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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Amazing Halftime Show

I found this awesome video on YouTube just now and I just HAD to share it!

The University of California's marching band did a halftime show of epic proportions back in 2007. Pretty much, for these 6 minutes they played music from iconic video games and at the same time did formations from that reminded you of those games. I can't really articulate it, so I'll let the video speak for itself. 6 minutes of epic fanboy-ism.

The order of games referenced in this video:

1. Pong
2. Tetris
3. Mortal Kombat
4. Pokemon
5. The Legend Of Zelda
6. Super Mario Bros.

Ahh I'm such a geek. ==


  1. At first I was like: FOUR TRIANGLES?
    But then I was like: Oh that's alright

  2. haha wow :| So much effort for video games!


    Thanks for wishing me luck ^^ So far I've raised $298.15 (:

    & I shall read your fan fiction when you repost it. This is like one of the first I've heard of where there is no love story in it ^^

  3. omg. that's a fucking awesome vid

  4. hi~
    i found your blog from the soompi thread
    i hope you dont mind me following and commenting X3

    oh my gosh!
    that was super cool!
    i actually said "oh my God" outloud when they were making the triforce
    thats a hecka lot of running for the person who was mario and the conductor
    i dont get how they do it ><

    by the way,
    is your banner from stranger than fiction?

  5. wtf that video was sick o_O
    how do they DO that?

    hmm yeh I agree with you on YG. But I think you know more about 2NE1 than I do! I had no idea that their debut was pushed back for six yrs. But are you sure? 'cause that would mean Minji would've only been.. 9 woah.