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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Superficial Gossip


Below are my 3 final Photoshopped images for Vis Comm.
I took the photos at Fitzroy Gardens. Special thanks to Jenie for modelling my hat.

After photos, my friend Kevin and I went to the city. He bought a Vincent Valentine figurine while I bought 3 DVDs. I practically got the third DVD for free because if you bought two DVDs it was 20% off and three DVDs was 30% off. Limit was 50% off I think. I bought myself Rough Cut, Beast Stalker and NANA. I rewatched NANA last night; awesome. No way in heck am I going to consider buying NANA 2 cause that was horrid.

asianmovies.jpg picture by kurayami_angel


Today I went to the Dirt Cheap Books warehouse in Collingwood to try and find a cheaper copy of Norwegian Wood but they didn't have it. They did however have a whole bunch of awesome Dragonball mangas as well as some really cool art books. You may have seen the Dirt Cheap Books commercial on television. :D

Now I am going to organise my VCD folio and follow up with some dinner and Maths. I hate the Applications component of Linear Modelling/Graphs. :@

End post.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

My Phoneeeeee! D:

I LOST MY PHONE TODAY! Wait, wait, wait.

Lemme rephrase that.

Yes, much better.

Yeah, some low life punk stole my phone. I was trying on a beanie in the change rooms (cause it was the only place that had a mirror) and then when I came out, I realised I didn't have my phone on me. Being the forgetful person I am, chances are, I left it on the floor when I was putting the beanie on.

My fault it got stolen but I'm still mad that someone's freaken taken it instead of handing it to the counter. At least there's nothing of importance and value on my phone. I never recieve calls or messages from other people anyway and the pictures that I needed are already on my computer so it's all good really. I've been meaning to swap SIM cards too, so this may be a good thing.

Doesn't change the fact that I'm mighty pissed about losing a phone that my parents bought for me as a birthday present at the beginning of the year. Wanna know how I know it's stolen? Not only was it NOT in the change rooms, when I called it via the payphone, it was off. Proof enough?

Oh and another rant.

WHY THE HELL WOULD PEOPLE ASK ME, "WHEN DID YOU LOSE IT?" OR "WHERE DID YOU LOSE IT?" I swear, this gets on my nerves so much. The girl I asked at the counter said this to me but I didn't rage at her though, it's not in me, haha. But nonetheless, it pisses me off when people ask me this.

"When did you lose your phone?"

"Oh I lost it at 5:34 at 20 seconds and I'm very sure that I lost it at the last change room, yeah that would be right."


Anyways, I can't be bothered uploading photos from the hat shoot thing so I'll do that tomorrow. I just wanted to get this off me. Thank you for reading a nonsensical rant.

Thank you.

End post.

Toy Story 3 Teaser Trailer

Come on, you can't tell me you didn't watch Toy Story or Toy Story 2 as a wee kid growing up! I mean as children, it was our privilege to watch anything by Disney and Pixar. Toy Story 3 is FINALLY being released next year and I can't wait. Loved Toy Story as a kid and I doubt that's gonna change.

Pixar haven't made a bad movie yet. From Toy Story to the recently released Up (which by the way is getting rave reviews though I didn't get suckered in by the trailer). Then again, never judge a book by it's cover. I should go see Up sometime...

Friday, 29 May 2009

Overflowing Wealth

YAY! Downloaded Shiina Ringo's new solo single, Ariamaru Tomi...otherwise known as Overflowing Wealth (or something like that). God, you can really hear the acoustics on this. It's being used for some drama in Japan called Smile starring Jun Matsumoto of Arashi and Hana Yori Dango fame. I only became a Ringo fan about October or November of last year and from what I gather, she hasn't released anything as a solo artist since 2003? So this is big. Ringo's said this song isn't her style cause she wrote it specifically for the drama but it still sounds amazing. She's just so awesome; I love her. Below is the song if you wanna try it out.

Last night I was able to complete my hat! I tell ya, working with craft glue is such a pain but cause it's such a strong glue, I'm glad that I got everything stuck on and turning out the way that I had envisioned it in my drawings. I'm very proud of the hat but I'm feeling sorry for Jenie who has to wear the cumbersome thing for me, haha.

DSC00111.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

DSC00114.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

DSC00112.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

DSC00115.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Since that's done now, I'm starting to think about ideas for what I could potentially do for Unit 4. Anyone have any suggestions as to what might suit me?

Yesterday I got a nice compliment (kinda) from some random girl at Flinders. The reason why I say kinda is cause it's not really about me. All she said was, "YOU HAVE CUTE HEADPHONES!" I was wearing my MixStyle Headphones yesterday cause it was cold, haha.

