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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Ten Million Slaves

Two of my top favourite genres of film:



What I intend to do:

The main wuxia films of the past decade MUST be bought...Original DVDs too. None of that pirated stuff. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Hero; House of Flying Daggers; Curse of the Golden Flower and even Ip Man must be added to my collection! I wanna have them all by the end of the year!

Rent the best gangster films made in the last 30 years to get in the mood for Public Enemies (coming out July 30 here...). The Godfather Parts II and III, Goodfellas, Once Upon A Time In America, The Untouchables, Scarface to be rented maybe on Monday.

I was gonna put a third genre though I wasn't too sure what that was going to be. It was either Sci-Fi, War or Comic Book, haha.


Back to regular posting!

Woke up at 9.30 today thanks to my mum. She reminded me that she left $150 in my wallet. This was subsequently used on my new all in one printer/scanner/copier. Quite excited to have some new hardware in the house, haha. I tell ya though, carrying this thing was painful and excruiating. My arms were dead bringing it home from the city.

While I was in the city, I saw an amazing jacket that I just HAD to have but unfortunately the only size available was XL. Lame. I went to Tommy's house to check if there was a Grab Denim store on Chapel Street (my net was offline and I was going to Chapel Street anyway). There was a store but no jacket to be found. Instead, I went to buy the jacket I intended to get on Chapel in the first place. Also bought some dirt cheap scarf cause I felt like it, haha. I feel like having a nice scarf collection now...

Got home and lazed around and started setting up the printer. After that, I watched The Banquet. It was a decent movie, not really much of a wuxia film but it was still pretty entertainingly tragic (The Banquet is a Chinese reinterperation of Shakespeare's Hamlet).

Now off to do two observational drawings for my Visual Communication and Design folio.

End post.


  1. Having a scanner is so, so, so convenient when you're doing Vis Com :D

  2. I shall check out those movies (:

    Ahhhh, I need a new printer thingy too? or at least one in my room (: good buy indeed haha.

    post up your observational drawings :D

  3. Ooohh, I love Gangster/Mafia/Mob films as well xD
    & fighting ones. But I'm not too fond of The House of Flying Daggers. I like the rest though. And you don't have FEARLESS <3


    haha nah you're not horrible for laughing. It was supposed to lighten the mood.. I didn't want my blog to be TOO serious xD