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Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Argh, my feet hurt.

I took a LONG walk down Chapel Street today just window shopping on my own. I was looking for some casual gear as well as getting an idea as to what my formal attire would be. I think I've found the look that I want, haha.

I was very fortunate to find the purple shirt that I wanted. It's just the right shade of purple I needed, haha. The girl helping me out was really sweet and VERY helpful. Much thanks to her, haha.

With all the walking I do, I shouldn't even be getting my Learners. I mean sure, I have something that certifies that I'm in the learning process of driving but I find driving to be a scary thought. I'd love to get behind the wheel just to know what it feels like but then again, the idea of driving around is scary, haha. I did the practice test at the VicRoads website the other day and scored a 76% which is great (considering you only need 78% or more to pass). As I kept doing the test however, my score gradually got smaller somehow! I started with a 76 then dropped to 68, then to 62 and then 54. Not cool.

Lately I've been having this crazy idea to get a tattoo. If I did, I wouldn't get it now, maybe another year or so. Still, I've been drawing on my arm a lot; just drawing random patterns and stuff on it. Hrmmmm...

Oh and tonight, my parents are bringing home Peking Duck Pancakes. I had an amazingly strong urge to munch on them last night and told my parents to buy them for me when they got home from work. I haven't had these in years. :D

Okay, I feel like writing a fan fic of some kind right now. Too bad I'm not really someone whose good with descriptive and imaginative writing. At least this way, I get to improve on it because once I start a story, ideas flow (till writer's block kicks in).

Here's the opening's synopsis to my new idea
(I don't even have a plot yet, just a scene I thought that would be cool as an opening):

Basically, this guy wakes up in bed with this goddess of a woman resting on him. They make some chit chat then she rises up and sits on the edge of the bed and lights a cigarette.

Not much to work with but as readers, CAN YOU GUYS GIVE ME FEEDBACK AS TO HOW I CAN PROGRESS WITH THIS! Maybe actually give me a plot, hahaha. This might just be a one-shot short story cause I'm not the kind of person that can get around writing 50 chapters of nonsense, haha. How do I even start a story when I don't have a general idea of what the plot is...oh well...

End post.


  1. I don't have my L's either D:, I've done some driving though ( Illegally XD ). Funny thing, I was actually studying some of the handbook today.

    Is the writing in italics the actual scene? or is it just an idea? When I read 'Goddess' for some odd reason I thought about the Egyptian era? haha.

    I've attempted to write a fanfic before, but yeah got bored of it (:

    - -

    D:! OMGSH does that happen? D: I hope this modern version of it doesn't end like that! BUT knowing Kdramas .. yeah pretty much expected haha.

    ' j-jusst .. remember.. I..I'll always love youuu.. ' * dies *
    ' ANNNNDEEEEE ! OPPPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ' * camera angle changes from a close up to a far shot *

    HAHA . yep XD

  2. 1) You are correct, that was the name of the restaurant!
    2) Pecking duck is amazing, I used to get them after work sometimes.
    3) Good Bob Dylan song (Y)