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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Call Me Sick Boy

AHHH! Relieved!

My Vis Comm folio mark was given out today! I SCORED 53/60 ON MY FOLIO! Ahhh, I'm so glad that my folio got a mark that it deserves. I honestly thought I would've gotten a lower mark but I'm really surprised and really ecstatic about my mark! I'm glad it ended up being an A+.

So that brings my overall Unit 3 score for Vis Comm to 85/100. I'm aceing all my subjects! (Just give me this moment to be happy and brag, haha)

Actually I take that back, I'm aceing all but ONE: Studio Art! I seriously cannot be bothered with finishing it and producing finals for it. I've lost my motivation to continue and am kinda stuck with where I wanna go.


My next idea for Vis Comm is to redesign the Eminence Symphony Orchestra's logo, work on a poster design as well as maybe a CD cover or a ticket stub. :S

All's right in the world.

Today was a pretty good day; year 12's finally have an effing Common Room. We just use the VCAL room as a Common Room and I think I'll be spending my lunchtimes in there now cause it's so much more relaxed and everyone gets along really well. If not there then I'm working my butt off in the Vis Comm room below.

The assembly this morning was a drainer. The teachers would not stop talking. My principal's monotonous drone was boring everyone to death. I feel sorry for the Walkathon recipient charities that had to listen to my principal ramble on about irrelavant and trivial things.

Alright, I've got a Maths SAC tomorrow. Word is that it's pretty effing easy but I'm gonna study some of it now. If I keep up the string of good grades, I'll head into the holidays smiling and feeling bloody confident about Unit 4 and exams.

End post.


  1. being relaxed is the key.. that is, for dota.

    Your back up plan turned out to be your main folio?
    That's 3 things you want to do, I suggest maybe a CD and the inside booklet. LOL nah that's what I'm doing.

  2. Oh, okay then I can make up a band logo as well as making a front cover for cd and a booklet.

    Well if it's just font it should only take you 1 or 2 weeks.

  3. About time you guys got a common room! You only have a term left to inhabit it though... But that being said, WE don't have year 12 jumpers yet... If they don't get organized I probably won't buy one.
    Good job with your folio and your idea sounds like you can do a lot with it (Y).

  4. well done hieu, you beat me by a mark! lol i got 52/60.

    oh.. i wish i was acing my subjects. chem and meths = :'(

  5. Yay go Hieuyy!

    PS. I want to hear about the Melbourne Soompi Meet up in your blog, you have to advertise it for me and I would really appreciate it if you went. Even if it was for a couple of hours!

  6. The shirts pretty common looking
    Are you sure it's the same? Was it from Ben Sherman?

    And I'd like to emphasize that the stripes are A LOT darker than what the picture shows.