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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sound Effects And Overdramatic


Things just got a lot tougher for me, but thankfully there's always a bright side for these kinda situations. I'm talking about my future in University.

Today the Year 12s had to go to the TIS (Tertiary Information Service) Event. It was pretty good and informed you on how to apply for your course of choice through VTAC and choose preferences and what not. Very beneficial.

We were the only school that went today though cause no other schools booked it today so in a way, it was kind of a good thing. We didn't have to wait at the different Universities and TAFE panels if we wanted to ask a question. I really, REALLY needed to ask questions cause I was seriously freaking out. Why?

According to this year's 2010 Program Guide for RMIT, the Journalism course required an ENTER of 95.75! WTF RIGHT?!?!

Last year, I believe it was only a study score of at least 35 or more in English. All of a sudden now I need to get an unachievable ENTER! What's worse is my second preference which was Media was 92.90! I was in a panic and had to check if there were pathways to these becuase I know that I'm not going to get over 90. Luckilly there were. (I hope those were like misprints or something).

Now I only have to do 6 months - a full year of either Screen, Screenwriting, Professional Writing and Editing and then re-apply (then hope that they take me in to do a course). I haven't found the prerequisites for these TAFE courses yet but I'm assuming I gotta do well in English at least to do these. If all else fails, I'll probably end up doing a Visual Communication course though I'd much rather prefer something to do with film and television. Then again, I might actually like my TAFE course and then stay on to do it for a full 2 years.

Oh and I think I'm opting for Media rather than Journalism now. Media just sounds so much more fun whereas with Journalism, I've gotta track down leads and harrass people and stuff. I'm not one to impose on people.

After the TIS event, Jemmy, Masa, Dunstan, Jason, Hendrick and myself went to Melbourne Central and bought some food and drinks. I bought a Chicken Parma Roll/Sandwich for lunch and I don't regret it. It was amazingly tasty and worth the 8.50 it was priced at. The tram ride back to school was great. Masa, Dunstan and I were just singing along to hits of the 80's which were playing on Masa's phone. :D

Okay, I'm kinda on track with this Uni/TAFE thing now. Kinda calm about the whole thing now but I'd really love to know more about Journalism or Media. I'd like to think I'm well suited for this area but I'm not sure if I would be happy doing it. I can always transfer I suppose.

Damn, no pictures to post today. Disappointing. This post just looks boring now...Oh well.

Oh and it's Dunstan's birthday tomorrow. Happy 18th to him. :O

Bye bye!


  1. Shit, your courses must've been popular last year... That really sucks.
    I wish I had an indication of what I'm gonna get for my score... I did that online calculator and it said I'd get 80-ish but it sounds too high for me.

  2. Oh by the way, both the posts showed up on my dashboard/