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Monday, 8 June 2009

Those bastards...

I posted a week ago that my phone was stolen and I've had some development in this story. No, I haven't found it or anything but here's some strange happenings with my phone.

So I've heard from three friends that they've recieved text messages a day or so after I lost it. All of the text messages started off the same, "I found my phone again!"

Two of them thought, "This is strange, you never even told me you lost your phone."

One of them got a message asking for nude photos while another had a texting conversation that didn't last long. The third person didn't even reply back. It should be noted that all three of these people were girls. Correlation perhaps?

Those guys are having fun with my phone... :@

I wonder who else got texts from me throughout the week...

P.S. This week's new blog theme is up. Not happy with the text but it's the movie's thing so deal with it. :D