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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I'll Tell You About Rorshach

So I got my overall Literature result for Unit 3 today as well as my mark for my Lit SAC from last week. I got a 34 out of 40 in the Literature SAC which is bloody good considering I rushed through the essay in one lesson AND didn't read the book. I may want to read Frankenstein towards exam time cause it's a book I'm definitely gonna study for exams. My overall mark for this semester for Literature was 83 out of 100. Very happy with that!

I also just tried out that ENTER calculator that Ellen provided on her blog and I got an overall ENTER of 70-something (I did it half an hour ago). I marked myself so low, haha. Not gonna get that big 92 for Media! D:

That calculator is scary though...can't believe how much Studio Arts drags ya down, Vis Comm as well. And last year, I got 27 for Psychology and that got scaled down to 24. Geez...

At least Literature bumps me up a mark or two. :S

Handed in my folio to Miss Higgs today and also mounted my final photographs. Now we wait...

End post.


  1. You'll do better than 70-something I'm sure! It's a shame that your subjects mark you down though, all of mine but Japanese get marked down :(. I put all my subjects to 30 which is apparently the average and I got an enter of 60-something (O_O)

  2. I got 29 for studio art and got 24