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Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Faithful Departed

What's on today's agenda?

I got my glasses back! I don't know how they ended up in Ms Higgs' office but I'm glad they ended up there.
And here I thought some lowlife kid in my school would just take a pair of prescription glasses they (probably) don't even need. :@

How many technical drawings are you meant to do in Vis Comm? I've only done four: two isometrics, an orthogonal and a two point perspective one. Once Unit 3 is over, I'm glad I won't have to do technical drawings again. They are a painnnnn. I begin making the hat next week. :O

I love abusing the school office's printer because they give such great quality print outs. I always just get Ms Higgs to print me off a bunch of pictures because the office's printer is just so awesome. Smooth and polished prints. Love, love, love it. :D

Below is one of my pieces for Studio Art that I completed two days ago. I'm working my folio around the idea of "fear through the media". I'm quite proud of it, even if it does look plain and simple.

studio-art.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

The guy in the gas mask is going to be a recurring character in my pieces. What to name him? :O

After school today I had Belgian Waffles as a bit of a snack. Bloody fantastic. :D

Oh and Ms Vandrine came up to me today and told me that my Deputy Principal, Mr Mallia wanted to see me first thing tomorrow morning after homeroom. He wants to see me about the drawings on the table that I did a month or so ago. Vanders assures me that I'm not in trouble and that my DP actually likes and admires the work. I can't help but think this is a trap but Mr Vandrine is quite the nice lady so I doubt she's tricking me. Still...

End post.


  1. Hieu! This blog isn't on my dashboard!
    Anyway, what you said about the blog thing... My teacher let me do it last year and I got a good mark, plus own experiences are relevant in context anyway, you don't have to focus on the chosen... thing.
    I've only done like... 5 technical drawings, only 2 of them being my actual design, so I think you've done enough (Y)

  2. You should do 1 planometric drawing. Just so you can finish that and won't get marked down.

    Hahah I didn't think anyone would steal glasses anyway.

    I like your theme cos you can do a lot of stuff on that. While mine, being "presenting narratives through the form of a diorama" (not exactly that but it's apart of my idea) is pretty much a dead end for me.