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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Ten Million Slaves

Two of my top favourite genres of film:



What I intend to do:

The main wuxia films of the past decade MUST be bought...Original DVDs too. None of that pirated stuff. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Hero; House of Flying Daggers; Curse of the Golden Flower and even Ip Man must be added to my collection! I wanna have them all by the end of the year!

Rent the best gangster films made in the last 30 years to get in the mood for Public Enemies (coming out July 30 here...). The Godfather Parts II and III, Goodfellas, Once Upon A Time In America, The Untouchables, Scarface to be rented maybe on Monday.

I was gonna put a third genre though I wasn't too sure what that was going to be. It was either Sci-Fi, War or Comic Book, haha.


Back to regular posting!

Woke up at 9.30 today thanks to my mum. She reminded me that she left $150 in my wallet. This was subsequently used on my new all in one printer/scanner/copier. Quite excited to have some new hardware in the house, haha. I tell ya though, carrying this thing was painful and excruiating. My arms were dead bringing it home from the city.

While I was in the city, I saw an amazing jacket that I just HAD to have but unfortunately the only size available was XL. Lame. I went to Tommy's house to check if there was a Grab Denim store on Chapel Street (my net was offline and I was going to Chapel Street anyway). There was a store but no jacket to be found. Instead, I went to buy the jacket I intended to get on Chapel in the first place. Also bought some dirt cheap scarf cause I felt like it, haha. I feel like having a nice scarf collection now...

Got home and lazed around and started setting up the printer. After that, I watched The Banquet. It was a decent movie, not really much of a wuxia film but it was still pretty entertainingly tragic (The Banquet is a Chinese reinterperation of Shakespeare's Hamlet).

Now off to do two observational drawings for my Visual Communication and Design folio.

End post.

Year One; Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen Mini Reviews

Okay I cannot be bothered writing two full length reviews today so here's just a summary of what I thought on both of these inadequate movies.

PLOT: Set in Biblical times, two cave guys are banished from their tribe and go on a voyage to explore and learn more about their world.

Basically, Year One plays out like a series of sketches stuck together but don't cohesively work well. There's really no assemblance of a plot whatsoever and the humour was too forced and didn't work that well with me. The only times I really laughed were at the awkward quirks of Michael Cera. Yes, I realise he plays THE SAME GUY he does in every movie he's been in, but it works to his advantage, in my opinion. It also doesn't help that much of the footage that was released in trailers and such were practically all the funny parts of the movie. Michael Cera and Jack Black are in Biblical times! DE DERPY DERP DE DER! (I told this joke yesterday and no one got it...I fail)

Year One gets a 1/5.

PLOT: Decepticon forces return to Earth on a mission to take Sam Witwicky prisoner, after the young hero learns the truth about the ancient origins of the Transformers. Joining the mission to protect humankind is Optimus Prime, who forms an alliance with international armies for a second epic battle. (IMDB)

I wanted to like this movie and I did, but only for the action. The visual effects and over the top Michael Bay frentic action style that he is so infamouly attached to are pumped up with steroids this time around. Visually it's orgasmic to the eye (if that even makes sense). However, not only did they pump up the action since the first movie, they also pumped up all that was faulty with the first one. And it's really not a movie for kids, I mean you've got racist robots (though I wasn't offended by them), a mother with drugs and swearing...lots of cussing! The plot dragged on too much and there were A LOT OF SCENES that could've been cut. The whole time they were in Egypt was like a contiuing climax, they didn't have an actual climax. Oh and did I mention that that there were a lot of plotholes and mistakes in the movie? I didn't realise this morning but how is it that two of the construction Decepticons are fighting the Autbots and the NEST team but at the same time, they're both a part of Devestator whose climbing the bloody pyramid?!?! In my opinion, the first one was better and by the end of this movie, it pretty much went back to how it ended in the first one (the only difference being that Megatron is alive again). Geez, if ya think about it, all that transpired in the second movie was pointless cause all they did was revive Megatron and everything went back to normal. I was very disappointed. ==

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen gets a 2/5 .

Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Argh, my feet hurt.

I took a LONG walk down Chapel Street today just window shopping on my own. I was looking for some casual gear as well as getting an idea as to what my formal attire would be. I think I've found the look that I want, haha.

I was very fortunate to find the purple shirt that I wanted. It's just the right shade of purple I needed, haha. The girl helping me out was really sweet and VERY helpful. Much thanks to her, haha.

With all the walking I do, I shouldn't even be getting my Learners. I mean sure, I have something that certifies that I'm in the learning process of driving but I find driving to be a scary thought. I'd love to get behind the wheel just to know what it feels like but then again, the idea of driving around is scary, haha. I did the practice test at the VicRoads website the other day and scored a 76% which is great (considering you only need 78% or more to pass). As I kept doing the test however, my score gradually got smaller somehow! I started with a 76 then dropped to 68, then to 62 and then 54. Not cool.

Lately I've been having this crazy idea to get a tattoo. If I did, I wouldn't get it now, maybe another year or so. Still, I've been drawing on my arm a lot; just drawing random patterns and stuff on it. Hrmmmm...

Oh and tonight, my parents are bringing home Peking Duck Pancakes. I had an amazingly strong urge to munch on them last night and told my parents to buy them for me when they got home from work. I haven't had these in years. :D

Okay, I feel like writing a fan fic of some kind right now. Too bad I'm not really someone whose good with descriptive and imaginative writing. At least this way, I get to improve on it because once I start a story, ideas flow (till writer's block kicks in).

Here's the opening's synopsis to my new idea
(I don't even have a plot yet, just a scene I thought that would be cool as an opening):

Basically, this guy wakes up in bed with this goddess of a woman resting on him. They make some chit chat then she rises up and sits on the edge of the bed and lights a cigarette.

Not much to work with but as readers, CAN YOU GUYS GIVE ME FEEDBACK AS TO HOW I CAN PROGRESS WITH THIS! Maybe actually give me a plot, hahaha. This might just be a one-shot short story cause I'm not the kind of person that can get around writing 50 chapters of nonsense, haha. How do I even start a story when I don't have a general idea of what the plot is...oh well...

End post.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Room 409

So uhhh, today was quite an eventful day at Christian Brothers College. Everyone was talking about the molestation charges that were made against a former Brother of our school. You see, back in the 70's, said Brother allegedly molested a kid and that kid (now a man obviously) finally had the courage to step up and say something now. I hear Brother Coswello has been sentenced to something like 15 months behind bars or something. If you're interested, in the matter, read more about it HERE!

The highlight of my days recently have been the lunch times at the "new" Year 12 Common Room ( I say "new" cause like they just used an already exisiting room as our Common Room). More specifically, Poker, has been my highlight. See normally we wouldn't be allowed to play Poker but in the Common Room, we're quite safe. The large poker games have attracted quite a large crowd. Today was our biggest game...I think maybe 7 or 8 people were playing. It was my second time playing Poker ever and I did pretty well. It's a game that's growing on me! :D

Things to do this week:

- Search for an all in one printer/scanner.
- Splurge on crap I don't really need
- Watch Transformers (preferablly in IMAX)
- Try those $21.90 Pork Chops on Bridge Road
- Rent The Godfather II and III, Goodfellas and Training Day.
- Start observational drawings and consult Ms Higgs about my ideas for my folio.

Finally to finish off this post, Shiina Ringo's new album was released today! It's been six years I believe since her last solo album and so far it's been quite good to my ears! I'm disappointed that Track 7 was corrupted though... Guess I can go without one song for now...

End post.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Teaser

I'm not a fan of the series (mostly because I've never really sat down and watched an episode) but this teaser has got me pretty interested. It seems like the kind of epic that I would totally get into. For those who actually like Avatar and are interested in the live action adaptation, here is the teaser trailer. The teaser is set to be attached with Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Distorted Daytime

Nothing much to report on other than the fact that I had a dream last night that I had had some sort of connection to Natalie from communitychannel on YouTube. In my dream, I found an old photo that had my mum and Nat in it, haha. Dunno why I felt like sharing it but yeah. I like watching Nat ramble about stuff on YouTube; she's so awesome.

Anyways, I thought I'd share two pictures today.

megan fox rose

Fail, hahaha. Gotta feel sorry for that kid. By the way, Megan Fox's boobs look like they got a lot bigger...nice.

Alive in Wonderland Character photos, Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway as The White Queen

First officially released photos from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Helena Bonham Carter looks bloody freaky with that clown get up (she's playing The Red Queen). Oh and turns out Burton's Alice in Wonderland isn't actually a direct remake of the original Alice in Wonderland. It's actually a sequel of sorts.

The premise is that Alice is 17 years old and is about to be proposed to by some rich snob; a high society type guy. She freaks out and runs away and then is led back to Wonderland. Her last visit was 10 years prior. She doesn't remember ever visiting Wonderland though so it's up to the citizens of Wonderland to help her remember and rah rah rah. This ramble went on a bit too long...

End post.

EDIT: I forgot to add this video in. It's Megan Fox explaining the photo above.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Miss Thing

Today was a pretty relaxed and boring day. Can't wait till the end of the week. TRANSFORMERS!

So this morning I went to buy some school supplies from Officeworks which included some highlighters, a Sharpie, a glue stick, a new refillable display folio and some refillable pockets for the folio. I also returned some of the DVDs that I've been watching in the past week. I've still got two more movies to get through, Raging Bull and Traffic.

While I was on Bridge Road, I visited this warehouse clothing sale. Some of the stuff was alright but most of it was kinda bad. I got attracted to the warehouse cause it said they had some Ed Hardy gear, haha.

I also visited a garage sale. Actually it was a printing/graphics studio that was getting rid of a lot of their stock. It was pretty cool looking at the studio's past works. They were selling off all these massive printers, lightboxes and images as well as novelty things such as books and chairs, haha. That sale would have been a graphic teacher/artist's delight.

When I got home, I did a bit of Maths homework. I'm still kinda doing it but it's my break, hehe.

I contacted some people over at the Eminence Symphony Orchestra to help me with my Vis Comm folio. I sent an e-mail but they never replied so I tried calling this time around. The first guy I called told me he couldn't help since he's in Japan at the moment so he gave me another number. I called this guy, Travis, and he said he'd try to get back to me with it so I gave him my e-mail. Hopefully, he wrote the write e-mail down.

Anyways my house smells like horrid fish sauce at the moment. My mum's making it. I best get back to some Maths homework!

Before I do go though, here's a little something I worked on for Studio Art. It's so noob, haha.

End post.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Three Hours of My Life




Bloody fantastic way to spend my evening.

The Godfather was phenomenal.

2012 Movie Trailer

Looks friggin' amazing.

Anyone here actually think that the world will end on December 21, 2012? D:

I'd like to think no but with all the things occurring in the world at the moment and in past years, it's hard NOT to wonder. :S

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Funny People: The Films of George Simmons

n Judd Apatow's upcoming movie, Funny People, Adam Sandler plays George Simmons, a successful stand up comic who has starred in many crappy yet successful movies. In order to capture this, Judd Apatow (The 40-Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up) went ahead and actually shot some of the scenes from these fake movies. I have to say though, they're utterly convincing and can actually be real movies.

I couldn't fit all the posters onto the page cause of Blogspot's small restriction size for me however, below is a link to George Simmons' (obviously fake) website where you can watch a scene or two from these fake films as well as a brief description of what each film is about. I did however embed an a clip from one of his movies, Redo.

I love the Sayonara Davey clip on the website cause it has Ken Jeong (the doctor in Knocked Up, ninja assassin in Pineapple Express and the King in Role Models)

More on Sandler's character at:

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Megan Fox is No Angelina

Sure, they look similar and sure, Megan Fox is hot but she's no where near as hot (in my opinion) to Angelina Jolie. Oh and Angelina has so much more better credentials than Fox. She can actually act (she has an Academy Award to prove it).

Regardless of who they are in person (I'm lead to believe Megan Fox is a bitch but fuck the tabloids), I look at them in term of their acting ability.

Yes, Transformers isn't a place where she can really show off her "ability" so until I see Megan Fox actually show me some acting chops she won't be anything but a hot piece of eye candy.

Still, nice to look at though. :P

P.S. New celebrity crush is Marion Cotillard. She's effing cute in her interviews.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Call Me Sick Boy

AHHH! Relieved!

My Vis Comm folio mark was given out today! I SCORED 53/60 ON MY FOLIO! Ahhh, I'm so glad that my folio got a mark that it deserves. I honestly thought I would've gotten a lower mark but I'm really surprised and really ecstatic about my mark! I'm glad it ended up being an A+.

So that brings my overall Unit 3 score for Vis Comm to 85/100. I'm aceing all my subjects! (Just give me this moment to be happy and brag, haha)

Actually I take that back, I'm aceing all but ONE: Studio Art! I seriously cannot be bothered with finishing it and producing finals for it. I've lost my motivation to continue and am kinda stuck with where I wanna go.


My next idea for Vis Comm is to redesign the Eminence Symphony Orchestra's logo, work on a poster design as well as maybe a CD cover or a ticket stub. :S

All's right in the world.

Today was a pretty good day; year 12's finally have an effing Common Room. We just use the VCAL room as a Common Room and I think I'll be spending my lunchtimes in there now cause it's so much more relaxed and everyone gets along really well. If not there then I'm working my butt off in the Vis Comm room below.

The assembly this morning was a drainer. The teachers would not stop talking. My principal's monotonous drone was boring everyone to death. I feel sorry for the Walkathon recipient charities that had to listen to my principal ramble on about irrelavant and trivial things.

Alright, I've got a Maths SAC tomorrow. Word is that it's pretty effing easy but I'm gonna study some of it now. If I keep up the string of good grades, I'll head into the holidays smiling and feeling bloody confident about Unit 4 and exams.

End post.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Safe and Sound

Wooo, got an 83/100 for Unit 3 in English! Pretty much averaging A's for Literature, English AND Maths! I know I'm not gonna get that ENTER of 95 I so desire BUT for what it's worth, my good grades are what keep me feeling good about my school life. :D

Kinda depressing to the teachers though since last year people got over 90/100 for Unit 3 and this year, NO ONE got over that. Highest score in Year 12 for Unit 3 this year was 86/100. I WAS 3 MARKS OFF! D:

We're studying The Catcher in the Rye now; a book I'm quite fond of but need to re-read cause I forgot some of it (I read it back in Year 10, lol).

Now, two pictures that made me laugh today.

george lucas then and now

George Lucas then and now. Funny but really sad at the same time. T__T

fight club graph
So, so true. :D

Finally, a small news report I found to be quite interesting. It would seem that an Italian woman who arrived late for the the Air France plane that crashed in the Atlantic last week had been killed in a terrible car accident. Sounds like a bit of Final Destination happening there!

End post.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Thanks For Coming (I Like You Dead)

Man I feel so lazy with school work. I was supposed to do a bit of Maths to jog my memory today but I figured I'd do it tomorrow cause ya know...had a total mind wipe thanks to the week off. D:

Don't I feel horrid...I was watching The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas earlier today and I was eating food at the time. Not a good thing to eat food whilst watching a holocaust movie. Ya just feel bad about what the Jews went through...Good movie though. It's cool to see child actors that actually can act as opposed to adult actors who can't act but get paid shitloads to appear in movies just cause they're good looking.

Last two days have been quite pleasant. Pleasant is when I have something to do that keeps me thrillingly entertained and refreshed. My friend, Kevin and I acquired a video game based on The Lord of the Rings called Battle for Middle-earth 2 on PC and it's a stunning game. I had the first one but that's dead now. Hehe...I'm such a geek. T___T

Once my mum returns from Vietnam and returns the money she borrowed from me, I'm going to splurge like crazy. It'll be the holidays by then so I'll have fun buying shit that I don't really need...BUT MUST HAVE! (Nice indirect quote from Fight Club that leads to your next point, Hieu!)

New banner up; FIGHT CLUB! :@

One final point before I go away, I'm having a real issue with the Eminence Orchestra right now. They're going to be performing at Sydney only this year and won't be coming down to Melbourne. As if tell us that we're their best and most receptive crowd and then NOT come down here to play. Shattered...

For those that don't know, the Eminence Symphony Orchestra is basically an orchestra (duhh) and choir that play music from popular video games and anime movies/television shows. They have played other music from other popular movies and such in the past but they're more recognised for their playing of video game and anime music. I've had the pleasure at being at both their A Night In Fantasia 2007 show AND their Destiny Reuinion 2007 show. 2007 was a great year...


End post.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Being away from school for a week sucks...


When I looked back at my past worked problems for these, I thought, "Wow, I did this pretty easily...WHY CAN'T I DO IT NOW?!?!"

Complete mind block I tell ya.

Fingers crossed that first lesson back for Maths is a revision lesson and not just a lesson where we move on to the next module.

Oh and not being able to consult my Visual Communication & Design teacher about what to do for Unit 4 sucks as well. I could've used this week to prepare research pages already. ==

Wheelie Clip - Revenge of the Fallen


Oh by the way, Wheelie is an RC toy car whose voiced by Tom Kenny, otherwise known as the voice of Spongebob Squarepants! :O

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Read My Mind + Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island Trailer

Okay, taking a bit of time out to post about my small day today.

GAT...well that was a waste of 2 hours. I stayed till about 12 and left but finished everything. It was actualy quite easy. I was also surprised that we have the same external examiners as last year. The reason why I'm surprised is cause they were lazy and it was easy to cheat around them. Not that I cheated or will cheat, just saying. I still have my GAT question book for some reason. They told us we could hold on to it. :\

After GAT, I went straight home and YouTubed gameplay footage from various real time strategy games. Watching it makes me want to go out and buy those games. Too bad my laptop can't support them.

For dinner, I ordered takeaway at Vinh Ky on Victoria Street. While waiting, I saw this couple at a table having errr problems. They were sorta fighting. I kinda found it amusing. You can learn a lot...watching things eat (nice use of a quote from The Departed, stop talking to yourself).

Speaking of all things related to The Departed, the aforementioned movie's director, Martin Scorsese will be releasing his next directorial feature, Shutter Island, later this year. The trailer is below and it looks incredibly different to any Scorsese picture. Really dark and atmospheric. Venturing into new waters, Scorsese is.

The trailer itself ends much like The Departed trailer; happy viewing!

End post.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I Must Watch Revenge of the Fallen at IMAX


1. I've never experienced IMAX before.

2. A few scenes in the movie were shot using IMAX cameras (much like in The Dark Knight)

3. IMAX get the Director's Cut, with 40 minutes of extra robot ass whooping action on screen.

Now go...SPREAD THE NEWS! :@

Didn't realise this was my 100th post on Blogger. Unlike Ellen, I won't do anything special for it. :)

Sorry Doesn't Cut It

I woke up today not knowing what the time was because the electricity in the flat got shut down. I don't remember much of this morning other than the fact that it was freezing cold. I was gonna go grab lunch at Victoria Street but I bumped into Jenie and Tommy. I had plans with Tommy to go eat but he was taking his bloody time (wonder why... ==).

Anyways, we went to city where Tommy escorted Jenie to her platform. After that, we went to eat lunch at the restaurant next to Dumplings Plus (the name always escapes me). I had Yakiniku there...again. ==

While at that restaurant, bumped into an old friend, Kim, and also ran into the Year 11 CBC guys who had just finished their exams.

We then proceeded to Essential Beauty at Melbourne Central where Tommy got his ear pierced. What...a...rebel. :O

We went home after and here I am! Tomorrow is the GAT exam. Biggest CBF of my life but I'll actually attempt those 3 hours rather than leave at 45 minutes, haha.

End post.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Man With The Machine Gun

God I love Winter! I love wearing my trackies underneath my school pants; so warm and comfortable. :D

Today was my oral presentation at school and I am fairly confident to say that I may have scored very well on it. I may have stumbled on a few words and spoke a bit too fast but hey, that's what happens when your nervous. Talking to the teachers was a lot better than what I had imagined. Anyways, as any hungry student, I can't wait for feedback and get results. :@

After my oral, I hung out with Aaron and Masa in the city. We grabbed a bite at the new KFC at Elizabeth Street (I think it's new...never seen it on that street before and certainly looked new.) I didn't even know KFC had their own version of a McCafe until today. :S

sincity.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

I also acquired probably the second coolest movie ever made today; Sin City! First goes to Pulp Fiction...I still want it. There's a difference between cool and great! Star Wars falls under a category of it's own; iconic and legendary. AND YOU CAN'T ARGUE THAT! :@

My hands are bloody cold. Flicking through a few pages of The Umbrella Academy again. Still has that same feel and smell. :D

room.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Oh and my DVD collection has practically filled my shelf now. Gotta transfer it to my bookshelf...though it looks so much better on top of me here. :S

End post.

Monday, 8 June 2009

*lisp sound* SWINEEEE! ^^

swine-final-2.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

swine-final-3.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

swinetv5.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

All a part of Studio Art! :D

Dreams, dreams, dreams!

I had crazy dream last night.

No...TWO crazy dreams. Well the second one wasn't crazy at all but anyways, the first dream involved an imaginary stepfather of mine killing some kid in his room and me and my "brother" were lying in our beds in fear of him. This isn't the first time I've had a dream like this.
We were like scared for our well being and I stole a fork from the kitchen while he wasn't looking. It was to protect myself if he ever harmed me. Why steal a fork when you can take a knife? ==

Anyways, I think it ended with my brother getting a really long and thick jumper and strangling my stepfather with it. Really felt like A Tale of Two Sisters. Shit, that movie got through to me more than I thought...

Oh, the second dream was me playing tennis, haha. I feel like playing tennis now...I haven't done so in 6 years. :S

Those bastards...

I posted a week ago that my phone was stolen and I've had some development in this story. No, I haven't found it or anything but here's some strange happenings with my phone.

So I've heard from three friends that they've recieved text messages a day or so after I lost it. All of the text messages started off the same, "I found my phone again!"

Two of them thought, "This is strange, you never even told me you lost your phone."

One of them got a message asking for nude photos while another had a texting conversation that didn't last long. The third person didn't even reply back. It should be noted that all three of these people were girls. Correlation perhaps?

Those guys are having fun with my phone... :@

I wonder who else got texts from me throughout the week...

P.S. This week's new blog theme is up. Not happy with the text but it's the movie's thing so deal with it. :D

Sunday, 7 June 2009

No oil needed?!?! :D

I just learned that when cooking Spam, I don't need to add oil to the saucepan because Spam already is filled with oil and would burn fine on it's own!

Hrmmm *ponders*

Now where would my dad be going at 7.30 AM in the morning...

At least he dropped off 50 dollars before he left. :S

*shakes fist and yells* SQUARE-ENIX!


Getting bloody sick of all these trailers and clips that keep getting pushed around. Final Fantasy Versus XIII hasn't even had any proper gameplay footage yet and Square-Enix have already unveiled a new trailer at E3 for Final Fantasy XIV Online. Jesus...

Disappointed, I am.

At what point will this series end? Can't believe they STILL make good games after 20 years. D:

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Terminator Salvation Review

PLOT: After Skynet has destroyed much of humanity in a nuclear holocaust, a group of survivors led by John Connor struggles to keep the machines from finishing the job. (IMDB)

Alright, here it is! The war between man and machine that the past three movies only talked about is finally here. Does it disappoint? Not really.

I kind of don't understand the negativity behind the movie. Yeah, Bale isn't good and sure it doesn't "feel" like your typical Terminator movie but you gotta understand that it's the effing war. You can't make it all about one all mighty and calculating machine that's chasing you throughout the whole movie. It's a goddamn war. And I expect robot kicking action! It's like making Inglourious Basterds NOT (partially) about brutality to Nazis. What's the point? :(

The visual effects are top notch though the robots in the movies reminded me too much of Transformers (one scene especially reminded me too much of a scene that's eerily similar in the first Transformers film). Nonetheless, the visual effects serve their purpose for this big action film and because it's an action film, it had to have over the top action and it did that.

I especially liked the battle in the beginning where it was just one continious take (of course they're just cleverly put together to look like one continious take). Harkens back to Alfonso CuarĂ³n's 2006 film, Children of Men (a favourite of mine and a recommendation for anyone).

I felt the film had a lot of great iconography and homages to past Terminators, for example the climactic battle in Terminator 2 is partially replicated in this one. Oh and don't get me started on the cameo made by a digital Arnie. Probably my favourite part of the entire movie even if it was a tad cheesy.

Now the plot description provided by IMDB isn't exactly correct because for me, the movie was just as much about John Connor as it was about Marcus Wright, played by Sam Worthington. Worthington's performance as a confused Terminator unit who believes he is truly human, is exceptional, considering that he hasn't starred in any real major action blockbusters and also considering that his name is billed right before Christian Bale. I can't say the same for Bale though. I'd like to think he couldn't be bothered getting into the role so he used a dumbed down version of Batman throughout the movie. Bale was disappointing at best. Anton Yelchin played Kyle Reese quite well. Most other people have praised him for his performance but I saw Sam Worthington as the better actor in this movie. Oh and why bother putting Kate Brewster/Connor (played by Bryce Dallace Howard) when she's limited to only 3 lines in the movie (that's an underexaggeration of cource) and is only put there as a plot device for "character development". Such a waste. THEY DIDN'T EVEN TALK ABOUT HER PREGNANCY! Could've at least said something like, "Our child won't have to grow up like us" us something cornball like that.

