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Monday, 25 May 2009

Shattered; No New Laptop

Just as the title says, I won't be getting a new laptop anytime soon. Until THIS one breaks and doesn't work anymore is when I get my new laptop. Why the change of heart parents? D:

I wanted to reap the benefits of taxing from the government...

Guess I'm just gonna have to get some new RAM now instead. Watch as another 100 dollars go down the drainnnn.


  1. Accidentally spill some tea on it...

  2. Blogspot commenting is so awkward... But oh well.
    Well maybe ask Ms Higgs first because as much as I do trust you'll take care of my camera, my mom would crack it if something were to happen to it... If all comes to worst, I suppose I can bring it to school sometime and let you take the photo and then I'll just send it to you over the internet or something.

  3. Yo,
    haha she always finds out, she's so nosey... Plus I think I'll need it for multimedia, I don't see why Ms. Higgs won't let you borrow it anyway.

  4. Why do you need a new laptop?
    Seems fine, unless it was like Kevins old laptop and you lost all hope for it, I suggest you keep yours until you start uni.

    Computers and laptops these days get "old" as soon as the new year starts.

  5. I see, I suggest in place. A new TV :D