Should LAN with Kevin tonight, I feel like I deserve it after building the hat and overcoming two SACs this week. Oh by the way, I'm pretty confident I did good in both English and Literature SACs except I may have effed up a little in English.

End post.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

It's Nice To Know You Work Alone

^ Indeed it is.

I practically worked on my own all day today which was good cause then I'd have no one to bug me. Except for this one guy called Josh. That kid really gets on my nerves. He was acting like a 5 year old today...actually almost everyday he acts like one. So annoying. D:

Anyways some positive news; totally blitzed through my Literature SAC today. The prompt was friggin perfect and I actually finished it in the one period! I'm gonna use my next Literature period to check mistakes and rewrite a few sentences if need be. English SAC tomorrow!

I also made great progress on the hat today. I finished bandaging the shape up and I've gotten the purple base on as well as the green ribbon. Tonight I'm working on the wire frame on the outside of my hat. Below are pictures.

hat.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

This took up a period and a half cause I couldn't get the bloody measurements for the material correct and ended up cutting bits of fabric that were too small. In the end I gave up and just pasted parts of it onto the thing and didn't care for those bits hanging out. I'll cut em of course. Hasn't really formed the shape I want but I'm just happy getting this done.

hat2.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

This is what the hat would look like WITHOUT the insect/skeletal framing on the outside. Still looks pretty good I have to say.

I wasn't able to go to the Drama performance today because I didn't want to have to carry my hat around for two hours in a box. Too bad too cause I was looking forward to it.

End post.

Mulan Teaser Trailer

Disney's Mulan was one of my favourite movies as a child but I don't recall China ever making a Mulan movie for iself seeing as she's Chinese and yeah. Well, below is the teaser trailer for China's version of Mulan.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Jenny's Lullaby


Man is this gonna be one tough week. Literature SAC starts tomorrow. My context essay for Literature is based on Frankenstein, which by the way is a very good novel once you study it. I half read the novel and couldn't be bothered finishing it. English SAC starts Thursday and I've practiced enough for that.

I'm going to be staying back at school a lot this week because I've gotta finish making my hat! It's turning out really well. Yesterday I had to reshape the hat by pasting PVA glue all over it to stiffen it. Today, I added wire framing to make the shape that I wanted for the top and then bandaged it up. Reminded me of making moon lanterns back in primary school. Pictures below.

hatbase.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

hatbase2.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Noob wire work ==

hatbase3.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
I look horribly hunched here; poor posture. D:

That's all for today. I won't be going home early tomorrow and will stay behind with Fish for some Vis Comm work. I also might stay around to watch the Drama performances at school tomorrow night.

Oh and I downloaded Lego Batman for PSP the other night. So effing fun and silly. :D
End post.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Shattered; No New Laptop

Just as the title says, I won't be getting a new laptop anytime soon. Until THIS one breaks and doesn't work anymore is when I get my new laptop. Why the change of heart parents? D:

I wanted to reap the benefits of taxing from the government...

Guess I'm just gonna have to get some new RAM now instead. Watch as another 100 dollars go down the drainnnn.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

DVD Paranoia!

Okay I'm quite paranoid. I may be missing a DVD, though I can't quite figure out what it is I'm missing. It's probably my imagination. I only know that I let Phi Anthony borrow The 40-Year Old Virgin (probably never gonna see it again) and Mission Impossible 3 to I think Tony Buuloc (I can't say for sure). Why do I really get the feeling something else is missing...

One thing's for sure. Never lending anyone a movie/television series that I have too much care for; I learnt my lesson. As if pass it off as your own as if say it's in Mauritius....

A Beautiful Lie

Not surprisingly, I'm listening to Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two of Us. Add Audition to my list of Asian movies I have to check out. It's the basis for the music video of the song above.

I'm surprised no one's given me any suggestions for Asian movies yet. Blogger is probably just being an ass and not updating. In any case, I was able to download A Bittersweet Life last night and will watch it either tonight or some time next week.

Should start preparing for my English Oral coming up. Oral presentations will occur during the mid year exam week. Speaking of English, I wrote up two practice essays today! Actually I just finished one half of the practice essay I was working on in class and started a new half today. My English exercise book is just filled with walls of text (much like my blogs, haha). Will start practice essay for Literature soon. SACs for Lit and English take place during Thursday and Friday for me. I think a Maths SAC is next week (unless that's the week before exams then no). See, I'm organised with my school work!

Kinda excited about making my hat tomorrow afternoon! Bought all my materials. Now I just need to put them on the hat and the get someone to model it and that's the end of Unit 3!

