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Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Beautiful Lie

Not surprisingly, I'm listening to Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two of Us. Add Audition to my list of Asian movies I have to check out. It's the basis for the music video of the song above.

I'm surprised no one's given me any suggestions for Asian movies yet. Blogger is probably just being an ass and not updating. In any case, I was able to download A Bittersweet Life last night and will watch it either tonight or some time next week.

Should start preparing for my English Oral coming up. Oral presentations will occur during the mid year exam week. Speaking of English, I wrote up two practice essays today! Actually I just finished one half of the practice essay I was working on in class and started a new half today. My English exercise book is just filled with walls of text (much like my blogs, haha). Will start practice essay for Literature soon. SACs for Lit and English take place during Thursday and Friday for me. I think a Maths SAC is next week (unless that's the week before exams then no). See, I'm organised with my school work!

Kinda excited about making my hat tomorrow afternoon! Bought all my materials. Now I just need to put them on the hat and the get someone to model it and that's the end of Unit 3!

Korean Boys Over Flowers selling at 18 bucks on Victoria Street; all episodes and English subbed.
Bloody bargain. Kinda curious to see how Korea translated Hana Yori Dango. Am I willing to pay for this? Hrmmm...

kill-bill02.jpg kill bill image by lemielemster

And if someone can buy me Kill Bill, I'd really appreciate it (you have no idea how much I'll love you if you do).
Watching exceprts of it on YouTube made me want to have th movie even more (Tarintino is a master of dialogue). I can seriously watch that film over and over again. Pulp Fiction too, thanks. :D

End post.

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