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Saturday, 16 May 2009


Ahhh looks like my evening has been ruined thanks to Dunstan! He can't make it the bowling tonight so that also cancels out the chance of me watching Angels and Demons.

In a way though, this is kind of a good thing. I just spent quite a bit of money whilst roaming the city to buy stuff for my Vis Comm folio. Bought a purple fabric from Lincraft, a green ribbon from Spotlight and three magazines from Borders. I also checked out a few bookstores to find Norwegian Wood. The blurb makes me wanna read it and kinda invision it being acted out on screen. Thanks to Thy and Minny who bought the magazines for me (it's effing intimidating being a guy and buying fashion magazines, alright!)

fashion.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
The stuff I bought for today.

The cab driver that drove me to Spotlight was an incredibly nice man. His name was Bruce, he was a senior and was incredibly helpful. I don't wanna sound like I'm generalising but a lot of my past experiences with Indian cab drivers have been bad. They drive around the block ten times before they reach your destination. Anyways he was really nice, didn't drive around in circles for more money and was nice to talk to. I tipped him extra for his helpfulness. Being helpful and nice goes a long way!

So since I don't have anything to do tonight, I guess I'm just going to maybe do some catching up on MSN and watch a movie or two. I'll be buying a hat base sometime during the week. If only I had as much interest in Studio Art; that folio is going to waste. :(

Haven't listened to alice nine. on my iTunes in a very long while. Listening to MIRROR BALL at the shall be my blog title for tonight.



  1. Blame your lack of interest on Mr. Murphy (=_=')

  2. Hendrik Lesmana16 May 2009 at 20:16

    be grateful dunstan is watching twilight while weeping tonight, thus, postponed our match to another time, hieu. or else u would've been sent to the nearest hospital cuz of my wasabi >=D