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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bowling Results

So the bowling bet finally took place and what a shocker.

Hendrick placed second!

At least he didn't come first. That right goes to me! Haha.

Disappointed in Jemmy, he was supposed to be the one to carry our team. Dunstan put in a good effort too. Had a big comeback halfway through. First game was just for practice. Hendrick boasted too much in the practice and showed off his improvement by striking a few sets. It did scare us but since he used up all he had on the first go, he was kinda drained the second time round. We were just mucking around and getting a feel of things. Score sheet is below. We're thinking of making this an monthly thing with fresh bets each time round. We're still sticking to Hendrick spending 10 minutes in a gay bar though. :D

scores.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Little blurry but you can make out who scored what.

On something completely off topic, I lost my glasses this morning. That is to say I believe someone may have taken my glasses. Why the hell would anyone need prescription glasses for? Then again it's D&G. I told student reception if anyone had came in a missing glasses case and they said no one had come in then I go, "Oh that's a shame, they're D&G as well..." and both reception ladies just gasp and say something like, "That's so sad! Hope you find 'em!" Women love hearing branded stuff ey?

End post.


  1. I don't remember young ladies being at CBC.
    Generalizing that young ladies are the only ones into brands.

    I didn't dye it black, I just grew it back, but it's similar to that colour yes.

    Comparing me to them, what an outrage

  2. Hendrik Lesmana20 May 2009 at 22:58

    i should've took ur bet on that Initial D after bowling if i knew im gonna win by that much distance between us in the end.. what a bummer >< u're such a lucky bastard. i was soooo sure u guys would have got to eat those wasabi today. aaaarrgghh! ><

    and yes, hieu, that's one more lesson to be learned. never put all ur efforts on the practice match and drain it all out on the real match. i learnt it the hard way today ><. switch my practice score with our match score please? btw, u want the video of the final shots or not?

  3. Hendrik Lesmana20 May 2009 at 23:02

    btw, that means the 3 of u won't be coming to the formal. =D

  4. 10 minutes in a gay bar, I don't think much will happen... But the thought of it makes me chuckle.
    Good on you for fixing blogspot, remember how you fixed it for when I'm in a dilemma :P