinth after all that. It was the last movie I had to watch before returning them. I liked it, I didn't love it (I wanted to cause of the praise it got) but it was a nice enough watch while it lasted.

I couldn't help but think of A Tale of Two Sisters while watching that cause some of it mirrored that movie (minus the Spanish civil war, freaky child eating monster and tree people). After finishing Pan's Labyrinth I went to return it along with my other 6 movies that I rented.

On the way back from Video Ezy, I passed Nandos and thought...I want some of that. So I bought a bag of large Peri-Peri chips. Lovely stuff. :D Bumped into to Tommy at the bottom of the flats and decided to stay at his place for a while. Surprised to see that he still talks with Jenie even though...yeah. But no one needs to know about that. :D He and I did a survey on MySpace and then I went home.

Now here I am and I've spent the last hour or so watching random wrestling clips. I used to have a love for it but now it's all but dead. I just like to watch a few things here and there cause some of the matches are exciting (and yes I know it's fake but it's still entertaining). Currently downloading Tommy's One Piece and listening to Silversun Pickups.

And with that, I take my leave.

Hieuyy signing off.

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