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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Miss Thing

Today was a pretty relaxed and boring day. Can't wait till the end of the week. TRANSFORMERS!

So this morning I went to buy some school supplies from Officeworks which included some highlighters, a Sharpie, a glue stick, a new refillable display folio and some refillable pockets for the folio. I also returned some of the DVDs that I've been watching in the past week. I've still got two more movies to get through, Raging Bull and Traffic.

While I was on Bridge Road, I visited this warehouse clothing sale. Some of the stuff was alright but most of it was kinda bad. I got attracted to the warehouse cause it said they had some Ed Hardy gear, haha.

I also visited a garage sale. Actually it was a printing/graphics studio that was getting rid of a lot of their stock. It was pretty cool looking at the studio's past works. They were selling off all these massive printers, lightboxes and images as well as novelty things such as books and chairs, haha. That sale would have been a graphic teacher/artist's delight.

When I got home, I did a bit of Maths homework. I'm still kinda doing it but it's my break, hehe.

I contacted some people over at the Eminence Symphony Orchestra to help me with my Vis Comm folio. I sent an e-mail but they never replied so I tried calling this time around. The first guy I called told me he couldn't help since he's in Japan at the moment so he gave me another number. I called this guy, Travis, and he said he'd try to get back to me with it so I gave him my e-mail. Hopefully, he wrote the write e-mail down.

Anyways my house smells like horrid fish sauce at the moment. My mum's making it. I best get back to some Maths homework!

Before I do go though, here's a little something I worked on for Studio Art. It's so noob, haha.

End post.


  1. You can draw hands, I can't.
    Oh and I got a new folio for this semester too, Colby changed their pockets into the non matty ones, yesssss

  2. "Hopefully, he wrote the write e-mail down."

    I just wanted to point that out. Because it's funny.