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Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Price of Happiness

Here is a small list of a few materialistic things that I have been eying for in the in the past months. I want these things to make myself feel joyous. You're always on a high and feel good after buying something you like, just like you feel good after a great meal.

1. Jacket - $100
2. Long sleeved shirt - $50
3. Black jeans - $40
4. Gas mask - $40
5. Loose/long beanie - $40

I don't have the money for these things and don't wanna ask my parents for them yet because I've also gotta pay for formal tickets and have already used money on other things. I've saved up money but my parents wanted to borrow it. They have yet to return it. :@

Also, I just finished my maths homework (will revise for a test later) and I have to say...I think I'm starting to like Maths now. Well I just like working on it at home where I'm most comfortable. Also, getting the right answer to a question gets me excited. You get an accomplished feeling if you do it right. LOL

Edit: Forgot to mention that I also want these cool little Star Wars Muggs. Check it out below.

THEY'RE SO AWESOME; I WANNA COLLECT THEM! I forgot to mention them. Saw a Boba Fett one at Big W when I was shopping with Thy and Minny last week (well they were shopping I just followed). :D

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  1. But when you can't get the answer in maths, it's frustrating as hell D: