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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Superficial Gossip


Below are my 3 final Photoshopped images for Vis Comm.
I took the photos at Fitzroy Gardens. Special thanks to Jenie for modelling my hat.

After photos, my friend Kevin and I went to the city. He bought a Vincent Valentine figurine while I bought 3 DVDs. I practically got the third DVD for free because if you bought two DVDs it was 20% off and three DVDs was 30% off. Limit was 50% off I think. I bought myself Rough Cut, Beast Stalker and NANA. I rewatched NANA last night; awesome. No way in heck am I going to consider buying NANA 2 cause that was horrid.

asianmovies.jpg picture by kurayami_angel


Today I went to the Dirt Cheap Books warehouse in Collingwood to try and find a cheaper copy of Norwegian Wood but they didn't have it. They did however have a whole bunch of awesome Dragonball mangas as well as some really cool art books. You may have seen the Dirt Cheap Books commercial on television. :D

Now I am going to organise my VCD folio and follow up with some dinner and Maths. I hate the Applications component of Linear Modelling/Graphs. :@

End post.


  1. Hieu the photos look awesome, I'm glad you found yourself a camera :).
    Hehe, you bought NANA! It's just one of those movies you can watch over and over without getting TOO sick of ♥
    Speaking of movies, I watched "Hito no Sekkusu wo warauna" also known in English as "Don't laugh at my romance" (though it should be, "Don't laugh at people's sex". Anyway, Kenichi Matsuyama stars in it and I think I'm in love, haha, he's so awkwardly cute in it. I'm not recommending it you though, because it's pretty damn boring... It's one of those movies that's a bother to watch but you want to see what happens at the end... and when you get to the end you like it but you don't understand the meaning of the film.
    I should wrap this long comment up.
    I love the applications part of that chapter! But everyone complained about it so it wasn't in the SAC (=_=').

  2. Also, this blog didn't show on my dashboard.

  3. Yo Hieu,
    I still get your posts sometimes... I think it happens with all the blogs I've subscribed to. Sometimes they eventually show up on the dashboard.
    I'll come and check if I haven't got a notification for more than two days since you usually blog everyday :).
    Man, I think blogs are the only thing keeping me on the internet nowadays, everything else is so boring.
    Maybe you should watch the movie, it's cute... Just a little slow... Like there's a scene when two people are trying to blow up a inflatable bed for like 5 minutes. But yeah, it's pretty hot for a Japanese film with well known actors in it, for a film that has the word 'sex' in the doesn't have any proper sex scenes, haha.
    But omfgosh almost-naked-Kenichi-Matsuyama is so so soooo hot.
    P.S Good job producing good quality shots without a SLR!

  4. hieu your hat's really really impressive.
    & the photos look amazing (Y) (Y)