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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Read My Mind + Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island Trailer

Okay, taking a bit of time out to post about my small day today.

GAT...well that was a waste of 2 hours. I stayed till about 12 and left but finished everything. It was actualy quite easy. I was also surprised that we have the same external examiners as last year. The reason why I'm surprised is cause they were lazy and it was easy to cheat around them. Not that I cheated or will cheat, just saying. I still have my GAT question book for some reason. They told us we could hold on to it. :\

After GAT, I went straight home and YouTubed gameplay footage from various real time strategy games. Watching it makes me want to go out and buy those games. Too bad my laptop can't support them.

For dinner, I ordered takeaway at Vinh Ky on Victoria Street. While waiting, I saw this couple at a table having errr problems. They were sorta fighting. I kinda found it amusing. You can learn a lot...watching things eat (nice use of a quote from The Departed, stop talking to yourself).

Speaking of all things related to The Departed, the aforementioned movie's director, Martin Scorsese will be releasing his next directorial feature, Shutter Island, later this year. The trailer is below and it looks incredibly different to any Scorsese picture. Really dark and atmospheric. Venturing into new waters, Scorsese is.

The trailer itself ends much like The Departed trailer; happy viewing!

End post.


  1. You were supposed to take the question booklet with you, it said on the VCAA website and the supervisor told us we could as a 'souvenir of your time with me' (=_=') But of course I forgot mine on the desk.

  2. Hendrik Lesmana12 June 2009 at 00:28

    say Hieu, did you mention George Clooney in your answers? I thought i might not be the only one from CBC ><

  3. Hahaha, I didn't actaully. I wasn't sure of how to incorporate Clooney into anything so I didn't.

  4. Hendrik Lesmana12 June 2009 at 09:38

    There were lots of ways to put George Clooney in the essay, I was gonna write the whole 2 essays based on Clooney, but I figured it might piss the examiner off ==" so i just wrote for the bee essay; Bees have produced lots of beneficial products for us humans to exploit. For instance, honey. GEORGE CLOONEY just LOVES his HONEY on toast and his advertised Nespresso to start his "busy as a bee" day in Hollywood.

    and for the material possession one, I wrote; By having material possessions, we crave for more, thus, making us obsessed with it and preventing us from living a free and noble life. For instance, I had a George Clooney in Ocean's 11 wallpaper in my desktop once, but I crave for more, therefore, I got myself a huge George Clooney poster in my bedroom and bought the whole Ocean's 11-13 DVD so that i can watch and worship him day and night, preventing me to go to the outside world and living a free and noble life." I was gonna add "Shoot me in the balls if your daughter/wife/mom would disagree with me on this one" but I thought that was a bit way off the line. ==" I hope they don't deduct marks for this prank >< I had fun though, so it doesn't really matter.

  5. Ummm... Since I'm in a really lazy mood, here's a section of my brief if you can be bothered reading it:

    We are in the final stages of setting up our new Japanese inspired café/bar by day, and venue/club by night, Asobi on Chapel Street. ‘Asobi’ translates to ‘Play’ in Japanese; it will have a playful vive with an artistic and unique décor.

    Our target audience is broad during the day; any age group and will be family friendly, customers of middle to higher-class socio economic status. Their interests may include, music, fashion, art, and Japanese culture and cuisine. During the night, the café/bar transforms into a club environment with live bands, entry will be strictly over 18, we are expecting an age group of 18 to 40 year olds of both sexes in our customers.

    I ask you to design and produce:

    • The menu for café/bar, to include drinks, nibbles, and lunch to be placed on each table. All we ask is that you keep to the theme Asobi, we are confident leaving the rest to your creativity.

    • Promotional items to be handed out outside Asobi during the day for the club/venue (e.g. Fliers, pocket tissues, and badges). We require the items to attract customers so we would like a simplistic approach with minimal information displayed.