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Thursday, 30 July 2009

5th Period Massacre

Ya know, as much as I may dislike my school, I have to say that lunchtime theatrics are the best. Today was no exception.

A friend of mine, Peter, was splashing water from the balcony onto some of the Year 10s (they're mostly his friends anyway). After a few splashings one of them, Alan, saw fit to do something about it. So he picked up one of the rubbish bins next to him and ran up the stairs with it and chased him down. He was really fast too, sprinted all the way up those stairs. Then Alan threw the entire bin at him (missed of course) and it rolled down a flight of stairs. A teacher asked him how the bin got there and he used an excuse on the teacher that, "I dropped it."

reaperr.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

I spent about 3/4 of a Vis Comm lesson drawing this and then used lunch time in the common room to shade it in. I made it a bit more outstanding on Photoshop at home. I reckon it looks pretty cool. Masa said that this design would look sweet on a car, and I agree. I thought it'd look okay as a tattoo as well.

reaper.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Maybe the arm would've looked better rather than across a pec...

I also drew up a version of Frank Iero today (vocals for Leathermouth and rhythm guitarist for My Chemical Romance).

iero.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

I didn't realise how far up the kevlar vest goes. =\

Man I have far too much time on my hands. ==

End post.

1 comment:

  1. That CBC story sounds kinda scary...
    Your drawings are coooool