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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Christian Bale Rant

For those of you are ill-informed, last month an audio clip was released which had Christian Bale going ape-shit at the Director of Photography for Terminator Salvation. I only listened to it just yesterday and found it humourous and at the same time kinda depressing cause it's not what I wanted to hear out of Christian Bale. Nonetheless, something like this would never escape Bale; the internet and pop culture are sure to make sure this haunts Bale till he dies. Sooner or later, the now infamous outburst had to be parodied by none other than Famly Guy. Below is the video of the original rant and the Family Guy parody. I like how Bale slowly goes from American to Welsh (not entirely Welsh, just partly).

There's a heap of these Christian Bale remix rants on YouTube. And Bale is now responsible for the most awesome line ever, "You and me, were done professionally."

1 comment:

  1. Hahah wow you're a little late with hearing that rant.
    It was pretty full on when I first heard it.
    The thing with memes nowadays is that when you search them up on youtube you get massive amounts of remixs when you just want the original.