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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Megan Fox is No Angelina

Sure, they look similar and sure, Megan Fox is hot but she's no where near as hot (in my opinion) to Angelina Jolie. Oh and Angelina has so much more better credentials than Fox. She can actually act (she has an Academy Award to prove it).

Regardless of who they are in person (I'm lead to believe Megan Fox is a bitch but fuck the tabloids), I look at them in term of their acting ability.

Yes, Transformers isn't a place where she can really show off her "ability" so until I see Megan Fox actually show me some acting chops she won't be anything but a hot piece of eye candy.

Still, nice to look at though. :P

P.S. New celebrity crush is Marion Cotillard. She's effing cute in her interviews.

1 comment:

  1. They only have 'mens' and 'women' sizes, I'm sure they had mens sizes but the Asian lady was probably just being tight... You'd fit the women size 'cos they're quite big.
    Marion Cotillard's boobs are sagging.