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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Sophie's Revenge Trailer - Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing

I'm actually quite excited about this movie. I haven't seen Zhang Ziyi act in anything else other than awesome Wuxia films. Fan Bingbing was last seen with Jackie Chan in Shinjuku Incident. As you can see from the above poster, Ziyi looks real different. I'm used to her with no fringe and black hair. Anyways, Sophie's Revenge is a romantic comedy so it'll be interesting to see Ziyi in a different environment.

The plot is basically Ziyi's character Sophie has pretty much got her life perfect until her boyfriend is seduced by a sexy actress named Anna (Fan Bingbing's character). Ziyi tries to get her boyfriend back with many different tactics and eventually bumps into a photographer who was just previously in a relationship with Anna. She uses him to get back at the both of them but he ends up falling for Sophie. Wow, this sounds too much like my fan fic. LOL

Below are the teaser and theatrical trailers for the romantic comedy (provided by



They don't really tell much but here's hoping it'll be decent. :D

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  1. Oh this movie sounds interesting, I hate Zhang Ziyi though (=_=')