Korean Boys Over Flowers selling at 18 bucks on Victoria Street; all episodes and English subbed.
Bloody bargain. Kinda curious to see how Korea translated Hana Yori Dango. Am I willing to pay for this? Hrmmm...

kill-bill02.jpg kill bill image by lemielemster

And if someone can buy me Kill Bill, I'd really appreciate it (you have no idea how much I'll love you if you do).
Watching exceprts of it on YouTube made me want to have th movie even more (Tarintino is a master of dialogue). I can seriously watch that film over and over again. Pulp Fiction too, thanks. :D

End post.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Asian Movie Recommendations?

I feel like watching some Asian cinema to fill in the time gaps when I don't have a movie at the cinemas to watch. So be it wuxia, gangster or a rom-com, I just want you to jot down a few of the film suggestions that you reckon I should check out. I'm mostly interested at the Chinese, Korean and Japanese cinema (pretty much covers basic Asian fims anyway). I've already got three films in mind:

A Bittersweet Life (Korean)

The Banquet (Mainland China)

Rough Cut (Korean)

Must rush to Victoria Street once I gather some suggestions. Hehe, seedy Asians with their pirated things. Hurts the industry but it helps me get around to seeing these movies at least. :D

Oh and random side note but Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two of Us is by far my favourite My Chemical Romance track because it's so energetic and fun to go ape-shit over. Awesome.

Bodyguards and Assasins Promo

I love me some Chinese martial arts films, especially when the story matches the intensity of the action. Take for example, early this year when Donnie Yen released his epic martial arts biopic, Ip Man. Amazing fights and an amazing(-ly exaggerated) storyline. Bodyguards and Assassins looks like it's shaping up to be one hell of an amazing production. But don't take my word for it, check out the promotional footage for the movie below.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Cam Gigandet vs Twilight Fans

Cam Gigandet, otherwise known as James from Twilight, basically kicks some Twilight tweens' ass. That'll show those obsessed Twi-hards. :@

Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Faithful Departed

What's on today's agenda?

I got my glasses back! I don't know how they ended up in Ms Higgs' office but I'm glad they ended up there.
And here I thought some lowlife kid in my school would just take a pair of prescription glasses they (probably) don't even need. :@

How many technical drawings are you meant to do in Vis Comm? I've only done four: two isometrics, an orthogonal and a two point perspective one. Once Unit 3 is over, I'm glad I won't have to do technical drawings again. They are a painnnnn. I begin making the hat next week. :O

I love abusing the school office's printer because they give such great quality print outs. I always just get Ms Higgs to print me off a bunch of pictures because the office's printer is just so awesome. Smooth and polished prints. Love, love, love it. :D

Below is one of my pieces for Studio Art that I completed two days ago. I'm working my folio around the idea of "fear through the media". I'm quite proud of it, even if it does look plain and simple.

studio-art.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

The guy in the gas mask is going to be a recurring character in my pieces. What to name him? :O

After school today I had Belgian Waffles as a bit of a snack. Bloody fantastic. :D

Oh and Ms Vandrine came up to me today and told me that my Deputy Principal, Mr Mallia wanted to see me first thing tomorrow morning after homeroom. He wants to see me about the drawings on the table that I did a month or so ago. Vanders assures me that I'm not in trouble and that my DP actually likes and admires the work. I can't help but think this is a trap but Mr Vandrine is quite the nice lady so I doubt she's tricking me. Still...

End post.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bowling Results

So the bowling bet finally took place and what a shocker.

Hendrick placed second!

At least he didn't come first. That right goes to me! Haha.

Disappointed in Jemmy, he was supposed to be the one to carry our team. Dunstan put in a good effort too. Had a big comeback halfway through. First game was just for practice. Hendrick boasted too much in the practice and showed off his improvement by striking a few sets. It did scare us but since he used up all he had on the first go, he was kinda drained the second time round. We were just mucking around and getting a feel of things. Score sheet is below. We're thinking of making this an monthly thing with fresh bets each time round. We're still sticking to Hendrick spending 10 minutes in a gay bar though. :D

scores.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Little blurry but you can make out who scored what.

On something completely off topic, I lost my glasses this morning. That is to say I believe someone may have taken my glasses. Why the hell would anyone need prescription glasses for? Then again it's D&G. I told student reception if anyone had came in a missing glasses case and they said no one had come in then I go, "Oh that's a shame, they're D&G as well..." and both reception ladies just gasp and say something like, "That's so sad! Hope you find 'em!" Women love hearing branded stuff ey?

End post.

Blogger You Anger Me

Still can't fix the problem with my dashboard. It's not updating on people's pages and I'm recieving updates from people who've posted like 10 hours ago. It's retarded. I can't even comment on other people's blogs now either. Effing lame bro.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sound Effects And Overdramatic


Things just got a lot tougher for me, but thankfully there's always a bright side for these kinda situations. I'm talking about my future in University.

