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Monday, 15 June 2009

Safe and Sound

Wooo, got an 83/100 for Unit 3 in English! Pretty much averaging A's for Literature, English AND Maths! I know I'm not gonna get that ENTER of 95 I so desire BUT for what it's worth, my good grades are what keep me feeling good about my school life. :D

Kinda depressing to the teachers though since last year people got over 90/100 for Unit 3 and this year, NO ONE got over that. Highest score in Year 12 for Unit 3 this year was 86/100. I WAS 3 MARKS OFF! D:

We're studying The Catcher in the Rye now; a book I'm quite fond of but need to re-read cause I forgot some of it (I read it back in Year 10, lol).

Now, two pictures that made me laugh today.

george lucas then and now

George Lucas then and now. Funny but really sad at the same time. T__T

fight club graph
So, so true. :D

Finally, a small news report I found to be quite interesting. It would seem that an Italian woman who arrived late for the the Air France plane that crashed in the Atlantic last week had been killed in a terrible car accident. Sounds like a bit of Final Destination happening there!

End post.


  1. Oh wow, well done with your English mark!
    I'm yet to get it but my expectations are VERY low.
    Have you gotten your results for your vis com folio?!
    I got 55/60 and for unit three, 91/100
    Thats news is trippy...


    ^ Very jealous of her scores.

    Get enter of 80 to be happy like the rest of us.