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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Observe and Report Review

PLOT: A lewd flasher runs amok and terrorises the women at the local mall and it's up to head of mall security, Ronnie Barnhardt, to bring the pervert to justice.


This movie's gotten quite the mixed reaction, but more of them have been a little more positive. I unfortunately fall on the negative side and didn't really like the movie.

The story speaks for itself but if you watch the movie you'll learn that there's a little more to it than that. But other than that, I just didn't really connect with the story. It's not that I found it convincing enough or anything (this is the last movie that should be taken seriously), but it's just the way it was handled I guess. It's kind of a depressing story, yeah, but I didn't really get engaged enough and to be honest, often I found it was kinda boring and dragged on. Certain scenes weren't even necessary. The movie only lasted for about 90 minutes but it felt way longer.
Ronnie consoling his distraught crush, Brandi.

The dialogue was pretty narrow and straightforward. It was a pretty poor to average script, not as poor as Dragonball Evolution though (I'm gonna have to re-score that movie after this). Granted, there were a few genuinely funny moments that I liked but other than that the script just wasn't funny enough to me. That's the biggest loss of any comedy movie; if it's not funny. What's the point of not making a comedy if you're not going to aim for laughs? Think of the funniest film you've ever seen. Now imagine all the punchline and gags weren't in it. It'd just suck wouldn't it? Imagine having Billy Madison NOT be a retarded lazy man-child. Defeats the purpose of him even being re-educated. I'm not saying that Observe and Report did this, just saying this for all comedies. Also as a small mention, I liked how they parodied those typical action hero monologues when the hero realises what is to behold of him and what not (I don't know if this was intentional or not but that's the way I interperted it as).

I didn't understand the movie till after I came home from the cinema and read that it was a black comedy. Perhaps I just haven't seen enough black comedy before? I'd like to think that I have seen a bit but not a lot (I loved Death at a Funeral, good black comedy). So maybe this lack of understanding for a sub-genre is not letting me "like" this movie as much as I had wanted to (I was kinda looking forward to seeing this, to be honest).
A flashlight handles as well as a hammer, I suppose.
(It's okay if you don't get understand this caption. :D)
Seth Rogen is Seth Rogen in this movie (maybe a little more dumbed down); Anna Farris is Anna Farris (maybe a lot more blonder) and Ray Liotta is Ray Liotta. The actors in this movie play their characters the way they're meant to be, so that's a plus to the movie for having good casting. I'm surprised Ray Liotta even signed up to this movie, he's kind of a more upper class actor (even if he mostly plays just a cop/detective type guy in most of his movies). I thought that Rogen and Liotta's characters were perfect examples of Yin and Yang and also worked to the movies comedic flair.

Prior to watching this movie, I'd read that there was an homage to Oldboy (regular readers [like three people, lol] will know I loved this movie) within the movie. I have to say it was a kind of decent attempt at paying homage to it; I appreciated that they tried to pay respects to it.
Seth Rogen trying to do his best impersonation of Ray Liotta.

Oh and the final scene of the movie is just an eye opener. You'll know what I mean if you see it. I liked the way they used a harder cover of Where Is My Mind? for that scene but that song will never be used as perfectly as it had been used in Fight Club.

I guess you have to either have a good sense of dark/black humour to really like this movie or just have no sense of humour at all to not like it at all. I'm kind of middle ground on this. I told Eddie and Kevin that I'd given this a 1 and a half out of 5 but I felt like I was being too harsh on it because I did find it funny at some points. If the cast and crew had gone back to maybe change a few things here and there, it may have been a pretty decent comedy. So with that said I'll bump it up by one extra score.

Observe and Report gets a 2.5/5 from me.

Unfortunately for Dragonball Evolution, re-evalutation has caused me to take it down a grade. Now it's just 1/5. Yeah, sounds horrid huh? At least I didn't put a 0.

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