Today the Year 12s had to go to the TIS (Tertiary Information Service) Event. It was pretty good and informed you on how to apply for your course of choice through VTAC and choose preferences and what not. Very beneficial.

We were the only school that went today though cause no other schools booked it today so in a way, it was kind of a good thing. We didn't have to wait at the different Universities and TAFE panels if we wanted to ask a question. I really, REALLY needed to ask questions cause I was seriously freaking out. Why?

According to this year's 2010 Program Guide for RMIT, the Journalism course required an ENTER of 95.75! WTF RIGHT?!?!

Last year, I believe it was only a study score of at least 35 or more in English. All of a sudden now I need to get an unachievable ENTER! What's worse is my second preference which was Media was 92.90! I was in a panic and had to check if there were pathways to these becuase I know that I'm not going to get over 90. Luckilly there were. (I hope those were like misprints or something).

Now I only have to do 6 months - a full year of either Screen, Screenwriting, Professional Writing and Editing and then re-apply (then hope that they take me in to do a course). I haven't found the prerequisites for these TAFE courses yet but I'm assuming I gotta do well in English at least to do these. If all else fails, I'll probably end up doing a Visual Communication course though I'd much rather prefer something to do with film and television. Then again, I might actually like my TAFE course and then stay on to do it for a full 2 years.

Oh and I think I'm opting for Media rather than Journalism now. Media just sounds so much more fun whereas with Journalism, I've gotta track down leads and harrass people and stuff. I'm not one to impose on people.

After the TIS event, Jemmy, Masa, Dunstan, Jason, Hendrick and myself went to Melbourne Central and bought some food and drinks. I bought a Chicken Parma Roll/Sandwich for lunch and I don't regret it. It was amazingly tasty and worth the 8.50 it was priced at. The tram ride back to school was great. Masa, Dunstan and I were just singing along to hits of the 80's which were playing on Masa's phone. :D

Okay, I'm kinda on track with this Uni/TAFE thing now. Kinda calm about the whole thing now but I'd really love to know more about Journalism or Media. I'd like to think I'm well suited for this area but I'm not sure if I would be happy doing it. I can always transfer I suppose.

Damn, no pictures to post today. Disappointing. This post just looks boring now...Oh well.

Oh and it's Dunstan's birthday tomorrow. Happy 18th to him. :O

Bye bye!

Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes Trailer

Ahhh looks refreshingly fun. And I'm falling back in love with Rachel McAdams. So hot with that corset. Just had to share. :D

By the way, Robert Downey Jr's English accent sounds kinda like he's mocking the English. I dunno, I'm not buying it yet.

Linkin Park's New Divide Released

Linkin Park's previous success with What I've Done for the first Transformers movie has prompted Michael Bay, the movie's director, to approach LP to write an exclusive theme for Revenge of the Fallen. Also, they're being credited with writing parts of Revenge of the Fallen's score. Below is their exclusive track for Revenge of the Fallen, New Divide. Don't be surprised if this gets pulled down by the time you're reading this. It's now available on and iTunes.

Sounds pretty much like What I've Done except more...upbeat? I dunno. But it definitely sounds too similar to What I've Done though I still like it.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Christian Bale? WTF LOL?

So I just woke up to a strange dream with Christian Bale in it. He was yelling at another person in my dream. 'Cept I can't put my finger on why it would be at Victoria Gardens and why Demi Moore would be trying to calm Bale down. He was yelling at some pasty looking, balding 40 something year old and it was errr pretty intense. Just as intense as the infamous Bale rant that I blogged about.

Anyways, that's all I wanted to say. Wasn't a nightmare or anything; it was just weird.

*sigh, Monday mornings are always the hardest. T___T

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Observe and Report Review

PLOT: A lewd flasher runs amok and terrorises the women at the local mall and it's up to head of mall security, Ronnie Barnhardt, to bring the pervert to justice.


This movie's gotten quite the mixed reaction, but more of them have been a little more positive. I unfortunately fall on the negative side and didn't really like the movie.

The story speaks for itself but if you watch the movie you'll learn that there's a little more to it than that. But other than that, I just didn't really connect with the story. It's not that I found it convincing enough or anything (this is the last movie that should be taken seriously), but it's just the way it was handled I guess. It's kind of a depressing story, yeah, but I didn't really get engaged enough and to be honest, often I found it was kinda boring and dragged on. Certain scenes weren't even necessary. The movie only lasted for about 90 minutes but it felt way longer.
Ronnie consoling his distraught crush, Brandi.

