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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Man With The Machine Gun

God I love Winter! I love wearing my trackies underneath my school pants; so warm and comfortable. :D

Today was my oral presentation at school and I am fairly confident to say that I may have scored very well on it. I may have stumbled on a few words and spoke a bit too fast but hey, that's what happens when your nervous. Talking to the teachers was a lot better than what I had imagined. Anyways, as any hungry student, I can't wait for feedback and get results. :@

After my oral, I hung out with Aaron and Masa in the city. We grabbed a bite at the new KFC at Elizabeth Street (I think it's new...never seen it on that street before and certainly looked new.) I didn't even know KFC had their own version of a McCafe until today. :S

sincity.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

I also acquired probably the second coolest movie ever made today; Sin City! First goes to Pulp Fiction...I still want it. There's a difference between cool and great! Star Wars falls under a category of it's own; iconic and legendary. AND YOU CAN'T ARGUE THAT! :@

My hands are bloody cold. Flicking through a few pages of The Umbrella Academy again. Still has that same feel and smell. :D

room.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Oh and my DVD collection has practically filled my shelf now. Gotta transfer it to my bookshelf...though it looks so much better on top of me here. :S

End post.


  1. Damn blogspot didn't alert me to this blog, but good thing I'm a loyal reader and checked up on it (H).
    That shelf of DVDs looks exceptionally tidy, is it always like that?!
    For some reason I'm really hot, and the heater isn't on... I think I'm sick D:.

  2. Just curious, what is that other screen next to the laptop? Looks like nothing i've ever seen before. x]

  3. haha looks like scenes in movies when they're trying to hack into something