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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Star Trek Review

I didn't actually get a chance to do this earlier because of my net being shut down and all but now I've found the time to do so. Should I do a video review next time? Anyways here's my review.

PLOT: Basically chronicles the early years of James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) before he is made captain of the starship Enterprise.


What really made me want to see this movie was the action and effects. From the trailer alone, they looked exhiliratingly awesome. Other than that, I had no interest in Star Trek. The series had been dead for years and the fanbase were kinda fading away into the distance. In order to resurrect Star Trek, the studio had to do something completely different to reinvigorate interest for the franchise. That's where this movie comes in.

The movie is a prequel to the entire Star Trek series and at the same time is a reboot of the dead franchise. JJ Abrams figured that since the origin of Kirk had never been told, this was a completely new thing for fans and audiences alike to experience. And in my mind, it worked really well.

star trek bridge

The storyline was engaging and was fun to watch. It's worth sitting for two hours watching the story unfold because it's really fun to get into and isn't complicated at all. I admit, I did think that it would get too dialogue driven and people would get too lost in the sci-fi mumbo jumbo. However, this wasn't the case as the dialogue was coherent enough for anyone to understand and wasn't heavy on the sci-fi jargon.

As it is an action blockbuster, it had to have action. Boy, did they deliver in the action. The prologue was great fun to watch; my second favourite scene in the movie. My favourite would be when Kirk and Sulu rush down to this outpost from their ship in space. It's so well done and has a kind of "edge of your seat" kinda feel. Their incredible silent descent just leaves you in awe and leaves your anticipation growing for when they actually reach to the outpost. The fight that ensues after they've landed is just as good.

I loved all the characters. No one felt out of place to me and the cast offered great variety to the ship's crew. Everyone played their characters really well. I did feel, however, that Eric Bana was the worst out of the cast. He's a good actor but it's just I didn't like his portrayal of Nero. He didn't have that evil presence that a lot of movie bad guys have. For example, if you ever saw Darth Vader, you knew something bad was gonna happen just from his presence alone. With Nero, I thought he was too fake and didn't like that he didn't have that bad guy presence.

I should also point that the movie is surprisingly funny. Though I guess it should be expected since it's an action blockbuster but considering that it's Star Trek, it's quite surprising to say the least. The humour is well written and the moments where comic relief is needed is executed brilliantly.

Star Trek

Overall, Star Trek is pretty much everything you'd want out of a sci-fi action adventure blockbuster. It had a great variety of lovable characters, a simple "save the world" premise, comic relief and wonderfully executed action scenes. It's definitely worth seeing, you'll have a blast watching it and will come out feeling satisfied that your 14 dollars went to something purely fun and entertaining.

JJ Abrams' new Star Trek gets a 4/5.

Live long and prosper!
This had to be done, I'm sorry.

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  1. I don't think the character Nero was thought out properly. On one hand he's not that evil at all, he just wants what's fair (like Harvey Dent). However what he's doing is almost pure evil and pretty damn extreme.

    I don't think you can compare Nero to DV though.
    The difference between these two characters is that we assume Darth Vader is (at first) pure evil. Although both lives are tragic, we originally believe DV to be the ultimate bad guy try to take over the Galaxy? Correct me with that one.
    With Nero, at first we question his actions, and when we find out we just realize he's an alien who wants revenge.

    TL;DR They're two different enemies with different objectives, although I agree with you saying Nero was hardly a bad guy, that's also kind of why it didn't work out.