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Sunday, 3 May 2009

There's No Secrets This Year

Last night, Peter Dao asked me to come with him to buy a gift for a "friend" of his. I put that in inverted commas because the friend is like a really close family friend of his who's almost like his sister. So I had plans to go with him today of course but before I met up with him, the following happened.

Firstly, I woke up, changed, and then surfed the net for a bit until my dad told me to come get breakfast with him on Victoria Street. Awkward talking with my dad, especially when he raises the topic of girls (which by the way made me think it's been close to two years and I still haven't had a girlfriend; shattered). I also hate how he constantly reminds me to do well; I'm sure everyone gets berated to death with these things. I think it's especially threatening when Asian parents say it because it's almost like a warning or threat. They seem like they're being good parents but what they're really saying is that they'll disown you if you fail. :S

After breakfast, I headed to the city and decided to kill time before meeting Peter. Peter was coming late though so I ended up being in the city for over an hour before he came. In that hour though, I went to Borders to read some magazines (you'd be amazed at how much time you can kill there) and also went to JB Hi-Fi. There was a pretty girl standing next to me at Borders reading a gaming/tech magazine. I miss her (T____T). WHY'S IT SO GODDAMN HARD TO TALK TO GIRLS? (for me anyway) At JB Hi-Fi I bought 21 Grams. I've been looking for that movie for close to a year now but no store I went to had it which was a shame cause it's a great movie. I'm happy that JB Hi-Fi finally stocked up on it and sold it for 10 dollars; what a bargain! :D

Naomi Watts is hawwwwwt in this. :D

Met up with Peter at Yellowhouse and played a couple games of Tekken 6 before heading off to find his hair straightner gift for his "sister/friend". We wandered around for a while to look for the right ones but unforuntlatley for him, he couldn't find the right one. So we went to Cue City to chill and kill time. I lost all 4 games to him; shattered.

We went to eat at Dumplings Plus after Cue City for a late lunch. I have to say though that our time there was really enjoyable; all we did was eat and talked about school, life after high school and Japan. After lunch we wandered around a bit more and browsed a few stores. I finally found a long type beanie but it costs 40 dollars. I wanna just get a cheap 5 dollar one from Target or something...

And that was my day today. Sundays aren't usually days that school students enjoy but I had a good today. Now if you'd excuse me, I believe I have some Maths homework that needs attending.

Hieuyy signing off.

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  1. I never realized girls were easy to talk to.
    It's like my second year without a girlfriend on may 20 something .. not including the people in between, and Jane LOL