Plot wasn't very sound either, like how did they acquire the jamming systems against SkyNet? Why did they not talk about Kate's pregnancy? How did Marcus get "activated"? Some of these things may have been explained but I didn't pick up on it. Either I wasn't paying enough attention or the movie just tells me I should assume things.

All criticism aside though, Terminator Salvation was still a nice and entertaining watch. It wasn't any Star Trek but it gets an A for Effort nontheless. Should be a good box office draw and is, in my mind, a worthy addition to Terminator canon. Oh and by the way, they pretty much tell you to forget about everything that happened in the third movie. Actually now that I dwell on it, by the end of the third Terminator, they practically tell you to forget everything that happened in that movie...

Anyways, Terminator Salvation scores a 3/5 from me.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Royal Pirates

It's a like a kick in the balls when you see pretty boys being THIS talented. God...

Anyways, the Royal Pirates are a pretty cool cover band. They used to be called Fading From Dawn till their bassist died in a car accident so they renamed themselves. Anyways, they mostly do covers of Korean pop songs but they turn it into rock. A song that I did not like by Super Junior called Sorry Sorry was covered by them and I much prefer the Royal Pirates version over Super Junior's. I only discovered about them just last night while I was watching this awesome guitarist from Thailand do a cover of Tell Me by the Wonder Girls.

Damn, Koreans are taking over. Below is the Sorry Sorry cover as well as a link to their YouTube channel.


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

R.I.P Grandfather

I don't know if this is appropriate of me to say here but I feel like taking a bit of time to say something about it.

This morning, we received a call from my relatives in Vietnam. My aunt told my mum that her father passed away this morning. You can imagine what kind of state my mum would've been in. My grandfather had some sort of disease though I'm not sure what. I hope my family can endure this and reflect on the life my grandfather lived.

Rest in Peace Grandfather; I'm sorry I didn't get to know you as well as I should've. You will be dearly missed by all of your children and grandchildren.

Sophie's Revenge Trailer - Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing

I'm actually quite excited about this movie. I haven't seen Zhang Ziyi act in anything else other than awesome Wuxia films. Fan Bingbing was last seen with Jackie Chan in Shinjuku Incident. As you can see from the above poster, Ziyi looks real different. I'm used to her with no fringe and black hair. Anyways, Sophie's Revenge is a romantic comedy so it'll be interesting to see Ziyi in a different environment.

The plot is basically Ziyi's character Sophie has pretty much got her life perfect until her boyfriend is seduced by a sexy actress named Anna (Fan Bingbing's character). Ziyi tries to get her boyfriend back with many different tactics and eventually bumps into a photographer who was just previously in a relationship with Anna. She uses him to get back at the both of them but he ends up falling for Sophie. Wow, this sounds too much like my fan fic. LOL

Below are the teaser and theatrical trailers for the romantic comedy (provided by



They don't really tell much but here's hoping it'll be decent. :D

Green Lantern Fan Trailer

This came out a week ago and I keep watching it on YouTube cause it just looks so goddamn good for a fan made trailer. I'm hoping Green Lantern will be a good movie. He's my second favourite DC hero after Batman, lol. Everyone loves the Batman. :D

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I'll Tell You About Rorshach

So I got my overall Literature result for Unit 3 today as well as my mark for my Lit SAC from last week. I got a 34 out of 40 in the Literature SAC which is bloody good considering I rushed through the essay in one lesson AND didn't read the book. I may want to read Frankenstein towards exam time cause it's a book I'm definitely gonna study for exams. My overall mark for this semester for Literature was 83 out of 100. Very happy with that!

I also just tried out that ENTER calculator that Ellen provided on her blog and I got an overall ENTER of 70-something (I did it half an hour ago). I marked myself so low, haha. Not gonna get that big 92 for Media! D:

That calculator is scary though...can't believe how much Studio Arts drags ya down, Vis Comm as well. And last year, I got 27 for Psychology and that got scaled down to 24. Geez...

At least Literature bumps me up a mark or two. :S

Handed in my folio to Miss Higgs today and also mounted my final photographs. Now we wait...

End post.

Anne Hathaway and Tobey Maguire - Tokyo Suckerpunch

Another book being adapted onto the big screen, Tokyo Suckerpunch. I still haven't acquired Norwegian Wood yet but I think Tokyo Suckerpunch would be much better for me. It just seems so quirky and zany. Project's been lying around for a while but I only heard about it today.

