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Friday, 15 May 2009

We Dance In Slow Motion

Yay, I finally got Telegraphs' debut album! Just started listening to it. Also downloaded the Final Fantasy XII Official Soundtrack last night too. Amazing listen.

I've been watching South Park for about an hour so far. Some of the episodes they have now aren't that great but they're still entertaining as hell. Come on, it's South Park! I was also watching a few interviews on The Late Show with David Letterman on YouTube.

Well I was meant to head into the city today to check out Lincraft but cause it was depressing and raining outside, Kevin and I cancelled on it. He told me where it was though so I'll be going there tomorrow as well as going to Spotlight.

Also got told today that our Vis Comm folio due date would be extended and is now due in three weeks time. This is perfect cause I figured I needed a week to finish off gathering stuff for my research pages, complete the technical drawings for my hat design, actually make that hat itself and also to do the photoshoot. Unfortunately, I've yet to see a sunny day so far so I doubt I'd get the kind of results I want. I wonder if you can PhotoShop sunlight?

Tomorrow, I also expect to beat Hendrick in bowling. I alluded to this in a previous post but I shall elaborate further. Basically, what started off as just guys talking shit and acting big became an all out bet. I even wrote a contract for the bet cause I was that bored.

contract.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Very blurry, this is just part of our contract. :D

It's basically myself, Dunstan and Jemmy versus Hendrick in a bowling match. If Hendrick places second, the three of us don't go to the formal. If he places first, we don't go to formal AND have to hold a tablespoon of wasabi in our mouths for a minute and aren't allowed to swallow it or have watter to liquidate it. If Hendrick places third, he comes to formal (cause he didn't want to go and were making him) but if he places fourth, he's gotta stay inside a gay bar for 10 minutes. Sounds mighty fun, haha!

I'm on the fourth track of the album at the moment and so far it's been a great listen!



  1. Hendrik Lesmana15 May 2009 at 22:19

    lol, i just had my night bowling practice, hieu. and im kinda worried cuz my points dropped much from the earlier night practices i had. >< i gotta go to the church to get the Father's blessing before the match! May the best man win!

  2. Shenia told me about this bowling thing, I hope Hendrick comes first, haha.