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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Die Edward! :@


Those vampire freaks shoulda seen it coming. DO IT; FINISH HIM! :@


  1. lulz at that picture.

    you change your picture thingy everyday!

    ah the food looked better than it tasted >< IHOP is the best!

    what was the part at the end of bruno that made you laugh so much?

  2. LMAO! Where do you find these pictures?

  3. I think everyone is good at writing. Because everyone has the same emotions, same situations, same feelings. The only thing to it, is having a broad enough vocabulary to be able to put it into words. Which is why reading is very important 8) {yes, I am a total nerd haha}

    Ah thank you :] It was hard... but I had a lot of help. Originally, I didn't want to post it so straight up, because I generally don't like to be pitied. But people kept commenting on how I wrote like someone so much more mature for my age.. so then I finally decided that I wanted people to know why.


    Oh haha. I'm too lazy to visit sites like that regularly, so it's a good thing you share them :]

    By the way, do you remember the Boost girl I told you about before? Well she served me again today & we started talking lolol. She's soo nice & she's sososoo hot! Her name's Helen LOLOL. & she's in year 12, so she's probably about your age. SIGH! I think I have a slight lesbian crush on her lmfao.

  4. Yeah, I can tell you have a passion for film. One of my cousins {he's super lazy} got a job as a movie critic. But in the end he quit, because he got too lazy to go to work. What a loser, LOL!

    It's probably because I'm a girl that she started conversation with me. Because she thought that I wouldn't be totally checking her out, and drooling like crazy. Little did she know... LOL! One day I shall take a picture of her, and send it to you roflmao.

  5. It would've looked heaps better if Buffy was standing behind them instead of Blade. Buffy kicks serious ass xDD