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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Royal Pirates

It's a like a kick in the balls when you see pretty boys being THIS talented. God...

Anyways, the Royal Pirates are a pretty cool cover band. They used to be called Fading From Dawn till their bassist died in a car accident so they renamed themselves. Anyways, they mostly do covers of Korean pop songs but they turn it into rock. A song that I did not like by Super Junior called Sorry Sorry was covered by them and I much prefer the Royal Pirates version over Super Junior's. I only discovered about them just last night while I was watching this awesome guitarist from Thailand do a cover of Tell Me by the Wonder Girls.

Damn, Koreans are taking over. Below is the Sorry Sorry cover as well as a link to their YouTube channel.



  1. Haha I came across them sometime last year, they're so hot, haha.
    I don't even like Korean music...

  2. lol, I talked to Moonchul on Soompi a few months ago.
    It was his older brother that died D:

  3. Hahah, exactly right?
    You understand the frustration.. I just had it first hand

  4. Yeah I understand that I kept pushing him into getting angry, but does that mean I had to apologize to him?

    I thought what he said to me didn't make sense as it was a constant contradictory of itself. It only felt like he was ripping into me because he was using harsh words were obviously there to try and upset me. I didn't feel he made a valid point.

    I tried to prove my point and the only thing that came out of it was someone who wouldn't listen and that was what frustrated me the most.
    It's like he couldn't comprehend the fact I was trying to defend myself and thought everything I said was a lie, or at least accused me of lying so I look bad.

    Near the end he was just like "what are you gonna do about it?" That was just like the last straw, I knew from the start I couldn't win, but I thought he deserved to be shown that he wasn't listening. So I just said 'yeah I'm sorry'.

    Whooaaaa long comment.