Haven't seen Tobey since Spider-man 3 to be honest. Pairing him with the always lovely Anne Hathaway? Even better.

Here's a quick rundown of the plot according to the film's screenwriter, Ed Solomon:
"He’s a graphic novelist who lives in Cleveland and writes a graphic novel about himself that he sets in Tokyo. He has a certain fantasia of what Japan is and has a certain fantasia of what a real woman is. Neither exists in reality, but he goes off to Tokyo in pursuit of this fantasy woman… and he ends up in this adventure not dissimilar to the kinds of things he writes about. He goes there with his editor, to be played by Anne Hathaway, and ends up it’s a love story about him and Anne Hathaway, basically, and it’s really about a guy figuring out what matters to him."
I read some place else that Tobey's character, Billy, adds a much better version of himself in the manga. The manga gets popular to the point that Japan wants to adapt it to the big screen. This is the reason for Billy to go to Japan to meet the film team and bring along his editor, Sarah, in the form of Anne Hathaway.

P.S. Just did a bit more research into it. According to Wikipedia:
"Meet Billy Chaka, ace reporter for Youth in Asia, Cleveland’s hottest selling Asian teen-rag. Chaka is in Tokyo to cover the Under-19 Handicapped World Martial Arts Championship and meet with his friend Sato Migusho, the renowned director of cult film classics like "Sex-Up the Hotrod, Baby!" But Sato never shows. Instead, a woman stumbles into a dive bar with tattooed yakuza in hot pursuit. Then Chaka discovers that Sato has been murdered, and the strange and beautiful woman just may have been a witness. As the mystery deepens, Billy will start brawls in swanky corporate sex clubs, be offered a golf membership by a secret religious order, meet a dog trained in the Way of the Samurai and race stolen motorcycles through the neon-choked streets of Tokyo."
This just makes it so much better than the other synopsis! Hahaha! Then again it's Wikipedia, so.....

"Where's Wally/Waldo" to Become an Actual Film

Yeah, I dunno how they're gonna pull this off. Imagine it'll be like the old television series where they pause the show for like 2 minutes just so you can get up close to the TV and find the guy. Imagine like everyone in the theatre scrambling up to and yelling out if they found him or not. Haha.

As far as I know, they're just gonna use time travel in the movie since Wally/Waldo goes on so many different adventures in the book. Kinda fun I suppose...

Man is this gonna be effing weird.

Below is what Wally/Waldo would probably be like if he were Jason Bourne from The Bourne series:

I lol'ed after seeing Carmen Sandiego.

New Layout

First I decided I might change my theme every month. Now I'm feeling every week. Actually my changes won't even be drastic. Just changes to the blog's header picture and some font colour changes is all. If the picture calls for it, I may need to change background colour as well. Anyways, this week's theme is NANA.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Almost Here

Currently having some sort of crabby thing for dinner. I dunno what to call the really thick white noodles. It's not Pho but it's not Vermicelli either...

Things to do this week:

1. Put finishing touches on Vis Comm folio.

2. Aim to buy the Infernal Affairs Trilogy on DVD.

3. Get some pan fried dumplings at Dumplings Plus (haven't had them in weeks!)

4. Start researching into what I wanna do for Unit 4 (I'm thinking Monopoly with comic book characters; anyone think this is good?)

5. Complete English Oral.

6. Sit down and revise Chapters 10 and 11 for Further Maths.

7. Buy a beanie.

8 Try the online test over at the VicRoads website.

9. Do some Photoshopping for Studio Art.

The recent English SAC was already marked by Ms Vandrine over the weekend (probably the most organised and efficient teacher in the school) and she told me that I got a score between the low to mid 20's. Disappointed since I practiced with context essays a fair bit but still a mark that I can be happy about. Getting Lit SAC results tomorrow!

I'm also upset that Pixar's Up is going to be released in September in Australian theatres. Oh well. I watched a clip of it and Russel (the fat asian scout kid) is such a funny character.

Oh and to add to my list of things to do this week:

10. Watch Terminator Salvation and I Love You, Man (I think they're both released this week...)

And just to re-iterate; what do you think of the game of Monopoly being reimagined to suit the DC Comics Universe? I'm using DC comics because the characters in the universe live in fictious made up worlds where as all the Marvel guys live in real life locations. Also, Rhys Joachim tells me that Monopoly already have a Marvel edition. Must research further. I can trust him as a Marvel source. :P

End post.