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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Come Back To Me


A few days without the internet can be a good and bad thing. My old Optus modem broke down on me on Saturday night and TPG told me early Sunday morning that I needed to get a new modem and couldn't fix the one I had. In a raging fit, I chucked the modem on the floor several times.

So what are the bads of not having the internet? Well, I just feel so shut down and go into a slump of stress and boredom. I hate how attached to the internet I have become, nay, how attached society has become to technology. Then again, technology probably just doesn't like me. :D

The goods of not having internet is that I actually get work done and do something OTHER than sit down and routinley navigate through blogs, forums and various other webpages. I also actually finish a few movies that I've been meaning to watch too. So technically speaking, I'm still in front of a screen but at least it's more...entertaining this way. :S

So what did I do in my time without internet (wasn't even long as well, only like three days)?

Nothing interesting. I finished my three rented movies and enjoyed them. Dave Chappelle is an awesome comedian (duhhh), Grave of the Fireflies was depressing (in a good way) and I finally watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (great movie, even greater action).

Also watched Death Race the other night. Didn't like the sound of the movie when it first came out but after Kevin continually harassed me to watch it, I did. And ya know what? It's pretty fun in a mindless action way.

Today we had a guest speaker for Vis Comm come in to talk about her line of work and her design process for a project she had previously worked on. It's part of our SAC. She was a good speaker and was much better than what Top Design had. After school I had discounted Maccas and bought my new modem.

This week I will be watching Angels and Demons. Must rent The Da Vinci Code before I do so. I will also be visiting Linscraft and Spotlight so that I can start buying materials and making my hat as well as beating Hendrick in bowling. The bets are on. More about the bowling next post.



  1. Minor typo
    Da Vinci, not Da Vanci.

    That explains why I have not seen any blogs recently. Was wondering wtf was happening.

  2. While we're on the topic of typos... Isn't the shop called Lincraft?

    Welcome back to the internet (Y)

  3. Hendrik Lesmana14 May 2009 at 21:26

    Beating me??? Don't get so cocky, mate! Just don't drop your jaw in awe and worship me when the first strike of the competition is gonna be by me! that's right! you heard me! BY!!!! ME!!!! RAWRRRRR! >=D