The dialogue was pretty narrow and straightforward. It was a pretty poor to average script, not as poor as Dragonball Evolution though (I'm gonna have to re-score that movie after this). Granted, there were a few genuinely funny moments that I liked but other than that the script just wasn't funny enough to me. That's the biggest loss of any comedy movie; if it's not funny. What's the point of not making a comedy if you're not going to aim for laughs? Think of the funniest film you've ever seen. Now imagine all the punchline and gags weren't in it. It'd just suck wouldn't it? Imagine having Billy Madison NOT be a retarded lazy man-child. Defeats the purpose of him even being re-educated. I'm not saying that Observe and Report did this, just saying this for all comedies. Also as a small mention, I liked how they parodied those typical action hero monologues when the hero realises what is to behold of him and what not (I don't know if this was intentional or not but that's the way I interperted it as).

I didn't understand the movie till after I came home from the cinema and read that it was a black comedy. Perhaps I just haven't seen enough black comedy before? I'd like to think that I have seen a bit but not a lot (I loved Death at a Funeral, good black comedy). So maybe this lack of understanding for a sub-genre is not letting me "like" this movie as much as I had wanted to (I was kinda looking forward to seeing this, to be honest).
A flashlight handles as well as a hammer, I suppose.
(It's okay if you don't get understand this caption. :D)
Seth Rogen is Seth Rogen in this movie (maybe a little more dumbed down); Anna Farris is Anna Farris (maybe a lot more blonder) and Ray Liotta is Ray Liotta. The actors in this movie play their characters the way they're meant to be, so that's a plus to the movie for having good casting. I'm surprised Ray Liotta even signed up to this movie, he's kind of a more upper class actor (even if he mostly plays just a cop/detective type guy in most of his movies). I thought that Rogen and Liotta's characters were perfect examples of Yin and Yang and also worked to the movies comedic flair.

Prior to watching this movie, I'd read that there was an homage to Oldboy (regular readers [like three people, lol] will know I loved this movie) within the movie. I have to say it was a kind of decent attempt at paying homage to it; I appreciated that they tried to pay respects to it.
Seth Rogen trying to do his best impersonation of Ray Liotta.

Oh and the final scene of the movie is just an eye opener. You'll know what I mean if you see it. I liked the way they used a harder cover of Where Is My Mind? for that scene but that song will never be used as perfectly as it had been used in Fight Club.

I guess you have to either have a good sense of dark/black humour to really like this movie or just have no sense of humour at all to not like it at all. I'm kind of middle ground on this. I told Eddie and Kevin that I'd given this a 1 and a half out of 5 but I felt like I was being too harsh on it because I did find it funny at some points. If the cast and crew had gone back to maybe change a few things here and there, it may have been a pretty decent comedy. So with that said I'll bump it up by one extra score.

Observe and Report gets a 2.5/5 from me.

Unfortunately for Dragonball Evolution, re-evalutation has caused me to take it down a grade. Now it's just 1/5. Yeah, sounds horrid huh? At least I didn't put a 0.

Saturday, 16 May 2009


Ahhh looks like my evening has been ruined thanks to Dunstan! He can't make it the bowling tonight so that also cancels out the chance of me watching Angels and Demons.

In a way though, this is kind of a good thing. I just spent quite a bit of money whilst roaming the city to buy stuff for my Vis Comm folio. Bought a purple fabric from Lincraft, a green ribbon from Spotlight and three magazines from Borders. I also checked out a few bookstores to find Norwegian Wood. The blurb makes me wanna read it and kinda invision it being acted out on screen. Thanks to Thy and Minny who bought the magazines for me (it's effing intimidating being a guy and buying fashion magazines, alright!)

fashion.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
The stuff I bought for today.

The cab driver that drove me to Spotlight was an incredibly nice man. His name was Bruce, he was a senior and was incredibly helpful. I don't wanna sound like I'm generalising but a lot of my past experiences with Indian cab drivers have been bad. They drive around the block ten times before they reach your destination. Anyways he was really nice, didn't drive around in circles for more money and was nice to talk to. I tipped him extra for his helpfulness. Being helpful and nice goes a long way!

So since I don't have anything to do tonight, I guess I'm just going to maybe do some catching up on MSN and watch a movie or two. I'll be buying a hat base sometime during the week. If only I had as much interest in Studio Art; that folio is going to waste. :(

Haven't listened to alice nine. on my iTunes in a very long while. Listening to MIRROR BALL at the shall be my blog title for tonight.


Friday, 15 May 2009

Norwegian Wood?

Well all of a sudden I feel like picking up an actual novel and sitting down to read it, as opposed to throwing it in my locker and leaving it there for dust to collect.
That or look for an alternative to reading (comics anyone?).

