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Saturday, 2 May 2009

La Salle De Bain

I woke up a lot earlier than usual this morning. I woke up at 8 30 and was out of the house by 9 15. There wasn't really a point to me waking up early, but I guess I just thought I'd get a lot more done within the day if I woke up early. It wouldn't have made a difference with what happened to me.

Arrived in the city at about 9 40 - 50 and went straight to Rebel Sport on Bourke to buy my backpack; it was 40 dollars. Last night, I was making my casually surfing the internet as I normally would, and I was reminded that today was Free Comic Book Day! So today, after I bought the backpack, I walked up Bourke and waited outside Comics 'R Us. I only had to wait about 2 minutes cause I came on time (they opened at about 10). The guy that opened the door was dressed up as Spider-man and was wearing red Chucks. :P

I wasn't sure what the limit of comics were for each person (I assumed it was one) and I was too intimidated to ask them if I could have more (I didn't wanna look greedy, even if it was free). So I only took one; it was an Avengers comic. Another guy in the store was dressed up as the Green Archer. They were dressed up to promote Free Comic Book Day. The guys who own and work at the store are pretty chilled guys; really down to earth and nice.

I proceeded to Yellowhouse to play a bit of Tekken 6 before heading off to this camping/army disposal store to look for a gas mask. The store smelt a lot like the outdoor education room (of course it would, it had camping equipment) but you wouldn't believe the weapons they had in there. They had all these awesome knives and swords...even a hunting bow. Anyways, I asked the lady working there if they had any gas masks and she showed me two masks. Unfortunately, they didn't come in black, which is what I prefferred but I guess they would have to do. I didn't buy them, I was just checking to make sure they had it so I can use them at a later period.

I went home after that and put my stuff away. Thy wanted me to be in the city by 2 30 so I waited for a while at home and killed time by playing Warcraft. I also deleted a few people off my MSN contacts list. Some of them I never talk to (online and in reality) so there's no point in having them there; much better deleted and forgotten. Thy called me at about 1 40 and I was in the city at about 2 10. I got some food and proceeded into State Library. She was there with Reece (?). I pretty much just sat there playing PSP the whole time. I wasn't really needed there but since she called me out and I wasn't doing anything, I guess I honestly had nothing better to do. We all left at about 5 30 or so and I got back home at about I think 6.

Right now I'm watching Ringo Expo 2008, the latest live DVD performance by the amazingly talented Shiina Ringo.
The DVD was released in March this year (I think) and Ringo delivers each song with great emotion and veracity. Also, I think she can wear any type of hairstyle. Oh god I love her. D:

Oh, how the time flies. It's already May 2nd and I've got a Vis Comm folio that looks pretty decent (IMO anyway); a Studio Art folio that's sorta lost and isn't sure of where to take things; Maths is getting quite stressful; English is chilled and so is Literature (though I am deathly afraid of the poetry we do). Hrmmm, a few more months till my formal and a few months after that...I FINISH HIGH SCHOOL! I kinda look forward to school. This is me trying to think positively about things. The way I see it, one day of regular schooling is another day closer to finishing this thing they call "high school education."

Hieuyy signing off.

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  1. I was wondering what 'IMO' meant and you just clarified it for me (Y).