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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Beat It

Woo, just a few more pages of Vis Comm and I'll be DONE WITH LOGO DEVELOPMENT! I reckon I'll be done refining the thing by Saturday or maybe Sunday. Some pages from the folio below. :D

research3.jpg picture by kurayami_angel research2.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

research1.jpg picture by kurayami_angel logodev3.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

logodev1.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Ya know, most of the holidays I've only been doing Visual Communication work. A friend of mine last year said that Year 12 Vis Comm would really drag you away from all your other subjects and it's pretty true. I haven't really been doing much work from any other subject. I've been lucky to finish Maths (but that's only cause we only had to do one least I think that's all we had to do) and I haven't even bothered reading the books I've been given.

As much as I'd like to get into reading, for me, school texts just put me off reading. I don't wanna have to be forced to read something, especially when it's something I'm not interested in. I was also informed that I didn't have to write my two practice essays for Literature and English however, it was just encouraged that we should so I guess that's a load off my back. If I'm not doing anything after refining my logo, I'll probably sit down and write a few things on English and Literature.

Anyways, enough about school.
Today I downloaded two amazing soundtracks. One was for the Rebuild of Evangelion and the other was for the epic game, Shadow of the Colossus. I still remember hearing these tracks performed live at A Night In Fantasia a few years back - friggin eargasms. :D

Returned my seven movies today too. You may remember that I was going to rent some gangster/mafia/mob movies in preperation for Public Enemies. The post below this has what I rented and quick thoughts on them.

While I was walking to Video Ezy to return my things, I was listening to a podcast I downloaded the night before. The podcast basically involved these guys just discussing about movies and all things related and it was a pretty good listen and quite funny. They discussed things like, "the saddest movie you've watched as a kid"; "your idea of the perfect film" and "your experiences of watching a movie on a first date". I think I'll be downloading these podcasts more often to listen to them on the way to school. Good refresher for the morning. (Y)

Anywho off to finish a page or two for Vis Comm!

End post.


  1. Wow your folio is looking amazing! The amount of annotations and your own drawings are impressive (Y).
    Ummm I can't remember where I found the fonts, I just randomly came across them and decided to save them... Sorry, it shouldn't be too difficult to google though.

  2. good job on your folio hieu.

    they actually just booked out a section of cho gao i realised.
    yehh did you go on their myspace yet? what do u think of the songs?

  3. Sure, I'm up for a movie on Wednesday.
    I'm guessing HARRY POTTER ?