Well, there's this novel that's being adapted into a movie soon by Vietnamese film-maker Tran Anh Hung called "Norwegian Wood." It's originally a Japanese novel and the movie will have a Japanese cast of course. The lead roleof Toru goes to Kenichi Matsuyama (best known as L in Death Note) and the role of the female lead, Naoto goes to Rinko Kikuchi (The Brothers Bloom, Babel).

The book is basically about Toru's love life in his younger days and a lot of other things. Vague description, I know. Wiki it or something if you wanna find out more.

You might be asking yourself, "Who the hell is Tran Anh Hung?" Well, I don't know either. All I know is that he's apparently one of the few good Vietnamese directors and that his project, I Come With The Rain, has caught my attention ever since last year. Unfortunately, it's been about a full year or more since the 6 minute trailer to the aforementioned movie was released and still no actual release date. I hear that Japan's getting a release for I Come With The Rain in June or July. I hope it reaches here cause it looks great. Trailer for that is below (by the way, I love international casts; this one looks nice).

Anyways, just like with Watchmen, this future movie probably might make me wanna pick up a novel and read. Not saying it's a great book cause I don't know myself if it is or not, just saying that I'm curious. :O

We Dance In Slow Motion

Yay, I finally got Telegraphs' debut album! Just started listening to it. Also downloaded the Final Fantasy XII Official Soundtrack last night too. Amazing listen.

I've been watching South Park for about an hour so far. Some of the episodes they have now aren't that great but they're still entertaining as hell. Come on, it's South Park! I was also watching a few interviews on The Late Show with David Letterman on YouTube.

Well I was meant to head into the city today to check out Lincraft but cause it was depressing and raining outside, Kevin and I cancelled on it. He told me where it was though so I'll be going there tomorrow as well as going to Spotlight.

Also got told today that our Vis Comm folio due date would be extended and is now due in three weeks time. This is perfect cause I figured I needed a week to finish off gathering stuff for my research pages, complete the technical drawings for my hat design, actually make that hat itself and also to do the photoshoot. Unfortunately, I've yet to see a sunny day so far so I doubt I'd get the kind of results I want. I wonder if you can PhotoShop sunlight?

Tomorrow, I also expect to beat Hendrick in bowling. I alluded to this in a previous post but I shall elaborate further. Basically, what started off as just guys talking shit and acting big became an all out bet. I even wrote a contract for the bet cause I was that bored.

contract.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Very blurry, this is just part of our contract. :D

It's basically myself, Dunstan and Jemmy versus Hendrick in a bowling match. If Hendrick places second, the three of us don't go to the formal. If he places first, we don't go to formal AND have to hold a tablespoon of wasabi in our mouths for a minute and aren't allowed to swallow it or have watter to liquidate it. If Hendrick places third, he comes to formal (cause he didn't want to go and were making him) but if he places fourth, he's gotta stay inside a gay bar for 10 minutes. Sounds mighty fun, haha!

I'm on the fourth track of the album at the moment and so far it's been a great listen!


Demotivational Poster - Depression

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Christian Bale Rant

For those of you are ill-informed, last month an audio clip was released which had Christian Bale going ape-shit at the Director of Photography for Terminator Salvation. I only listened to it just yesterday and found it humourous and at the same time kinda depressing cause it's not what I wanted to hear out of Christian Bale. Nonetheless, something like this would never escape Bale; the internet and pop culture are sure to make sure this haunts Bale till he dies. Sooner or later, the now infamous outburst had to be parodied by none other than Famly Guy. Below is the video of the original rant and the Family Guy parody. I like how Bale slowly goes from American to Welsh (not entirely Welsh, just partly).

There's a heap of these Christian Bale remix rants on YouTube. And Bale is now responsible for the most awesome line ever, "You and me, were done professionally."

Star Trek Review

I didn't actually get a chance to do this earlier because of my net being shut down and all but now I've found the time to do so. Should I do a video review next time? Anyways here's my review.

PLOT: Basically chronicles the early years of James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) before he is made captain of the starship Enterprise.


What really made me want to see this movie was the action and effects. From the trailer alone, they looked exhiliratingly awesome. Other than that, I had no interest in Star Trek. The series had been dead for years and the fanbase were kinda fading away into the distance. In order to resurrect Star Trek, the studio had to do something completely different to reinvigorate interest for the franchise. That's where this movie comes in.

The movie is a prequel to the entire Star Trek series and at the same time is a reboot of the dead franchise. JJ Abrams figured that since the origin of Kirk had never been told, this was a completely new thing for fans and audiences alike to experience. And in my mind, it worked really well.

star trek bridge

The storyline was engaging and was fun to watch. It's worth sitting for two hours watching the story unfold because it's really fun to get into and isn't complicated at all. I admit, I did think that it would get too dialogue driven and people would get too lost in the sci-fi mumbo jumbo. However, this wasn't the case as the dialogue was coherent enough for anyone to understand and wasn't heavy on the sci-fi jargon.

