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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Canta Per Me

Yesterday was a great day; I mean I haven't felt that good in a while.

It all started with Foundation Day - basically like our school's birthday. We celebrated it's 131st year and had the usual things going on like prior years.

The highlight this year was the wrestling show that some of the guys in my year level put on. It was so funny to watch and being a former wrestling fanboy, I was having a ball watching them. One of them, Nick, actually got a bit banged up from the wrestling and actually had cuts and started bleeding a bit. :O

The theme this year was Hollywood. It was encouraged that you wear a costume inspired by your favourite movie characters but I only saw a few people dress up; not many. Masa came dressed as a depression era gangster (a la Public Enemies which is releasing next week! :O) Major contrast to the girls' school across the road who also had their celebration yesterday. D:

The rest of the celebration was a yawn. Myself and Alan did a bit of karaoke to Mr Brightside by The Killers. The mics were horrible though. ==

My friends and I wagged halfway through Foundation Day and ended up in the city. We already had plans to go watch Bruno and have dinner. Kevin and Thomas left just before going to see Bruno so it was just myself, Dunstan, Masa, Jason and Jemmy who were watching it. Yeah, five guys going to watch Bruno isn't weird at all. D:

Bruno was prtty decent; not nearly as good as Borat was but still very funny. Lotsa inappropriateness but I guess that's how Sacha Baron Cohen treats his humour. I fell outta my seat laughing towards the end so that's gotta be good, right? :P

I just came to the realisation last night also, that I have a very loud and annoying laugh. I can't help it either. T__T

masa1.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Masa ordering food at Maccas.

masa5.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Masa waiting for food. This picture is win. :D

pokerlol.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Poker at MC food court.

After Bruno, we went to Maccas and got some food. Then we spent most of the time looking for Dunstan's poker set and a pack of playing cards. We didn't have the poker set so we just got cards instead and played poker at the top food court in Melbourne Central. We used four dollars worth of 5 cent coins from Maccas. Smart idea, haha.

olegandraoul.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Oleg and Raoul. Blurrrr. D:

jemmy.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Jemmy wearing Masa's hat. Reminded me of Rocky Balboa a lot, haha.

Raoul and Oleg joined us for dinner after Poker. We ate at this arcade near Flinders Street Station where very meal was practically 6 dollars. Now the food wasn't great, nor was it too filling but it was a real bargain. Masa and Dunstan had two bowls. When everyone finished we just sat thre reminiscing about past things that have happened in our school. All of them were really funny and we had a great talk and discussion; it was fun just sharing old anecdotes and having a good laugh.

masa2.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
What a gangster. :O

Finally, we went back to our corner at the MC food court and finished the night with a few more games of Poker. Jason kept stealing my money! :@

And that was that! I felt effing drained and too tired after that. It was a great day, one that I haven't had in a while.

End post.


  1. I know this is off topic to the blog post, but i have been a regular anonymous reader of this blog and just out of curiosity. I take as read that you have some passion or extreme interest and liking to films. If that is the case, have you considered about maybe pursuing some kind of career in film production or being a film director? Personally and a little random, I can imagine you doing something in that particular area.

  2. Do I know you personally?

    And yeah, I'd really like to work in film one day; I'd love to be a screenwriter.

  3. Sounds like a good day... Good on Masa for dressing up I reckon!
    Also.. Did you know that all toy guns have to have the orange cap on it (like Masa's) or else you get in trouble for holding one.
    I learnt that just yesterday.

  4. Aw you so should've dressed up. That would've been loads of fun, haha! But the Hollywood theme is so typical.

    Ergh Sacha Baron Cohen is kinda freaky! A funny-dirty-freaky. I feel sorry for his daughter. I'd shoot myself if I saw my dad in movies such as Borat & Bruno D:

    new link to my old blog~

  5. Thanks (: I'm glad you got it, a different person thought I was referring to a person when I said you only get one canvas. So I was bit HOLYSHIZDIDINOTEXPLAINITPROPERLY?! D:<

    haha, yeah. Problems arose with my old one, so i decided that it was time for a change xD

  6. haha sounds like you had heaps of fun
    OMG i do that as well-
    everytime anyone tells me something really funny i burst out laughing and its really loud and annoyingly high pitched. I try to control it but i cant help myself sometimes...T_T