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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Sorry Doesn't Cut It

I woke up today not knowing what the time was because the electricity in the flat got shut down. I don't remember much of this morning other than the fact that it was freezing cold. I was gonna go grab lunch at Victoria Street but I bumped into Jenie and Tommy. I had plans with Tommy to go eat but he was taking his bloody time (wonder why... ==).

Anyways, we went to city where Tommy escorted Jenie to her platform. After that, we went to eat lunch at the restaurant next to Dumplings Plus (the name always escapes me). I had Yakiniku there...again. ==

While at that restaurant, bumped into an old friend, Kim, and also ran into the Year 11 CBC guys who had just finished their exams.

We then proceeded to Essential Beauty at Melbourne Central where Tommy got his ear pierced. What...a...rebel. :O

We went home after and here I am! Tomorrow is the GAT exam. Biggest CBF of my life but I'll actually attempt those 3 hours rather than leave at 45 minutes, haha.

End post.

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