As it is an action blockbuster, it had to have action. Boy, did they deliver in the action. The prologue was great fun to watch; my second favourite scene in the movie. My favourite would be when Kirk and Sulu rush down to this outpost from their ship in space. It's so well done and has a kind of "edge of your seat" kinda feel. Their incredible silent descent just leaves you in awe and leaves your anticipation growing for when they actually reach to the outpost. The fight that ensues after they've landed is just as good.

I loved all the characters. No one felt out of place to me and the cast offered great variety to the ship's crew. Everyone played their characters really well. I did feel, however, that Eric Bana was the worst out of the cast. He's a good actor but it's just I didn't like his portrayal of Nero. He didn't have that evil presence that a lot of movie bad guys have. For example, if you ever saw Darth Vader, you knew something bad was gonna happen just from his presence alone. With Nero, I thought he was too fake and didn't like that he didn't have that bad guy presence.

I should also point that the movie is surprisingly funny. Though I guess it should be expected since it's an action blockbuster but considering that it's Star Trek, it's quite surprising to say the least. The humour is well written and the moments where comic relief is needed is executed brilliantly.

Star Trek

Overall, Star Trek is pretty much everything you'd want out of a sci-fi action adventure blockbuster. It had a great variety of lovable characters, a simple "save the world" premise, comic relief and wonderfully executed action scenes. It's definitely worth seeing, you'll have a blast watching it and will come out feeling satisfied that your 14 dollars went to something purely fun and entertaining.

JJ Abrams' new Star Trek gets a 4/5.

Live long and prosper!
This had to be done, I'm sorry.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Come Back To Me


A few days without the internet can be a good and bad thing. My old Optus modem broke down on me on Saturday night and TPG told me early Sunday morning that I needed to get a new modem and couldn't fix the one I had. In a raging fit, I chucked the modem on the floor several times.

So what are the bads of not having the internet? Well, I just feel so shut down and go into a slump of stress and boredom. I hate how attached to the internet I have become, nay, how attached society has become to technology. Then again, technology probably just doesn't like me. :D

The goods of not having internet is that I actually get work done and do something OTHER than sit down and routinley navigate through blogs, forums and various other webpages. I also actually finish a few movies that I've been meaning to watch too. So technically speaking, I'm still in front of a screen but at least it's more...entertaining this way. :S

So what did I do in my time without internet (wasn't even long as well, only like three days)?

Nothing interesting. I finished my three rented movies and enjoyed them. Dave Chappelle is an awesome comedian (duhhh), Grave of the Fireflies was depressing (in a good way) and I finally watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (great movie, even greater action).

Also watched Death Race the other night. Didn't like the sound of the movie when it first came out but after Kevin continually harassed me to watch it, I did. And ya know what? It's pretty fun in a mindless action way.

Today we had a guest speaker for Vis Comm come in to talk about her line of work and her design process for a project she had previously worked on. It's part of our SAC. She was a good speaker and was much better than what Top Design had. After school I had discounted Maccas and bought my new modem.

This week I will be watching Angels and Demons. Must rent The Da Vinci Code before I do so. I will also be visiting Linscraft and Spotlight so that I can start buying materials and making my hat as well as beating Hendrick in bowling. The bets are on. More about the bowling next post.


Saturday, 9 May 2009

Terminator Salvation - New 4 Minute Trailer

Best trailer for the movie yet. I wish studios made more cool long trailers like this. I hate commercials in cinemas to death. Trailers on the other hand are fun and exciting. Watch below.

Finger Twist and Split

Summing up two days in a few sentences.

Yesterday I went to watch Star Trek with Eddie and Kevin. Great movie; it was exactly what I expected and more (much more). Great fun watch; don't judge it on the fact that it's a sci fi geek fest. It is pretty damn good. Proper review (or maybe just a short one) in a while.

Today I went to city with Dunstan and Jemmy. Meant to play bowling but Hendrick never showed up so we played pool instead. Came back and kicked back at Tommy's. He had to go to Jenie's formal however but luckily for me Cindy messaged me about her Video Ezy card. She needed to rent and so did I. Went with Cindy to Video Ezy and rented three movies each. I rented Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Grave of the Fireflies and a Dave Chappelle stand up DVD.

And for those who've seen the Wolverine movie or Watchmen movie, watch this. Hilarious. :D

Thursday, 7 May 2009

My Top 10 Winter Blockbusters for 2009

As the days crawl ever so close to my favourite season, Winter, so does my anticipation for this year's box office heavyweights. The States like to call these movies their Summer blockbusters but because we live all the way down here, I've just changed Summer to Winter. I've compiled a list of the top 10 movies that I'm exicted about that's coming this Winter. Of course, not everyone's going to agree with me and will have their own list of Top 10 movies but without further adieu, I present my top 10 anticpiations.


1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Because it's super awesome fun and who doesn't love seeing a car transform into a fighting robot! The first movie was a blast and great fun to watch and I don't doubt that this next installment will be any different. I'd imagine it to be ten times better than the first because it seems the production on this is pretty crazy. Also, they explore different locales, so it'll be fun to see them travel the world.

2. Public Enemies

Johnny Depp and Christian Bale; 'nuff said. These two names alone probably are gonna draw people into the cinema. Along with Michael Mann's direction (Ali, Collateral) this film should deliver. Not only that but it's got a pretty damn good story that's based on the life of John Dillinger, America's first public enemy (at least to my knowledge). Probably the only movie in this list that'll probably get some Oscar attention for 2010.

3. Inglorious Basterds

Brad Pitt and a bunch of Jews scalping Nazis. Yes, please. As crazy and over the top the plot may be, it's a Quentin Tarintino movie so it's kind of expected. It would seem that this project has been some of the best writing Tarintino has done in a very long while. Early reports state that there's a bit of Reservoir Dogs (another QT film) mixed in. I love a lot of Tarintino's work and Inglorious Basterds looks like it'll be hella fun (expect to see a bunch of violence because violence against Nazis and doesn't offend anyone!). The film will have it's world premiere at Cannes Film Festival this month.

4. Terminator Salvation

Christian Bale seems to be everywhere now. I mean he was a well established actor way before Batman Begins and The Dark Knight but now he's just everywhere since breaking out into the mainstream movies. So to see Bale as the third movie incarnation of John Connor is pretty exciting. Not to mention viewers will actually get to see the war between man and machine that's only been talked about in the past three movies and spin off television series. Plus the movie poster looks sweeeeeeeeeeet.

5. Star Trek

I'm not a Trekkie but this movie stands out as one of the most talked about projects coming out this year. The mindblowingly stunning special effects for this movie look so beautifully done and the crazy action that takes place is insane...and all this is just from the trailer alone. The movie looks like it'll be a great sci fi action blockbuster and is sure to build up Chris Pine's carreer. Also, I love Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes) and am glad to see his big screen break as Spock. It just came out today; anyone wanna see it with me this week? Like tomorrow or the weekend?

6. The Brothers Bloom

A movie that not many people might've heard of but judging from the trailer, it looks worthy enough to watch. It first got my attention when I was looking up projects that Rinko Kikuchi (the deaf-mute in Babel) was involved in. Throw in Adrien Brody, Rachel Weisz and Mark Ruffallo and you get what seems like a clever and funny movie.

7. Funny People

Judd Apatow has produced some of the best comedy movies in the past few years. However, he has only ever directed two movies (The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up) with Funny People being his third. For me; this looks like a really personal project not only to Apatow but to Adam Sandler because in a way, the character Sandler plays can be translated to Sandler's life. For me, Funny People will be for Adam Sandler what The Wrestler was to Mickey Rourke (still have to see this movie). Early reports have also said this movie MAY have a chance at the Oscars, though it's too early to tell. The trailer doesn't look too convincing in my opinion but I like to wait and see for myself. Plus Eric Bana returns to his comic roots in this movie!

8. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Warner Bros sure know how to milk a successful franchise don't they? I was a fan of HP (this includes actually reading the books too) back in the day and have actually watched all the movies leading up to Half Blood Prince. My interest in this isn't as high as the other films but because I've actually watched all the HP movies, I think I'll try to sit this one as well. Warner Bros have made so much money with the HP films and the success of The Dark Knight...lucky bastards. If only Fox can follow WB's success. The next HP film will be split into two (another way for WB to milk their franchise) and will use state of the art digital technology to make the actors look younger (just like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button).

9. The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

Denzel Washington is a phenomonal actor. John Travolta? Not as much (though he was bad ass in Pulp Fiction). I like seeing Travolta here though cause he plays the bad guy to a tee. I haven't been really anxiously wanting to see the film though I do consider it something to watch mostly because Washington is a great actor, this could be Travolta's comeback and Tony Scott made a movie I liked (Domino). The action looks good and I love me some action so I watch for me this season.

10. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

One of my favourite films as a little kid so I'm showing support by seeing this next one. Although their not really living in the Ice Age anymore; I'd like to see how Manny, Sid and Diego (omfg I actually remembered their names!) "survive" the Dinosaurs. Just a fun kids film that doesn't need to be taken seriously.


Feel free to add your own list of movies you're looking forward too in the comments. YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE AN ACCOUNT TO COMMENT! :@